A vague but lofty phantom fist palm shadow behind Meng Fei slowly looks down at the earth like a fiend. Waves of terrorist forces erupt from Meng Feishen like crazy waves and angry rings, and the surrounding cavalry suddenly feel unstable like a hurricane.

The cavalry of the witch temple outside Xuanyuan camp was also taken by this terrible momentum and unexpectedly stopped the forward momentum and did not dare to move.
Meng Fei sneer at glanced at suddenly a lift finger a coloured glaze color gas strength with a sword from his fingertips.
Coloured glaze sword across the camp gate immediately after a hundred meters long and half a meter deep huge sword mark.
Who dares to cross this sword mark and die?
Meng Fei said that people around him looked at that sword mark and suddenly felt that this sword mark was like the boundary of hell, sending out the smell of death. Thick air conditioners went straight from the spine to the depths of their hearts, and no one dared to look at that sword mark again.
No one will. This is King Xuanyuan joking.
No one doubts that King Xuanyuan dares to really hand the bloody fog of those cavalry just now, but it hasn’t dissipated yet.
You are so bold, King Xuanyuan. You, the leader of the Leopard Knight, are surprised and angry. Your voice has changed.
No matter how big Wang Dan is, it’s better than that you dare to plant Meng-fei Wang with a full face of disdain and a light hum. I turned around and arrested everyone who ordered farsi to break into the camp, and then tortured them to find out who they were framing and planting the king.
Speaking of which, Meng Fei’s eyes swept from the head of the leopard knight and added coldly, Whoever dares to resist will be shot.
Stop fighting.
Ah, I can’t stand it. Stop it. I’ll say it. I’ll say it.
Listening to the waves of screams coming from Xuanyuan camp intermittently, many people who are paying attention to this matter can’t believe their ears. This is really going to pierce the sky. Xuanyuan Wang, the head of the forbidden demon, actually arrested and tortured the knights of the witch temple. What is going on in this world?
Ten minutes ago.
Knights of the Witch Temple searched in Xuanyuan Camp, which had been destroyed by the assassins of the Olympic Empire. Then it was very strange that a large number of knights of the Witch Temple were about to arrest King Xuanyuan for treason and collaboration.
Seeing that Xuanyuan Wang was going to make a big fall, who knew that the situation would turn sharply and dramatically?
King XuanYuanWang didn’t put pride in the eyes of the knights of the Temple of Witch, but he didn’t care about it for the first time. He used a thunderous blow to bomb the strength of the earth, and two or three strokes would have scared hundreds of cavalry to move.
Waving a black firm but gentle sword marks hundreds of cavalry, no one dared to cross this sword mark step by step and watched Xuanyuan people arrest the leopard knight leader of the witch temple cavalry in the camp.
Some people dare to resist, but as the leader of the Panthera Knight was punched and his limbs were broken by a big and fat mountain bald head, no knight dared to resist any more.
To avoid the misunderstanding of Xuanyuan Wang, several cavalry threw away their weapons like a soldering iron, holding their heads and dare not move. Xuanyuan Wang said, "Who dares to resist and shoot?" It has completely frightened these cavalry.
Because everyone knows that King Xuanyuan is playing for real this time, even if he kills you, he will kill you for nothing.
After controlling the situation, King Xuanyuan went to Lan Keer, the imperial concubine, and together with two weak women who were scared silly and in shock entered the central hall and no longer appeared. In Xuanyuan camp, various instruments of torture were quickly set up.
Forty or fifty cavalry were tied up and beaten up, and then they were put on the ground and tortured one by one.
The main torturer killed the head of the leopard knight with one punch, half-life, baldness and fatness.
This guy is a small captain in the fire magic. He is good at punishment and was called by Meng Fei.
Soon, I secretly observed that this face has been smiling with a mean smile. Fat is definitely a cruel devil coming from hell.
He paid no attention to the status of knights in the Temple of Witch, and all kinds of strange punishment methods were cruel and vicious, not to mention those cavalry who suffered punishment. Even some people outside who watched this scene from a distance could not help but be frightened and cold.
Even those guys who are usually tough guys are afraid to look at them in the cold sweat at the end.
Besides, they have seen countless scenes of torture in the black prison of the Witch Temple. Some people just tried to get rough and hard, but in the end they were incontinent and cried for mercy with a snot and tears.
Even the leader of the Leopard Knight didn’t survive for four or five minutes in front of the terrible flame magic bald and fat, and soon he knew everything.

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