Yunyuan knows a lot, and the stars are bursting out, and there is a gorgeous glow on his head. Although he is not a fortress rank, it is still possible for pure stars to offset the enemy’s attacks.

Branches with brown mist burst into pieces when they hit the star’s glow, and the flying branches were as sharp as blades. Not to mention those four fogs, they turned into flames. These brown flames were not hot, but they fell to the ground or pipes and corroded these things.
A burst of arrows and rain stopped, resenting the giant tree for raising several arms or smashing or sweeping one arm, shaking violently, and suddenly lashing out thousands of branches, which were sharper than the sudden shooting and pierced the surrounding ground and pipelines.
A gearbox was even more severely cut by branches, and the machine was scattered into pieces when the branches were retracted.
At this time, the old face of the trunk opened its mouth and a bluish-yellow sap was emitted from the inside. The sap was sprayed half-way to a strong one in the five doors.
The strong man drank a certain ability, and suddenly there was a burst of powerful energy fluctuations around him, surging forward.
The tree sap actually changed the falling point of the tree sap and sprayed it elsewhere to a secluded rider. At once, the knight screamed, and his armor and body were corroded and infiltrated by the tree sap.
In an instant, the pin bone melted into a pool of black mud.
This secluded ride happened to be located at a high place, and as soon as Tianyang entered this area, he just saw it red-handed.
As soon as the teenager shook his eyes and swept across it, he felt a surge of enthusiasm when he looked at the fierce battle between human beings and black people. He couldn’t wait to fight against black people with his compatriots at once!
He and Yun Ze followed the mobile flora and finally found this place. When they saw the giant tree of resentment in the distance of the battlefield, they knew that they had not found the wrong place.
Those flora and humanoid foreign bodies should be summoned by the resentful giant trees. As soon as the flora poured into this area, it was immediately controlled by the wooden girl without facial features and built into various strange forms to join the war circle.
Those humanoid foreign bodies are going straight to the outer circle of war, and they have already created a lot of pressure on the human team in the outer circle of war.
The corners of the eyes are green and elegant
Tianyang looked that it was Yunfeng, and his body floated with blue stripes and light wheels again, and he took out two pistols. These two pistols were decorated with gorgeous patterns and a cold light flashing sword was installed at the muzzle.
Obviously, these two pistols can not only fire bullets, but also be used as blades when necessary.
Yunfeng strode forward and sank, "Kill all these dark scum first and then sue my uncle for the underground brain. I’ll go and play with those riders. It’s up to you."
Say that finish Yunfeng body green light big drag out a blue flame Ran Ran.
Soon, those low-order black people who have crashed into the array can’t stop Yunfeng whether they are bacteria people, squires or infected rats.
Yun Jia Er Shao didn’t move around, but he kept shooting out bright green lights. These bright blue bands of light crossed the black people like blades and easily cut their bodies.
Soon I can’t see Yunfeng’s figure, and I can occasionally see a blue light flashing in the distance. Tianyang converges, takes out the death knell, takes out the predator and rushes forward.
Let out the splendor of Yin Hui, and the sun went faster and faster, and finally turned into a silver streamer and crashed into a dense black people in front.
As soon as the predators entered the array, they changed into swords and whips, and the swords and whips swept around, killing a mushroom man and several retinues.
During the movement, the death knell was raised towards him, and the plague rat came at him from the side with one shot.
A silver flood in the thunder-like line flooded the infected rats and killed them along with the nearby black people.
Tianyang didn’t want to stop in the outer circle of war, so the predators and the death knell alternately attacked and swept through the nearby black people’s livelihood and fought our way out!
In a blink of an eye, Yang has been in the array for 100 meters, and suddenly, Huo Ranlang has already killed through the peripheral war circle and entered the central position.
It’s suddenly a lot wider here. Not far away, a sublimation of rank 5 is dealing with an ash demon, and the condensed form of the ash demon is attacking the sublimation.
Tianyang looked and recognized that it was Xie Hong!
Xie Hong was driven to retreat by this ash demon. He was dancing with an epee, which shone with green light. Xie Hong’s epee also looked murderous, like a dragon, and it was magnificent.
Unfortunately, it can really do harm to the ash demon, so there is a force field attached to the sword
The physical properties of the ash demon plague attack, but the French plague butcher collapses the force field. Although Xie Hong collapses the force field, it can annihilate part of the ash demon every time it flies, but there is still a long way to go to kill this demon.
I don’t know if Xie Hong is a big supporter or has run out of weapons such as ice and thunder, otherwise Xie Hong can easily take care of it by freezing the ash demon.
But now it’s not good. Instead, Xie Hong’s ashes and demons are flashing with fire. The temperature near Xie Hong is rising and Mars is floating.
The rising temperature makes Xie Hong need oxygen to rise sharply. If he can’t kill the ash demon in a short time, he may fall into a passive situation due to lack of oxygen.
Of course, he can choose to get out of the fight, but in that case, he can’t hang back.
At this time of dilemma, a green light beam suddenly broke into ashes, and the demon’s arm quickly froze, and there was a burst of cold around it, which relieved Xie Hongshen’s intense heat …
Chapter 24 North Xuandingxing
Connect several blue light flashes and hit the ashes. The demon knows the ashes badly. The outline of the body is blurred. I want to turn into ash and flee for my life. The ice layer spreads too fast. The ash demon comes and sends out a few pieces of ash flocs, and it has already frozen the ice sculpture.
Xie Hong was glad that he was armed with such weapons as ice and thunder, but in the previous battle, he had no idea that this final decisive battle had brought his luck to the extreme and hit the ash demon again.
Suffering from the method of freezing the devil’s form in a good rank, the 5 masters were silenced by the ash demon. Now the ash demon is frozen into ice. Where is it willing to let go? When the stars are bursting, Yin Hua’s dazzling green steel epee draws a mysterious trajectory, which leads to a slight vibration and silver diffusion, just like ripples in circles.
The sword cut the hard ice and knocked out the ashes like Huang Zhong and Lu. The ice around the demon buzzed and vibrated, and there was a strong explosion. The ice shattered and tens of millions of fine particles sprayed around, giving birth to a gray ice fog. In the ice fog dispersion, a round orb fell off.
Xie Hongxin was happy to think that he had finally gained something, so he was going to catch the remains of the black people and didn’t want to reach over and catch the orb and quickly put it in his pocket.
The other person’s fluency in flowing water made Xie Hong’s expression freeze like he had practiced it thousands of times, and then he saw that the intervener halfway had a silver hair and turned out to be Tianyang.
Xie Hong naturally recognized Tianyang and suddenly became furious. "You are so rude that you dare to rob me of my war profits and don’t hand over that legacy immediately!"
Tianyang a face of koo "how can you win? If it weren’t for my help to freeze that thing, Mr. Xie, could you kill this ash demon so smoothly? If we say victory, is it half my credit? "
Xie Hong face a red still mouth shut way "even if you have half the credit that also can’t take things directly is not! Worse, do I need your help? Do you think I can’t even kill an ash demon? "
Tianyang smiled and said, "In this case, Mr. Xie will just kill another demon. Is it true that Xie Jia wants to take credit for such a small job with me?"
"I …"
Tianyang sighed and took out the orb. "If Mr. Xie insists on this, you can have it back."
Xie Hongzheng wanted to reach for it, and suddenly seven lines of sight fell on him. In these lines of sight, Xie Hong read naked contempt.
So he raised his hand and let it go. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Roll, roll, thank you, it’s not enough to grab food with a kid!"
Tianyang laughed. "Then I’m welcome, Mr. Xie. You are such a great man!"
The word "great guy" fell into Xie Honger’s ear and felt bad. When he snorted, he went to a secluded ride.
Tianyang put away the orb, which makes me happy to come back again. This orb ash magic crystal should be finished, and then it can be integrated and upgraded when it is finished.
Looking into the circle battlefield, the giant tree of resentment is losing ground. It seems that this thing has been cornered by five strong men. It is estimated that it will be completely killed before long.
Tianyang, who has got a treasure, is not greedy to lock a team in a critical situation. He swept past to help.
It’s better for him to keep a low profile if he doesn’t want to be too dazzling.
He rushed to the rescue of this team. The captain was a member of the Fortress in rank 4. With various protective abilities, he pulled out his hand from time to time to issue a vortex force field to repel the black people.
However, the number of black people besieging this team was too large, but in a moment, a team member was broken by a few quiet retinue. Although the team member struggled to kill the retinue, he was bitten by an epidemic rat’s leg. After the plague rat bit the sublimater with many germs, the man became slow to move.
Finally, he was hit in the chest by a retinue club, and he flew out. The whole chest has been trapped, but the sublimation person has a strong vitality and will not die for a while. It is a pity that there are too many black people around him. Before he got up, he gave a few bacteria people a hold and spit out spore hyphae in his mouth.
Biting his neck and shoulders by two plague rats, he has already died in a blink of an eye. He has become a germ man and joined the black people’s camp to attack his companions.
Sublimator can make the ability before death, so that the danger of this sublimator immediately exceeds it, and the black people put two players in danger
A short-haired girl among the two players couldn’t bear to hand an oversight to her former companion, and was stabbed in the chest by a sublime person, crushing her heart!
The fungus man is about to make a move on another companion. At this time, there are circles around his body that are almost transparent. The number of silk threads is so numerous that it almost wraps the fungus man up.
The fungus man still rushed to his opponent, and suddenly a silk thread collapsed straight, and the fungus man’s body was peeled off and cut into thousands of pieces!
The target player was startled by the fungus man, and then I saw the silver hair flying in the sky from behind the fungus man.
Tianyang is looking at his fingers with a few rays of semi-transparent star-accumulated silk thread disappearing. Just now, it was the young hero who cut the bacteria into shredded silk thread.
This is the first time for him to carry the ability of "Death Entanglement", and the effect is surprisingly good. Those star-accumulated silk threads have no breath when they are shot. After they quietly entangle their opponents, they can cut and smash the target with a single thought.
Death entanglement can not only take the initiative to attack, but also specify an area to arrange a star-gathering net. When the hunting net steps into the net, this death net will automatically shrink and crush the prey.
When the trap is laid, the power of death entanglement increases by 20%, but when the star network can exceed this for 1 minute, the star network will disappear and the network will disappear automatically.

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