Han Shih-wai was stunned and continued, "If Danshui County falls, Li Daliang, the military commander, will definitely lead troops to fight against me. The plan is to stick to Danshui County and then send someone to recruit his counties."

Yang You frowned and was praised by Li Jing. Han Shihe is obviously not an idiot, but there are too many loopholes in this plan. Can Li Daliang defend Danshui County in a desperate attack? To say the least, even if we can hold it, why can we say that his county will be recruited?
Yang You reached out and patted Han Shihe on the shoulder and said, "I think this plan has too many loopholes and 10 thousand soldiers are not strong enough to take the whole Xiyang County!"
Xiyang County was occupied and operated by Li Yuan almost as soon as he entered the country. At that time, Luoyang court had Wagang, the arch enemy, to manage his development from the pseudo-Tang Dynasty.
Nowadays, it is different. In order to keep the interests of Xiangyang and Nanyang, it is necessary to find a way to take Nanyang, where Yang You of Xiyang County is going. I just want to see if Han Shihuang has any plans, but now it seems that I don’t know why Han Shihuang is a little aggressive.
The first is that it is not impossible to make a rash advance in strategy, but Danshui and Nanxiang are very close to Nanxiang, and there are 5,000 troops stationed in Xiyang County. Once Wu Lida and Liang jointly attack Danshui and Danshui, how many people need to hold it? Three thousand? Five thousand?
The second is that Han Shihe overestimated his 10,000 people. Yang You still feels too little. According to intelligence, there are 2,000 troops in the pseudo-Tang Xun Township. Because it is the intersection of Danshui and Hanshui, there are 3,000 people in Nanxiang and 5,000 people in his county.
In this way, excluding Wu Daliang, there are almost fifteen thousand people. Although the number is scattered, it is not Sui Jun. Ten thousand people can defeat it. If we attack the countryside and go to Danshui according to his plan, it takes five thousand people to defend Serenade, so it is impossible for five thousand people to attack three thousand per capita.
Yang You thinks that Han Shihe may be so impatient because he has not led the troops for a long time and is eager to make contributions. Yang You can understand this emotion, but it is unacceptable. If this war is frustrated, Li Daliang may take advantage of it, but it can harass even though it cannot seize Nanyang.
Yang You has always believed that things should be done well, so he coughed and had a plan in his heart.
Chapter 396 Calculation
There is a house in the west of Nanyang, which covers an area of about 15 acres. The owner’s surname is Tang Mingkai. Tang Kai came to Nanyang a year ago and bought this house. On the surface, Tang Kai is a businessman who runs some small businesses, but in fact he is a Tang Fengren.
When Shi Wanbao came to Nanyang, he lived in his house, went out for information during the day, looked for opportunities, and found a woman to sleep with at night.
Shi Wanbao, who saw Yang You coming to Nanyang, was very worried. After he returned to Tang Fu, he immediately asked Tang Kai to look for everything that might tempt Yang You to come to Nanyang.
Shi Wanbao wanted to know whether Sui Jun was going to attack Wu, but Tang Kai recognized that he couldn’t move easily whether Sui Jun was going to attack Wu or not. He had worked hard to install eyeliner this year.
Li Jiancheng once told him to be careful. The tang style organization must create maximum value at the most critical moment. Obviously, Tang Kai thinks this is not the best time.
The two men argued endlessly, but no one can say who ordered Tang Kai to argue for more than a day because they were not directly under him but at the same level, and there was still no result.
At this time, a news came that there was a large-scale troop mobilization in Nanyang City. The deployment of troops in Nanyang Basin in Sui Jun was a major way to hoard troops. Xiangyang had 15,000 troops in Jang Jin on Monday, and Nanyang had 6,000 people.
This deployment of troops is obviously that Xiangyang’s main and Nanyang’s auxiliary areas complement each other, and Jiangling’s backing can establish a relatively stable defense line.
Sui Jun transfer is to do? Shi Wanbao immediately dressed up with his disciples and walked out of the Tang House. Shi Wanbao walked towards the most familiar restaurant, which is the largest restaurant in Nanyang City. A lot of information can be obtained from here.
Shi Wanbao has landed in the building, and there are already many people. A very strong yellow-faced Han official Wanbao is the rarest table to drink. There are two strong men around Huang-faced Han.
The nearby tables are also full of people. Shi Wanbao wondered why there were so many people today. He walked slowly to the table by the window and said with a cold hand, "It’s time for this brother to change his seat."
Yellow-faced Han strangely put his glass in his hand, raised his arm and slightly pressed his eyes to sweep Shi Wanbao. At this time, Shi Wanbao was dressed up as a businessman to prevent Sui Jun Royal Guards from discovering that he not only disguised himself but also put a dress on his belly. He looked very fat. If he was an acquaintance, I am afraid it would be difficult to recognize Shi Wanbao.
Yellow-faced Han asked, "Why is this restaurant you?"
Shi Wanbao slightly surprised because yellow-faced Han speaks with a Chinese accent Shi Wanbao shook his head and said "no"
"You reserved this table?" Yellow-faced Han asked again
Shi Wanbao glared at his eyes and shouted, "Where did you get so much nonsense? You’ve been sitting in this position for a few days. What happened to you?"
Diners around seemed to be scared by Shi Wanbao. Several people were eager to get up Shi Wanbao’s eyes and looked around. His face was murderous, but his disciple Liu Che Lala was cast aside by Shi Wanbao.
At this time, the yellow-faced Han smiled and he slowly got up. "There are many strong men who have offended you. Please sit down."
Shi Wanbao cold hum a yellow-faced Han narrowed his eyes and looked at him. After that, he went to one side and the people sitting next to him took the food and drink.
Shi Wanbao slapped the table and said, "Small two dining tables!"
The bartender had long heard Shi Wanbao trotting over. He knew that this man had a bad temper and could not get into a fight when he first came. Although he said that he didn’t lose much, he offended other guests.
Just now, he was really afraid that Shi Wanbao was fooling around here again. Fortunately, the yellow-faced man gave in voluntarily.
"As usual, move the tables and drinks faster. You’re getting hungry!" Shiwanbao boulevard
The yellow-faced Han listened to Shi Wanbao’s voice, and his eyes condensed into a line. He turned his head and said something to this man. Shi Wanbao was impatient and waited to see the yellow-faced Han whispering and couldn’t help but sneer at one.
Yellow-faced Han ignored him, and suddenly he was half high and not high. "Alas, have you heard? It’s going to war again. "
A black-faced man around me asked, "Well, if you don’t fight now, you can say that Wang Shichong just defeated Shi Biao and couldn’t wait to be proclaimed emperor immediately. I heard that he also made a deal with Emperor Da Sui."
"Deal?" One person at the next table sat up with interest.
The black-faced man coughed, "Everyone should know that Wang Shichong defeated Shi Biao and occupied most of the Central Plains, but this time he got the help of Da Sui and defeated Shi Biao."
"Hey, how is this possible? How can Wang Shichong just usurp the imperial court of Luoyang and help him?" One person refutes.
Another person smiled and said, "First, I helped Wang Shichong defeat Shi Biao, and then Wang Shichong proclaimed himself."
"Good or the brothers knowledgeable! Hum, is it that simple for you to fight for hegemony? " It’s a pity that the black-faced man is red, but his face is still black and black.
"This is just a deal! Wang Shichong promised to send the little emperor of Luoyang court back to Chengdu to help Wang Shichong defeat Shi Biao, and recently sent a lot of food to Wang Shichong! " After drinking a mouthful of wine, the black-faced man added
That Han Han snorted that the bad-faced Chinese words were not credible, but a Hu Han who kept the words was very interested and asked, "What does that have to do with this invasion?"
Black-faced Han said with a smile, "Da Sui and Zheng Chao have reached an agreement to help Wang Shichong deal with Shi Biao; And Wang Shichong wants to help Daxie attack Li Yuan! "
The black-faced man’s words are neither high nor low, but Shi Wanbao pricked up his ears when he heard them, but he pretended to be careless on the surface.
The black-faced man continued, "You don’t know that Wang Shichong has stationed troops on the surface of the river to occupy the river county. In fact, he Hongnong has hoarded a large number of soldiers. Nanyang deliberately mobilized military forces to attract the attention of Tang Jun of Xiyang County, and then Wang Shichong took the opportunity to take Xiyang County!"
Black-faced Chinese words are shocking, and everyone gasped at them.
The yellow-faced man, who has never said anything, finally said, "Such a big thing is naturally confidential. Do you know?"
The black-faced man looked around and showed a difficult look. When he saw this picture, someone immediately sneered, "It was a loose tongue."
Black-faced Han hesitated for a moment and took a sip of wine. He seemed determined. He lowered his voice and said, "You don’t know that my sister is a concubine of manager Han. Yesterday, she heard manager Han say when he was drunk."
Everyone’s face was suddenly enlightened. The yellow-faced Han suddenly laughed. "Dude, you are so lucky, can you send me into the army?"
The black-faced man rubbed his hands and said, "Well, it depends on whether brothers are interesting enough!"
Yellow-faced Han laughed. "I heard that people in the west of the city have been here for a few seconds, and the price is not low. If you want to get this done, I’ll ask you to get together and get everything covered!"
The big black-faced man hurriedly said it in a low voice, and the two talked in a low voice, and all kinds of obscene words emerged endlessly, which attracted everyone to laugh.
At this time, the bartender has brought the food to Shi Wanbao, but Shi Wanbao has lost his appetite. Yang You has colluded with Wang Shichong. No wonder Yang You will appear here.

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