Ji Guoqiu also said, "The tonnage of Yao and O ‘Neill makes it difficult for me to resist them. I believe that big shark will make it difficult for me to defend when I was young, but Duncan Spurs have defeated them many times. I don’t think I can’t do it."

O’ Neill did well today, but his interest was not high after the game. Because Kobe couldn’t get the fourth championship ring, O’ Neill’s desire for his fifth ring was not high. However, O’ Neill complimented Ji Guoqiu when he played against his players, and by the way, he hacked Kobe without a trace.
"Playing against Brother Panda today made me feel that when I played against Duncan ten years ago, he was faster. I didn’t want to defend my opponent. They would never compete with you in the penalty area but would pull to the outside to shoot." Then he talked about Jackson’s evaluation of Ji Guoqiu and said, "Phil has no problem with his opinion. Brother Panda is already a very mature superstar. Even if he is not the first in active service, he has the equal strength with LeBron and Brother Fox. They are the top three players in the league."
Yao came to Los Angeles to watch the two brothers’ game in the first game of the Western Conference finals. He didn’t suffer any serious injuries this year. Yao is still the top five center in the league. His hard work and tenacity have brought spiritual encouragement and his skills and reading ability have gradually reached the peak, which have established an unshakable core position in the Rockets.
But this may not help him get a big contract. Yao did say yesterday that he would jump out of his last year contract and seek a five-year contract, but when asked if he wanted to stay with the Rockets, Yao said; "Houston has always been my first choice, but it needs our joint efforts."
Marbury often talks about Yao’s absence from 20 games in the regular season this year, saying, "Without Yao, we are like autobots losing Optimus Prime in Transformers."
This "Optimus Prime" said after he successfully advanced to the second round in the playoffs last year that he finally achieved the team goal, and winning the championship like himself and nba players was his ultimate goal.
If the Rockets want to complete their championship dream with Yao, how much sincerity is the biggest problem at present. How much contract are they going to give Guy, whose contract expires this year? Is Alexander still unwilling to pay luxury tax?
Ji Guoshi said after the Rockets were eliminated, "The Rockets won’t give Yao much contract. You should know that some people in this world have such personalities, and their personalities are usually changed by law. Everyone knows what I mean."
Yao also revealed to his two brothers privately that the Rockets don’t want to make a long-term contract for him now, and they are worried that other methods will maintain their long-term status. The attendance rate is also the biggest concern of the Rockets. Morey offered Yao a three-year 10,000 contract for the first time, which is acceptable for Yao, because the first offer made by the Rockets to David Lee has reached 550,000 for five years.
After the Rockets have David Lee, their dependence on Yao is no longer as strong as it used to be. They think that David Lee can grow into a star-rated line in the next few seasons. If it is too big to renew Yao’s contract, it is better to renew David Lee.
In the China market, the Rockets are now well-known in the state, and even if they don’t rely on Yao, they may not earn much less.
Who should Yao join forces with if he has to choose to leave? In the summer of 2008, many big-name players including Yao, James and Wade entered the contract year, among which Yao and James joined forces or joined forces with twin brothers, which made many people full of reverie.
At this time, those teams that have not entered the playoffs or have been eliminated in the league have been preparing for next season. The big-name players have come into contact with each other in private, and the league will not bother to care so much if they are not complained.
Including the Nets, are now in private contact with some players. Ji Guoqiu once revealed that he planned to play the No.4 position this season. The Nets also considered that Brother Panda should be paired with a more mature center, such as Tai Sen Chandler, Al Jefferson, Okafor or Yao, who is good at attacking or defending. It is not enough for the time being to talk about attacking or defending.
However, the Nets will not pay too much to rob another team. If the robbery fails, Brooke Lopez can be the center. I hope he can learn something from Brother Panda to improve his defensive ability.
On May 1st, the second game between Cavaliers and Magic, Lewis performed a little better this time, but Howard suffered a humiliating attack. Today, Warcraft got 25 free throws, and as a result, he hit 12 of them, and the hit rate was still less than 5%.
Howard’s miss is not the most deadly, but the Cavaliers’ foul tactics completely destroyed the magic’s game rhythm. Although both teams’ hit rates were ugly, the Cavaliers performed better than the magic in the support of their home fans. LeBron James’ ability to score points at the crucial moment also made the magic resist Cleveland in an ugly way and won an even more ugly victory.
This victory is not decent enough for the Cavaliers, but now the Cavaliers don’t care so much. Their gorillas have been bent on leaving for the past two years. If they can’t get enough satisfactory results for James this season, it will be difficult for them to keep what the whole city hopes to win next summer. At this time, it doesn’t matter what his body is decent to eat.
Cleveland Cavaliers successfully took a 2-lead, Orlando Magic played very hard on the road, and now they have been cornered. If they can’t win their two home games, they will be eliminated.
The second game of the Eastern Conference Finals was finished, and the second game of the Western Conference Finals was held on May 19th. The major media had a very synchronous prediction on the result of the game. The Clippers won 2: the lead should not be a problem. In the two series of the Clippers, whether it was the old Lakers or the young grizzlies failed to win even one victory, two clean 4 and a net victory of 2 points per game. The data also gave the Clippers confidence.
Although the Los Angeles Times thought that its team’s victory should be no surprise, they could not do nothing, so it was easy to think of a plan.
The day before the second game of the Western Conference Finals, the Los Angeles Times reported that although the Suns unexpectedly entered the Western Conference Finals, it was a delusion that they wanted to go further. However, Shaq O ‘Neill, the center of the Suns, still had a certain influence, and the question of whether he would stay or not has always haunted many fans.
The answer is the clippers!
Yes, the Clippers don’t need a Hall of Fame center in their twilight years, but don’t forget that we love Brother Panda, and it’s very likely that Brother Fox will leave next season, so he needs a partner with enough weight.
Jordan Jr. has made good progress, and his performance on the defensive end is commendable, but Jordan Jr.’ s offensive ability makes him miss too many games. So the best way for the Clippers is to introduce Shaquille O’ Neal, who can be transformed into a big shark for 2 minutes every game, even if he still has 70% strength in his heyday.
At the same time, we believe that O ‘Neill will be very happy to return to Los Angeles. Everyone knows that the most important thing is that O ‘Neill, who was 37 years old last season, believes that his contract will not be too big. A piece of middle-class paper should be enough to take this historical center. At that time, the Los Angeles derby will definitely look better.
Unfortunately, on May 19th, in the second game of the Western Conference semifinals, the Los Angeles Times deviated from the plan, instead of working, it backfired.
O ‘Neal didn’t know if he had watched the news and thought it was a good idea, because he had to show the Clippers that he was still a tough guy, so O ‘Neal performed better in the second game than in the previous one, and turned into a shark for two minutes again, which made him get a free throw, although five of them were not much better than Warcraft over there.
Ji Guoqiu played for five minutes in the first quarter and watched O ‘Neill take a shark step on the scene. The giant panda’s temper also came in the second quarter. After Ji Guoqiu’s game, O ‘Neill responded crazily and threw four three-pointers on the outside line in the first quarter, which startled the little foxes.
In the second quarter, the old Deng Liwei let the explosion of Ji Guoqiu play the whole section. The giant panda scored four three-pointers in a row, and then broke through O’ Neill in a wonderful turn at the top of the arc to kill the basket and performed a shocking tomahawk dunk, reappearing the first Chinese dunk king in seven years.
Ji Guoqiu scored 1 point crazily in the whole second quarter, breaking his single-quarter scoring record.
The giant panda’s crazy performance made O ‘Neill shake his head and smile bitterly. Now he has fought against the country, and when he did so, he has already taken away his glory. Although his honor law was taken away, it can make people’s memories blurred. For example, some people now say that "Brother Panda is the first center in history". This is the current situation. At the peak, everyone said that O ‘Neill was the first center in history. At that time, the league was still his era, but now the league has entered the era of twin brothers.
Chapter six hundred and forty-six Or to sweep
On May 19th, the momentum of defending the champion in another city was irresistible with the panda brother Shen Fanfan’s 45 points and 22 rebounds Clippers. After leading, the defending champion could not be lower than others, and it also gave the opponent Sun a 2: embarrassment.
In the past two games, the Suns have lost without complaint, from 22 in the first game to 14 in the second game. Although Brother Panda broke his personal playoff scoring record in the second game, it shows that the Suns’ defense is not good enough at another level.
Espn reports that what the Suns need to do now is to play every game well to avoid the chance of being swept away: 4 That is simply the biggest embarrassment. Looking at the Sun challenging the Clippers now, it can be said that the skills are not inferior to those of others, but they are raised several times. This is just like another Los Angeles team, the Lakers, challenging the Suns. At that time, Kobe Bryant was so awesome, but the team’s strength was different, and he was eventually eliminated. After two games in the Western Conference, it can be said that the chance of the Sun being swept away has risen to 99%.
In fact, the Clippers have given the Suns a lot of face, and they haven’t finished their efforts. For example, in the second game, Brother Panda and Brother Fox gathered their strength, and they won the game without the two brothers playing together. How can the Suns play?
The sun’s crazy attack theory is hard to suppress the clippers, whether it’s offensive or defensive, but the sun has made miracles today. From the previous two wars, the clippers’ strong strength made the sun unable to resist, not that they didn’t give force, but that the enemy was too cruel
Clippers 2 lead the Suns. It can’t be said that the defending champion has a 100% chance of promotion, but it’s almost certain that the Clippers won’t learn from the Lakers’ 26-year-old lead in 31-year-old situation. At this time, the Clippers are far stronger than the Lakers at that time, and it’s more than one grade stronger. The fact that the Sun wants to make a comeback is like an idiotic dream. Now, it’s said that the sweeping media is not one company, and 90% of the media agree that the Clippers will sweep the Suns.
The Associated Press reported that the total score was 2 behind, and now the Suns are really not happy to lose, which is understandable, but they are even more embarrassing than: 2 behind. In two games, they lost as many as 12 points per game, and in total, they lost 36 points. Look at them. Even if they can tie the score at the end of the third quarter, the Suns will be able to give in easily when the clippers make a push.
In the second half of the Western Conference Finals, Brother Panda was 14 points behind when he hit the Sun, but they caught up with Nash in the third quarter. Nash was the hero of the team in the third quarter. He scored 1 point in a single quarter and 22 points in a game, but there was no suspense in the fourth quarter when the Clippers put their strength into the game. It was the sorrow of the Sun that counted on 36-year-old Nash to score 3+ saviors. What’s more, he had such a wonderful play and the Sun still won the game.
Richardson, the former dunk king, said after the game, "We need to do better and find a way to win. I feel good today, and I know that I have to try my best to attack my opponent and try my best to get the team back into the game, but in the end we still fell short, which is very frustrating."
In the fourth quarter, the Suns lost the opportunity. The two brothers took turns to attack the Phoenix defense and completely collapsed. In the third quarter, the hope of winning was completely extinguished. Sun coach Irwin gentry commented, "In the fourth quarter, we made three mistakes in a row and made six mistakes in a single quarter. They took the opportunity to play a fast break and scored points in a row. Since then, the game has lost control."
Steve Nash, who was scored by the Clippers in two consecutive games and broke through 12 suns, was quite dissatisfied. The former mvp sent out two pairs today, but his 26 points and 12 assists were not enough to help the team avoid losing.

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