"retreat! Brothers, everyone quickly retreated to Tiangukou! "

Calling out the Kincaid steed.
Suddenly, all the players who are tearing up the sky are rushing back! Madonna, who was waiting to raise her staff to defend herself, saw that the British enemy had summoned the steeds and rushed away. Suddenly, less than 10,000 days later, the players were retreating to Tiangu, which is 100 meters wide …
Chapter 26 Tiangu
Green Zheng was ecstatic. He summoned an armored horse and shouted.
"Day to help already rout! Everyone rushed into the valley and destroyed the gang! Destroy the help of heaven! "
"Destroy the heavenly gang!"
"Destroy the heavenly gang!"
Suddenly, the whole alliance front army rushed over regardless of the queue. At this time, dozens of square teams behind the Zhongjun rear army were also in chaos. The formations were all rushing towards Tiangukou. Hundreds of steel armor manipulated in the alliance technology professional players. "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" The sound also went to Taniguchi. In less than half a minute, the members of the gang had retreated into Taniguchi. At this time, the former army of the western alliance army had approached Taniguchi, and hundreds of alliance soldiers had rushed to the U-shaped Taniguchi.
Suddenly, several flags were erected on both sides of the valley in the heavy rain and gale. On the left, there were four patterns embroidered with ghosts and gods. This is the second pillar and four elephants directly under the control of the boss’s proud sky in the four pillars of the sky. These four flags represent four people, god leg, the ghostly figure. On the right is a flag embroidered with ancient seal characters of Dongdong, Northwest, Northwest, Southwest, South and Southeast, which are divided into bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and white. This flag represents the door of life and death.
Hundreds of meters away in the valley, I saw thousands of armored war horses in dark and neatly arranged with a white tiger flag fluttering. One was riding a white war horse, wearing a silver helmet and holding a black spear in one hand and a giant white tiger pattern in the other. The tall, thin and handsome Han people were coldly looking at the allied forces who rushed into the four major gangs in the west. People soon noticed that there was a white fur animal beside him-it was actually a white tiger, which was one of the most precious and rare sacred animals on earth.
Green saw it from a distance, which surprised him. The white tiger sacred beast looked even more at its owner’s loss.
"Ranger killing spear! White tiger holy shield! "
This day, he couldn’t help thinking about how the bosses were all equipped with abnormal conditions.
He was surprised busy drink a way
"Brothers, be careful. Everybody take back your horses."
But he couldn’t come and heard the white tiger "Oh!" Roared at them like thunder, and suddenly their horses screamed in horror, and their feet and hooves jumped around trying to turn around and escape, colliding with the allied troops behind them
That tall, thin, handsome man is the right time to see him shout a word.
"Brothers, kill me!"
I was the first to rush out, but I didn’t expect that the white tiger was more anxious than he was. The roaring bursts even started up the army of the Western Union. At this time, the valley on the left and the valley on the right helped thousands of warriors led by the elephant gate to rush in the rain and look from a distance. It seemed that three knives had been aimed at the four western gangs in Taniguchi from three directions, and the army Green and Bush, who were not far from him, saw each other’s lure the enemy and shouted.
"Quick to retreat! Go back quickly! "
At this time, the tall, thin and handsome Han and his pet white tiger have rushed to Green. He is busy with his big sword and blocked it. There is a horse and a half big, tall and white tiger. The tall, thin and handsome Han’s black ranger’s killing spear has also been stabbed. Green is eager to avoid it. He lost his way when he felt a great pain.
"Are you the middle child of the five golden flowers in the sky?"
"I am!"
Mo candlestick coldly said that the black spear in his hand did not stop stabbing again. At this time, dozens of Green cronies * came near. Green knew that he was fighting alone. The root was not the boss of the five golden flowers, Huang Longao, the sky, the old four, the black unicorn, the British enemy, or the white tiger Mo candlestick in front of him. He cold-snorted back and said in a low voice.
"I am no match for you alone, but this is a brave man. I will lead an army to seize the resurrection point of your gang for a while. I will definitely explode your equipment one by one and cut you to the first level until you quit this game."
Say that finish, he quickly returned to that steel armor in charge of command. He couldn’t help but stare blankly and saw Madonna and Mike smiling at him in the steel armor. He couldn’t help cursing angrily: What a sly fox! He didn’t talk. He climbed up the ladder of the steel armor while walking. After climbing at the top, he took out the command flag in the package and waved it a few times. He said
"Don’t retreat! Give me this mouth before the steel armor! The Coalition forces will win! "
Hearing his voice, all the Union soldiers shouted.
"The coalition will win! The Coalition forces will win! The Coalition forces will win! ……”
These soldiers have made way for the hills of steel armor.
Soon dispersed to dozens of steel armor, it reached the gate of Tiangu. At this time, Mo in the valley led the troops of Tianjiu and left and right Guchong troops to gather in front of the narrow Taniguchi. The steel armor group that came like a hill could not help but be afraid.
Don’t ask for the first reaction to come over and shouted
"Let’s switch to long-range weapons and aim at the robot manipulator to shoot."
Heaven help deserves the reputation of being the first powerful gang player in the East. The quality of the players is that everyone has regained confidence and calm. They have come up with all kinds of long-range weapons, including long and short gunmen’s guns and bows, and the steel armor has been shooting. But how can these weapons stop the steel armor from advancing and hit the steel armor? Firepower is like mosquito bites. Soon dozens of steel armor hit the sky to help the defense line …
The resurrection point of the Heavenly Help Guild is 100 meters away from the Heavenly Help Temple. According to Wang’s command, those who hang up the Heavenly Help will defend here after their resurrection. In the Heavenly Help Temple, there are 20,000 gang elites waiting here in the center of the main hall of the Temple. He sat silently for a long time. He slowly got up and saw the Sixteen Elders of Heavenly Help standing on both sides of the Temple. In the distance of the hall, there were dozens of experts in the gang. Then he turned to his hand and glared at the crystal statue of the patron saint of the Temple. He worshipped for three times, full of eyes and could not shake
"The help of the day has made a comeback. We Dalongguo will kill you from the gang in the future."
The presence of sixteen elders and dozens of experts in the gang said that one elder came out and said,
"What’s the point of playing this game without Wang? What hope and fun do we have to stay in this game? We want to live and die with our eldest brother! We are still waiting for you to lead us on an interstellar journey to realize our dream of exploring the universe! "
Everyone calls it
Proud of the sky, holding down generate’s feelings in my heart, he went away and held his brother tightly with his hands. He slowly looked at these deaths without wrinkling an eyebrow, only to see that now their eyes are red and their faces are resolutely colored. He slowly said in a low voice
"Two wang sent me a message that the enemy has attacked Taniguchi and will soon be killed here. Now everyone is still here! Don’t say that you can form a gang stronger than Tianbang after sacrificing your heart. "
"no! Big brother! Master! "
The crowd shouted
"Tianbang is the strongest gang in our hearts, and now we are willing to die with her!"
The corners of his mouth trembled-he felt a kind of full happiness and he was no longer afraid! With a smile, he took out the four sacred weapons in the package, namely the sublime enemy bravery and heavenly sword, and shouted.

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