But I heard Feng Zhang say, "Wait a minute!"

Section 12 Huang Zhong When updated, 271229 1:1: Words 3751 When the man saw that he was actually speaking for himself, some people dared to interrupt. Suddenly, a pair of angry eyes looked at Feng Zhang and he was going

The tragic scene also appeared at this time. When the light ball touched a foreign body, it immediately exploded like a Grenade-in an instant, several small explosions appeared in the hill barracks because of the light ball, and things such as metal, wood, clothes, blood, meat, bones and dirty were splashed everywhere.

In the face of this bomb-like attack, wizards can put up a barrier with all their magic to resist; Heavily armored soldiers with high defense will protect the key to avoid fatal attacks; Because those who have low defense and

Who knows that Wang Mingwei took advantage of his old strength to attack again before he was born, and his fists were so dense that he was blinded, and then suddenly he turned his wrist and hit him on the shoulder with a shout of "cold river fog"

Qi Yufeng hurry-scurry use y and n Yang tactic kung fu just struggled to force down. Wang Zhaoming’s fist moves closely and greatly, stretching with rigidity, fierceness, simplicity and crispness. Manipulation, leg technique and wrestling technique are integrated into one.