"Showed" to see her hair wet on the white neck has a kind of unspeakable.

"Well," Chi Yao nodded and then added, "Commander, your bathroom is really nice." She washed it for almost an hour before coming out.
"Oh, it’s good to like it." Jing Muyun chuckled and was happy that his bathroom could please Chi Yao.
Chi Yao planned to go to bed after taking the medicine. There was a class in the afternoon, but as soon as she got up, she was stopped by Jing Muyun. "Chi Yao will sleep after her hair is dry."
"No, I’m used to it." She didn’t wait for her hair to dry when she was busy late and sleepy.
But Jing Muyun became slightly serious. "Go blow dry or don’t mind if I help you."
He listened carefully to Chi Yao. There is no doubt that if she really goes to bed with half-dry hair like this, she will really be arrested by him to blow dry. Chi Yao held the door and hesitated for a while. She is a little sleepy now and wants to go to bed early.
JingMuYun suddenly decisive up "seems to want me to help"
"No, no, no" Chi Yao came to his senses and immediately "I’ll do it myself."
"Take out the hair dryer and I’ll watch you blow it."
"No, okay, okay, I’ll take it." Watching Jingmuyun take a step towards her, Chiyao hurriedly trotted into the room and ran out with a hair dryer in the bathroom, blowing his hair in Jingmuyun’s gaze.
Chi Yaowei wronged Qu to finish blowing her hair. In Jingmuyun, she was allowed to go back to her room with a hair dryer. She blew her scalp and fell asleep as soon as she touched the pillow.
"Chi Yao, that man was your boyfriend yesterday."
"Hey, Chi Yao can’t see it. When you have a boyfriend, you tell your classmates that you are afraid of our divination."
"Koike, your boyfriend is so cool. He always wears sunglasses and can’t see clearly what he looks like. Is there a photo? Is he handsome?"
"You are stupid. Chi Yao is also a minor celebrity in the entertainment circle now. Of course, her boyfriend who is filming with You Di can’t show up, but will it be You Di?"
Chi Yao was surrounded by classmates as soon as he entered the classroom. A word is right for Jing Muyun. Chi Yao listened to some words and everyone saw them yesterday. "Stop divining, we are not that kind."
"Don’t lie to us. We’ve all helped you with your luggage, and we’re all living together, and you still say no," said a female classmate with a sharp voice.
Chi Yao Nai Yao doesn’t intend to talk to them more, and the most important thing is that she can’t say more about her commander’s identity, which is very special.
See Chi Yaoxin and talk to them about the topic of "boyfriend", so they can also entertain themselves. Three minutes after class, the classroom door was pushed. Chi Xinlin trotted in while wiping her tears. "Chi Yao, go home and see your father."
She cried, gasped and couldn’t say a word. She didn’t want to take a reason when she came to Chi Yao, but when she said "What’s wrong with dad", she couldn’t help looking at her "What’s wrong"
"Dad, something happened to him."
"What’s wrong?" What will happen to Chi Zhong?
"Dad had an accident when he came home with the guest last night, and now he is still in the hospital for rescue." Chi Xinlin was very sad to cry.
"car accident"
Chi Yao was a little scared, or his father, Chi Yao, asked anxiously "Which hospital?"
"Earn and see"
☆, Chapter 69 Medicine for her
Chi Yao followed Chi Xin Lin to the school gate. Chi Xin Lin has stopped crying. She looked at Chi Yao and followed her. She looked at her in a hurry. It turned out that she was worried about her family, too, but it was quite like it.
At the school gate, Chi Jiabao Ma Zheng stopped there firmly, and Chi Xinlin hit the back door "car".
Chi Yao flew out by BMW. Chi Xinlin sat quietly in the co-pilot’s seat. Chi Yao couldn’t see her expression clearly, but she still asked, "How is my sister and father?"
Chi Xinlin’s mood is particularly stable at the moment, and she has a little impatient tone and said, "You will know when you go."
Chi Yao feels a little strange, but Chi Zhong’s car accident makes it impossible for Chi Xin Lin to blather, just think that she is in a bad mood.
However, as the scenery outside the window goes backwards, Chiyao feels more and more wrong. It doesn’t seem to be the way to Shengde Hospital, but it seems to be the way home.
"Sister is not going to Shengde?"
"Yes" ChiXinLin instead some absent-minded replied.
"What about now?" Chi Yao frowned and asked.
"Hello, can’t I go home and get something?"
What is this logic? My father had an accident and cried her out in a hurry. As a result, he was not in a hurry to say that he was going home to get something. What does Chi Xinlin mean?

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