After a long walk, everyone found nothing. At this time, the sun had sunk to the horizon, and a little afterglow could still light up the road ahead. Although Duncan was reluctant, he stopped the search and ordered his hand to build a tent. Vanessa also dismounted, but his eyes were still scanning around, hoping that the red-haired mage would notice everything here.

Miss Vanessa, the mage won’t be around
The Elf Ranger looked up at the Paladin, and Duncan was the only person in the group who was taller than herself. I couldn’t help but want to see it.
Don’t worry, we will find the devil soon.
Lord santras, it’s only fair that we should listen to him first.
Santaras shrugged as if it meant to him, of course, we would give him a chance to defend himself.
Next, they may imprison Ronin or simply execute him on the spot. Although the knights of the silver hand keep the precepts of light, they are also very flexible when they are righteous.
Wenresa started the idea of searching alone again. She could go through the forest without blowing off dust and search for the small caves and bushes that might hide the bodies.
You can’t wait to act, and you have your own way of doing things, right? Vanessa is training a ranger as an optional course. After listening to her and my introduction, the first tutor asked the best student to join the ranger team to see this impatience. You should be born a human being. If you continue like this, you won’t be a ranger for long.
Although more than one tutor doubted this, Vanessa passed the test with excellent results and became the most beautiful member of the team. Now we must not subvert years of training because of recklessness.
The silver-haired elf ranger assured others that he would rest in the Woods for a few minutes and then return to the big army. Then he leaned against the trunk and sighed lightly. This simple item has almost failed twice now. Everyone can’t find Ronin. How can he treat himself to the level, let alone face the kirin tor Parliament in Dalaran? Although she made two mistakes, she
Suddenly a strong wind came and almost pushed the elf to the ground. Wenresa tried her best to reach for the trunk, but the knights in the distance told the scattered objects to collide with each other in the strong wind and make a mess.
But the wind suddenly stopped, just like when it started, which made people unprepared. When they arrived at the camp, they scattered their hair all over their faces and rushed back to the camp in three steps and two steps, thinking that it must not be as terrible as a dragon. The monster attacked Duncan and his knights fortunately heard the paladins discussing how to repair the camp when they approached. When they arrived at the camp, they saw that everyone was not hurt except the bedrolls.
Lord Santander stepped up to Wenresa and asked earnestly, my dear lady, are you not hurt?
No wind scared me, that’s all.
Everyone was shocked. He turned his beard and stared at the Woods in the dark. To my surprise, the usual wind didn’t blow like this, and then he shouted to one hand, double the guards. I think this storm is very strange and it is not so easy to stop.
Yes, my Lord, a thin and pale knight replied, Christopher Jacobs has passed.
The words came to an abrupt end before they were finished. Wenleisa had turned her face. Duncan couldn’t help looking back together. Just now, the knight was shot to the ground by a bow or crossbow, but the knot found that he was staring at a black roll of things scattered in the bedding. The roll stretched straight and stretched his legs across his chest and forearm as if he were a sleeper.
They came there because they were looking for a mage
Wenleisa, other knights gathered around and people raised torches. Wenleisa bowed her head and checked that Ronin’s face was pale and stiff in the halo of the torch. For a moment, the elf couldn’t see if he was still breathing and touched his cheek.
Suddenly, the mage’s eyes opened wide and the people around him were taken aback
Ranger, it’s good to see you again.
With that, Ronin closed his eyes again and lost consciousness.
Idiot mage Santaras scornfully said that when a good man died, you hid, but now it’s okay, so you show up and dare to sleep here. He reached out to grab Ronin’s arm and tried to shake the mage up. Just as his finger touched the robe, he suddenly shouted, staring at himself with gloves, yelling as if he had been attacked, and an evil flame surrounded him. Although I was wearing gloves, I still felt like grabbing a burning coal.
No matter how Santaras warned Wenresa, she still had to try it herself. It was good that she felt uncomfortable when she touched Ronin’s clothes, but it was not as serious as the paladin said. However, she turned her head and nodded in agreement. Now is not the time to disagree with what the senior paladin said.
Wenresa quickly looked up to see Santaras shaking his head at the knight in question when he heard the metal scratch of the sword scabbard behind him. No, Vauxford’s silver-handed paladin can’t kill the defenceless enemy, otherwise it will seriously defile our sacred oath. I think we have to send someone to stay here at night and see the mage’s situation early. Lord Santaras has gone through a lot of hardships and his face shows a firm expression. When he wakes up, he will make a ruling.
I’ll be here watching him all the time. Vanessa suddenly cut in. No, the others are affected
Forgive me, miss, but you and him
Wenresa stared at the Paladin as hard as she could. You are questioning the credibility of a ranger, Lord Santaras. You are questioning me. Do you think I will help the mage escape?
Of course, that’s not what I meant. In the end, Duncan gave in and you insisted on this. So be it. I’ll grant your request, but I won’t rest here at night.
That’s my choice. Would you run away from something I can do for you at present?
Wenresa stayed to take care of Ronin Santaras, who shook his head and walked to arrange for other knights. At the center of the camp, there were only two Rangers, Ronin lying on two beds, and the hooded knights were afraid of being surrounded by flames and didn’t dare to touch them.
Wenresa tried to carefully check the sleeping mage’s condition without contact. Ronin’s robe was broken in many places, and his face was small, bruised and bruised, and his face was exhausted. He seemed to be exhausted from being tossed, but his body was fine.
Maybe it’s in the dark. Wenresa thinks that this human being looks fragile and pitiful now. She admits that Ronin is handsome, but the Elf Ranger quickly interrupted her thoughts. She hopes to find a way to make the unconscious mage lie more comfortable, but that would have to touch his body, which would encourage Sant Lasley to imprison Ronin more severely and worsen the Elf Mage.
Since there is no other way, Wenleisa stays by the sleeping mage’s side and looks around. The alert may threaten the elf game. Still, Ronin is very suspicious suddenly. Although Duncan didn’t say anything, he certainly wants to see Ronin so badly. It’s not like being able to send him to the camp center. It’s true that if you really put energy into sending magic, it can explain the mage’s exhausted state, but it’s not like this. Wenleisa feels as if she was kidnapped and then thrown back to suffer.
The only question is who did this ridiculous thing.
He woke up to find that everyone was against him.
Maybe it’s not a person. Roningen doesn’t know that he is an elf ranger. Supposedly, since she accepted to send him to Haskell safely, she said that she would protect him against false knights. But who knows, Ronin was an elf partner this time, an elf ranger older than Wenresa, and the ranger treated Ronin with an attitude. Today, Lord Santaras is more direct and has no false tricks of paladins.
Ronin is extremely low in ventilation, hoping that others won’t notice that he has woken up. He can figure out where he is now, but first he must think carefully. The paladins will definitely ask him about the accident just now, and then where he went after the accident. In fact, they know as much as he does.
We can’t delay it any longer. Ronin took a deep breath and stretched his legs deliberately, as if he had just woken up.
There was a fine cable movement around the horse.
The mage opened his eyes and looked around as planned, but the first thing he saw was the section of Wenleisa. Although it was an accident, it greatly relieved Ronin. The Elf Ranger leaned forward and looked at the mage in the blue dome with his eyes. These eyes matched her very well, Ronin thought, but the tinkling metal collision behind him interrupted his thoughts. It seems that others have found themselves awake.
He’s alive, isn’t he? Lord Santander muttered. It’s time for us to ask questions.
The thin elf immediately jumped up and stopped the paladin’s footsteps. He just opened his eyes and gave him something to eat when he recovered less before you questioned him.
I won’t deprive him, Ms. Keeley, but he has to answer my questions while eating, not when he is full.
Ronin propped up his arm just in time to see Duncan’s cloudy face. His white-handed knights decided that he was a traitor, even the murderer. The mage remembered the unlucky guard who was crushed to death, and maybe there were more victims. Someone must have informed Ronin about the news of the city wall at that time, but the paladin’s prejudice urged them to embellish it, and finally they got a fallacy.
He doesn’t want to play against Taiwan, and he suspects that he can’t even do the simplest magic now, but the knights want to pin the blame on him, and Ronin will never give up easily.
I tried my best to cooperate with the mage while answering, and I broke away from Winesa to help him get up with his hands, but only after I had filled my stomach.

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