The attack hasn’t arrived yet. Sun Hao has already felt the powerful freezing force and extremely powerful attack force.

Slight movement in the heart Sun Hao gently flapped his wings, but it didn’t come to avoid the general Sun Hao instantaneous being frozen on the spot.
The red lotus king seems to be glad to finally catch Sun Hao.
But before Mata, Sun Hao snapped and the ice butterfly once again appeared in another direction.
Sun Hao, the butterfly mirror, turned into an ice butterfly and generated a strange talent. After the avatar was launched, the ice butterfly body was smashed like a mirror, but the crushing was just a mirror image of the ice butterfly, but it was safe and sound after this crushing.
The red lotus hit Sun Hao twice in a row, but it was just a butterfly mirror. Sun Hao was injured.
Sun Hao’s blue wings and starlight once again covered the red lotus king.
The blue starlight is another magical power of the ice butterfly, the Hell Light, which can break the illusion and see the strange shape of the body.
Sun Hao feels that the shape of the Red Lotus King is a little different, as if it were a combination, but Sun Hao failed to find the real core of the Red Lotus.
Maybe you can find the weakness of the red lotus by shining a light on the God of Hell.
If the butterfly mirror is a natural communication between deities generated by ice butterflies, then the divine light of hell is probably the crystallization product of the cold nature of ice butterflies that absorbed a large number of creatures in hell during their evolution.
However, these two abilities have a huge connection with ice properties, and there are also some sources.
After a few times of starlight sprinkling, Wang Ti, a real red lotus, turned into an alternative in front of Sun Hao, the king of the red lotus, but he was a little man sitting cross-legged on the core lotus of the king of the red lotus.
The little person is crystal clear as an ice sculpture, and looks very pocket-sized and lovely. If it weren’t for the illumination of hell, Sun Haogen wouldn’t have found the place where the red lotus was Wang Ti.
Those hell ice lights spit out from the lotus as if they were lotus, and the hell ice lights were actually cast spells in the hands of villains. With a single shot, there would be an extremely fast ice light attacking Sun Hao.
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Chapter 126 Hell
Sun Hao didn’t rush to take action, but continued to fly with him in Yuto, where colorful wars, huge burning explosions, thunder prisons and sea of fire lit up the whole cold hell.
A monk looking up at Gao’s mouth not far from the pastoral area muttered, "Who is this? Strong magical power. "
This monk came in this time and broke into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s mating period, Brother Mighty.
He directly entered the Three Evil Taoist Godsworn, and his strength was also very strong. He arrived in the cold hell earlier than Sun Hao, but he could not resist the cold hell. The red lotus was frozen and frozen in place.
Well, his position is quite sidelined. When Sun Hao fought the Red Lotus and defeated him in Xuan Bing, he was unexpectedly saved.
And because his position has just been frozen, he is still in the periphery of the flower sea, so he successfully got out of the battlefield after the outbreak of the war and got a chance to wait and see.
But at this time, he was wondering which great power was so brave that he suppressed the red lotus king Zheng’s fierce pursuit.
His doubt is that it is not a good thing to enter the Great Virtue Society, and it is not difficult to enter the Three Virtues Society.
If it is not peerless, how can it fight against the powerful Red Lotus King?
It’s a few powerful and peerless powers, and none of them match the ice blue and dazzling butterfly. He’s also a little hard to decide.
Thunder prison fire, border Xuan Bing fierce collision.
The ice light of hell and the ice blue starlight complement each other.
In the coldest hell, Sun Hao and Wang Zhan, a powerful red lotus, fought for a long time, and the means of both sides came together to make a close fight
Border grazing has been unsealed from the freezing, and it is very chatting to lie on the cold ground and look up at the battle.
Usually, boss Sun has to hold his ground, but he should be able to run away. Now that boss Sun is not afraid of freezing, there should be no big problem this time.
Atrix has lasted for many years, and there is no concept of time in the cold hell. Sun Haowu’s attribute is true. The endurance of Yin and Yang interactive combat is unprecedented. It is also exhausted that the king of the red lotus can get supplies from the cold hell.
The fire burned the ground of the coldest hell red all the time, but strangely, the red ground actually gave people a biting feeling.
Sun Hao carefully observed the fighting habits of the real Red Lotus King while fighting.
Finally, after a fierce battle, I don’t know how long, it was like a red lotus king once again. When he opened his mouth and sucked it, Sun Hao’s wings were slightly fanned.
A Zhang Xu Fiona Fang Xiao Lei Huo Tian Wang quickly rushed to shout and covered the real red-violet Kao.
Thunder general speed thunder fire skynet with a shrink.
Wang Weiwei, a bright red lotus, stayed in the original mouth to inhale supplies, but suddenly he was stopped by Thunder Fire Skynet. The bright red rosette poured into hell, and the cold ice was blocked by Thunder Fire Skynet.
At this time, it was the moment when the Red Lotus King needed the replenishment button. It suddenly became surprised and flew into a rage, opened its mouth and spat out the cold. Thunder Fire Skynet quickly froze.
At this time, the ice butterfly flew and opened its mouth to absorb thunder and fire. Skynet, together with the red lotus king inside, quickly fell into the ice butterfly body like water absorption.
Thunder and fire skynet finished inhaling. At this moment, the ice butterfly snapped like a mirror in the powerful attack of Thunder and Fire Skynet.
Pieces of ice butterflies flying thunder and fire skynet rushed out of it and smashed the lotus seat of Fangda Red-violet Flower King in the boom.
And farther away, the ice butterfly appeared in a flash, flapping its wings and sprinkling a piece of blue starlight in the sky
Flapped a few times, the ice butterfly burst like a mirror and spilled pieces of ice butterfly feathers.
But the swallowed red lotus king still failed to come out of the ice butterfly body.
The mirror-image broken ice butterfly circled and danced again and appeared in another direction.
Deep-fried, broken and reproduced …
Sprinkle a piece of ice blue in the ice butterfly and keep repeating the same process, but the party loses the red lotus. The king sits in the thunder fire. Skynet bombards the core area of Xuan Bingfeng Town. The red lotus loses its frozen protection one by one, exposing the thunder prison and burning the sea. All kinds of red lotus ghosts keep struggling.
If the external ice butterfly ice mirror technique has certain restrictions, it will not burst so many times. However, the strange cold environment in Xuan Bing in the coldest hell strengthens the ice butterfly ice mirror technique, and the strange law of eternal hell cycle gives the ice butterfly magical regenerative ability.
Sun Hao didn’t expect the result to be unexpectedly good.
Sun Hao’s original intention was to trap the Red Lotus King with the ice butterfly body and make it lose control of the Red Lotus throne, seize the opportunity to destroy the Red Lotus throne and cut off its supply.
However, the inherent will of the ice butterfly body after the red lotus king was really put into the cold ice field is that the ice spirit can hold on to the cold ice field and never spit out the red lotus king. Even if the square red lotus throne has been destroyed by the thunder prison fire, the ice butterfly body stubbornly prefers to keep being blown up by the ice mirror and trap the red lotus king in the cold ice field.
The red lotus on the ground has either escaped or been completely destroyed, but the ice butterfly is still bursting.
Border pastors and onlookers were frightened at the sight, but they didn’t know what to do.
They didn’t see the invisible red lotus. Wang Ti felt very strange. What they saw was that Sun Hao swallowed a big red ball and spit it out, and then he kept bombing.
However, they also saw the abnormality, that is, the red lotus was swallowed behind the red ball and collapsed in a large area. Now it can be said that the overall situation is set.
A dark passage appeared, and the red lotus king sat on the lotus throne.
Not far from the border grazing, the friar looked up and saw that the sky was still bursting. Butterfly Yang said, "The Liao family has fallen to the epicenter. Thanks for saving his life. Now that the door is open, I will go to explore the road first."
With that, the Lao monk descended to the epicenter, but before Sun Hao spoke to him, he flew into the hell passage and disappeared.
In the process of Sun Hao’s confrontation with the Red Lotus King, he looked at Sun Hao’s fighting capacity in his eyes and sighed. He knew in his heart that he might not be Sun Hao’s opponent. It happened that this place was in the three evil ways, and perhaps the Red Lotus King Brother was a ruthless generation who was afraid that Sun Haoteng would kill him and rushed into hell in a hurry.
Sun Hao’s saving the fit power was also convenient, and he never thought that he had saved a companion. He was not investigated too much, and when the bystander left, Sun Hao was able to exert his means a little more. There were some things that Sun Hao didn’t want to be seen by outsiders.
The ice butterfly exploded again. After the ice mirror, it suddenly disappeared. Sun Hao stepped in front of the border shepherd. The ice butterfly had been collected and hung back. The thick layers of ice silk poured in to wrap the ice butterfly into an ice pupa. The ice butterfly closed its eyes and fell asleep.
The body of the ice butterfly is no longer broken, and the mind of the ice butterfly sinks into dormancy to digest the soul of the red lotus king.
Ice silkworm and become a butterfly’s absorption in ancient times is the theory completed by Xuan Bing, the Red Lotus. The ice butterfly has the same root as the Red Lotus King’s soul, which is why the ice butterfly never let go after swallowing the Red Lotus King’s soul, because it can digest huge cold jade.
Of course, the strength of the Red Lotus King is very high, and the level of strength is very high. It has vaguely surpassed the first line of the Great Epiphyllum Soul. Although the newly born ice butterfly is not weak, it is also a little indigestion for ants to chew the elephant, so they have to fall into a deep sleep and slowly chew it.
Actually, it is equivalent to the second cocoon melting.
Corleone’s slight thinking made him understand the ice spirit state, and his heart must have greeted him slightly. "Let’s go to hell while grazing …"
The last line of the Hell Road is the most difficult, the most difficult, the strongest and the most painful. Hell Road is also called A-nose Hell. What’s waiting for you?
Chapter 126 Hell
Sun Hao didn’t rush to take action, but continued to fly with him in Yuto, where colorful wars, huge burning explosions, thunder prisons and sea of fire lit up the whole cold hell.

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