I can pray that Nidhogg’s malice will not be too unbearable

"Artificial dragon technology. I heard that Mr. Garge is interested in you?" It is not a good idea for Aierwus to hold back the dangerous thought at the bottom of his heart that Ghaji is the king of Gelma after all, and it is not a good idea to kidnap a king directly, especially for a special country like the Kingdom of Gelma, which once ruled the whole North Sea. I am afraid that the world government has never relaxed this kind of country and family that likes to engage in local separatism.
It’s not difficult to kidnap Gaji. The problem is that if we don’t attract the attention of the world government, it may not be possible for Gaji to cooperate with Caesar in scientific research sincerely by coercive means … temporarily and not necessarily by such rude means.
Can be a little softer
Warm up the gossip, Alves, and get to the point
Artificial dragon technology
The reason for the exchange of Erus in the Kingdom of Gelma is due to such a technology.
"But I think this technology can bring me a lot of inspiration, and maybe it can help me break through the bottleneck of clone troopers." Garge told the truth slowly and carefully repeated every sentence to make sure there was no problem. "I hope to study one-phase technology if possible."
"You want the artificial dragon technology ….." Elus smiled. "But you can give it to me in exchange for my satisfaction. I can give you the artificial dragon technology."
"Is the devil fruit ok?"
Gaji asked
He knew that the powerful devil fruit could give people great strength, but he was unwilling to give up the sea and become a dry duck that could not swim. Even if he received good devil fruit, he never thought of eating all kinds of scientific equipment that was comparable to the devil fruit.
Although I didn’t take the initiative to collect it, there are always some unexpected gains when I was plundering the war profits in one war after another. Over the years, I have also collected six devil fruits, and I brought them with me this time. This is the time to prepare.
"Six demon fruits, three superman and three animals don’t know …"
"not enough"
Elus bluntly said
When Gaji heard this, his face shook and he tried his best to keep smiling, and he had some signs of collapse. He thought that Elus might be a lion’s mouth, but his appetite was really too big. The lowest price of some demon fruits was 100 million Berry. However, when selling in the market, he often doubled the price of six demon fruits. It was not difficult to sell them for a billion dollars with good luck …
"There is one additional condition," Elus added. "You can take the artificial dragon technology, but I hope that the kingdom of Gelma and the kingdom of Ekmondo will establish a scientific and technological cooperation."
"Science and technology?"
Ng Ji leng one.
It would be more demanding, for example, to copy human technology or transform human technology at the cost ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
There is nothing wrong with the statement that "you and I can carry out academic exchanges in the field of science and technology to learn from each other’s strong points and make progress with each other" is so grandiose that we can’t find anything wrong with it … making progress with each other? Gaji’s face is a little twisted.
Before he came, he also made a good investigation and study on the situation of Ekmondo Kingdom.
The kingdom of Ekmondo has been founded for more than two hundred years, but it is a country that relies entirely on exporting coffee, a primary agricultural product. It has no scientific and technological content. Naturally, it is from talking about the development of science and technology that if the two countries really combine, it is purely that the kingdom of Ekmondo takes the advantages of Gelma to make up for its own shortcomings.
Making progress with each other is pure deception, which is worse than a piece of shit.
"it’s my pleasure."
Gagaji agreed to come after a few seconds of leng.
Elus smiled gently, with a little banter and contempt in his eyes, as if he had seen through Gaji’s worries. "I’m not so unreasonable. A dog will jump over the wall when he is in a hurry, and a rabbit can bite when he is in a hurry. There’s nothing we can’t get rid of. It won’t be more beneficial for me to drive Mr. Gaji to the wall."
"On the contrary, only the combination can make us more likely in the future." Alves casually came to the reins to draw a pie of imagination. Well, it’s not all a fantasy. "I myself know that the scientific and technological foundation of the Kingdom of Ekmondo is quite weak, and the combination with the Kingdom of Gelma naturally makes me take a big advantage, but cutting-edge technology won’t let Mr. Ghaji disappoint you."
This words ….. like nonsense.
However, there is artificial dragon technology in the past, and it is impossible to say that from the attitude of Elus, the mad scientist wanted by the world government and navy is probably hidden in the hands of Nidhogg.
"I look forward to the in-depth exchanges in your country, and I can have someone to exchange science and technology with me, but I can’t ask for it."
Ghaji solemnly said
Resistance is doomed to be impossible. Since you can’t resist, it’s better to accept it. To be honest, Nidhogg’s cooperation is not necessarily a disadvantage. With such a heavy status as an ally of the Black King, it may be easier to suppress those who don’t follow in Beihai.
After figuring this out, plus Alves didn’t over-fry, forcing Gelma Ghaji to accept this reality very quickly and try to adjust his mentality.
Eluz grinned brilliantly.
"Very good"
Gaji’s attitude made him very satisfied.
Without much effort, the Kingdom of Gelma will be brought in. Although it is in a limited field, the most valuable thing in the Kingdom of Gelma is their science and technology. After opening its mouth, it will naturally bring the Kingdom of Gelma to the side slowly and imperceptibly.
"By studying the artificial dragon technology, it’s best not to sell it in the name of Gelma." Elus woke up.
"The Kingdom of Gelma has a war on foreign sales."
Gaji laughed.
"Moreover, the artificial dragon is not a very reasonable weapon of war, and I hope to get some new ideas and inspiration from it, so the kingdom of Gelma will not intervene in the artificial dragon market."

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