But scassa didn’t hesitate. He denied that the six dragons together could defeat him! And for scassa who can fly, if he can fly into the sky, even if these dragons have formed a siege, there is no such thing.

But it seems that these dragons are not hostile to them as Iris Frost said!
See scassa eyes from their body constantly swept before have contact with frost dragon scassa frost dragon Lord iris frost to scassa gently nodded and said.
"Lord scassa, I’m Iris Frost, the owner of Frost Dragon. This is my real appearance. It’s a great honor to meet you, the successor of Lord Bakar in Longdao!"
The words of Iris Frost, the owner of Frost Dragon, didn’t surprise scassa. Since these dragons are the most powerful in the whole Dragon Island, it’s only natural that they can feel Bakar’s breath. What’s more, he inherited Bakar’s memory that he was under pressure, and he would independently release Bakar’s breath of Tyrannosaurus rex to shock the surrounding creatures …
"Well, introduce me to one of your companions!"
Scassa’s face is full of majesty. At this time, he seems to be guarded by all the dragons. The king is patrolling his disloyal subjects …
See scassa this attitude several other dragon Lord didn’t complain! In their view, scassa is much better than the former evil dragon Spitz, not as cruel and overbearing as Spitz, and scassa’s arrogant attitude towards them makes them feel that this is a king’s attitude.
Moreover, scassa did not deny the name "Bakar’s successor", which means that it is very likely that scassa said before that he could help the dragon break away from the imprisonment of Longdao and return to Arad.
Think of all this dragon Lord for scassa is more respectful! After all, both scassa’s real strength and his attitude towards the dragon have been recognized by them …
Frost dragon Lord glanced around his companions and secretly nodded his head after seeing his companions react like this. Then scassa said
"This is Fail Flame, the leader of the Flame Dragon. His dragon magic has the greatest lethality and attack range among us, and the most powerful attack power among us!"
Iris, the frost dragon owner, pointed to the red dragon beside him and said, it’s hard to imagine that the frost dragon owner and the flame dragon owner look good! When Fail Flames, the owner of the Flame Dragon, heard Iris’s introduction, he finally nodded his haughty head gently at scassa to show his respect.
Scassa and Lin Ze both became interested in this Fail Flame when they heard that the Fire Dragon Master possessed the most lethal dragon magic! There is no doubt that the magic of mass destruction is a taboo weapon in the magic age, saying that a sorcerer’s forbidden spell can directly destroy ideal city.
Because Lin Ze and others have not seen the power of the forbidden spell, they don’t know whether it is true or not, but through the former Welissa Gonzaga Limons, they released the "Trinity Dragon Punishment Frost Spear" by Yalong, the dragon language magic Lin Ze has a deep understanding of the powerful dragon language magic. Lin Ze believes that the flame dragon master Fail Flame Dragon language magic will certainly not be inferior to the sorcerer’s forbidden spell, and it is likely to be stronger than it.
This kind of magic of mass destruction is likely to become a subversive situation in the future battle with the night spirit.
Lin Ze and scassa’s eyes are consciously looking at the owner of the flame dragon, Fail Flame. When they saw Fail Flame nodding to pay tribute to scassa, Lin Ze and scassa both had such a feeling-
This fire dragon master is very confident, which can be seen from his arrogant and contemptuous behavior, but he is arrogant and contemptuous but can distinguish occasions!
Lin Ze believes that if he were here alone, the fire dragon master would be very arrogant and contemptuous because he didn’t recognize Lin Ze at all! Lin Ze can accept this kind of thing, and he is not prepared to let others recognize him at the first sight …
But what surprised Lin Ze was that Fail, the owner of the flame dragon, was able to show humility and respect for scassa, the frost dragon, while showing arrogance and contempt for him!
These two attitudes are very contradictory, but they are perfectly presented in the body of Fail, the Lord of the Flame Dragon. This kind of situation is really rare! However, Lin Ze and scassa did not feel a little uncomfortable because of the arrogance of the flame dragon master Fail Flame …
Because they know that arrogance is the dragon’s natural character, otherwise the dragon would not have said the first words when facing human beings-"humble human" and "humble ant"! And the flame dragon in the dragon is even more so. The flame attribute is to give the flame dragon a violent character. If you want a dragon with a violent character to directly recognize a human who can’t see any strength, it is really difficult. Fail Flame …
However, Lin Ze knew that if he showed the same strength as scassa, even stronger than Casa, the flame dragon master would treat him with the same respect as scassa, because the flame dragon was arrogant and respected the strong one the most, regardless of whether this strong one was a dragon or not!
Lin Ze and scassa, the frost dragon, both agree that the performance of this flame dragon master Fail Flame is very consistent with the dragon’s temperament. In Lin Ze’s and scassa’s view, Fail Flame, the flame dragon master, is more like a proud dragon than this one who should have the cold character of the frost dragon but has always been very gentle.
Chapter 1159 Characteristics of the Dragon
Fail, the Lord of the Flame Dragon, is wrapped in pieces of diamond-shaped scales like rubies. These Long Lin look very hard and seem to have high defense! But in his golden eyes, which belong to the orthodox dragon clan, there is a kind of flame. The dragon has a unique dark red color, and the golden pupil seems to be burning with endless flame …
With the continuous breathing of the flame dragon Fail, Lin Ze and scassa can smell a strong sulfur smell in their air, which seems to confirm that the flame dragon likes to live in the volcano or deep underground near the center of the earth, and only when it smells a strong sulfur smell can it be possessed.
However, although it seems that the strength of the flame dragon master Fail Flame is very close to that of the frost dragon master Iris Frost, both Lin Ze and scassa have such a feeling! If Fail Flame and Iris Frost fight against the dragon, Iris will lose miserably …
From the different personalities of the two dragons, it seems that we can see who is better.
It seems that Lin Ze and scassa are comparing him with Fail Flames, the owner of the Flame Dragon. Iris Frost’s face also flashed a wry smile! He doesn’t compare with Ilgen. He’s not very good at fighting. Fail can dump him for more than a dozen blocks in fighting …
But there is no way for Fail to compare with him in what he is good at! After all, he belongs to the Frost Dragon, and the magic of dragon language is what he is best at … If the Lord of the Flame Dragon is the main magic exporter in the dragon, he is the official of the dragon, and other dragons have strong logistics support.
After introducing the flame dragon master Fail Flame, Iris, the frost dragon master, turned to the side and looked at the dragon wrapped in black fog on his right and said to scassa and Lin Ze.
"This man named Dax Darkness is the leader of the dark dragon. Dax is the most powerful dragon in the dark. He has the strongest hand-to-hand combat ability in the sky, and no one can find him if he wants to hide!"
With Iris, the Frost Dragon Master, introducing scassa and Lin Ze, the eyes once again shifted to Dax Dark Body, the Dark Dragon Master, who also nodded in response! But his ferocious face made Wei Li and Mei Ya and others consciously take a step back …
If Fail, that dragon Lord, who is cover with ruby scales, look like a proud gentleman, then Dax, who is covered with thick and rough scales and has a ferocious face, looks like a slovenly warrior!
Fail Flame shows that the dragon is arrogant and Dax Dark shows that it is the wild side of the dragon …
"You are following scassa adult servants? It seems that you also have the power of dark attributes. I am very optimistic about you, and Lord Dax will make you the most powerful dark warrior in the human race! "
Dax Dark "roared" directly after seeing Lin Zeqi’s eyes. His loud voice is really far from the gentle voice of Iris, the frost dragon master.
But he seems to have some misunderstanding. Lin Ze and scassa are not as he imagined!
Scassa gave Dax a hard stare after hearing Dax’s words, which made Dax confused, while Linze was interested in this ferocious and dark dragon master …
Although the two protruding huge horns on the head of the dark dragon are different from other dragons, it seems that he is a little ferocious, but the small sharp horns on his cheeks are also perfect with the two protruding huge horns to show the wild dark dragon incisively and vividly.
Such ferocity is very in line with the aesthetics in men’s hearts …
Iris, the frost dragon owner, shook his head naively if Dax, the dark dragon owner, was so frivolous. But he could see that this human being and scassa, the frost dragon, were not generally servants of Lord scassa as Dax said.
But then he can also toward Lin Ze explained.
"Dax’s personality is like this, but he didn’t mean to offend. I hope you will forgive me!"
When I saw Lin Ze’s face, there was no anger, but an expression of appreciation. Iris also gave a sigh of relief. Lin Ze and scassa continued to introduce the remaining dragons!
Next to the Dark Dragon Master, a green dragon is the leader of the storm dragon-Wen Yingde Hurricane Storm Dragon Master is the fastest and very clever of the dragons, but his teeth-covered jaws and raised horns fully show his aggressive nature. I heard that the scales of the storm dragon cubs will change with the age of the green dragon, and the older the green dragon is, the bigger its scales will become, the lighter their colors will become, and the green or olive green will make them more integrated into the forest environment.
There is no doubt that the storm dragon is the equivalent of scouts in the dragon clan, but their aggressive nature is the natural enemy of their scouts
After introducing the storm dragon Lord Wen Yingde and the hurricane, the frost dragon Lord Iris introduced the most special place in the dragon-the earth-walking dragon Landus dry soil.
This big dragon master is the only one among the six dragon masters who has no dragon wings. Landus Kutu is surrounded by a faint yellow fog. In this yellow fog, his body is covered with huge scales like plate armor. There is no doubt that Landus Kutu is the strongest defense among the six dragon masters. A sharp tooth and sharp claws can easily tear a strong defense in the shadow control environment.
The earth-moving dragon is the only one among the dragons who can’t use dragon language magic. No matter whether it is the middle dragon or the middle dragon, they have no talent to use dragon language magic! But correspondingly, they have unparalleled physical attack power. If the dark dragon is the overlord of hand-to-hand combat in the dark, then the earth dragon is the enemy of the reptile shadow beast. No other shadow beast has such strong defense power as the earth dragon, and at the same time it also has attack power comparable to his defense power …
However, what makes Lin Ze pay more attention to is that he probably doesn’t just have the dragon with the property of the earth, and all the Yalong species in Longdao are under the management of Landus Kutu.
Chapter 116 Alex mystery
That is to say, the earth dragon led by Landius Kutu is equivalent to the dragon infantry regiment, and this infantry regiment also has the support of Yalong flying soldiers like biped dragons. It can be said that Landius Kutu Earth dragon is the most powerful force of the dragon clan.
When these dragon masters are introduced, scassa and Lin Ze are left with an old dragon with soft light power …
This all-white dragon looks no different from other dragons, but I don’t know why both Lin Ze and scassa can feel the vicissitudes of this dragon, as if it has been in existence since ancient times.
Lin Ze and scassa knew that this dragon with white light all over it should be Alex Guang, the dragon owner mentioned by former Iris.
The only dragon here that can compete with the frost dragon scassa …
This rival is not the so-called rival to scassa in strength. For scassa, it is not his only opponent that the six dragon headquarters unite! This rivalry means that these dragons respect the other five dragon owners, especially Alex, the light dragon owner, and are no less respectful than scassa.
Lin Ze and scassa know that Alex Guang, the most intelligent dragon, should be the leader of all dragons. He seems to be able to influence all dragons …
See scassa and Lin Ze have turned their attention to the light dragon main body, and the remaining five dragon main bodies are all slightly taking a step back to highlight the light dragon main body and scassa! At the same time, the frost dragon Lord Iris said respectfully

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