"Concentrated grenades!"

Jealous of danger, he threw a Grenade at frost wyrm while retreating.
With a loud noise, the Grenade successfully blew frost wyrm to pieces, but the scattered falling ice chips still made the danger of jealousy into a frozen state. Now his moving speed is about 10%
"Die!" The frozen heart suddenly set up a frost shield and then condensed a blue ice sword in its hand.
"Ice and swords stab!"
When the frozen heart ran 5 meters in front of the jealous danger, the long sword in his hand suddenly turned into the same type of ice sword and flew away towards the jealous danger
Such a dense ice sword can avoid danger even in its usual state, and now it is still in a slow state.
In this case, the danger of jealousy is obviously powerless, but at this time, he suddenly drank a bottle of black medicine
After drinking this bottle of black medicine, the danger of jealousy fell to the ground before the ice sword hit.
Jealous danger is already a cold corpse when the ice sword is stabbed.
In the frozen killing heart when they have won the body suddenly up again.
Gao Rang gave an insight into the danger of getting jealous again and found that this person is no longer jealous.
Exotic corpse (special) blood volume 444444
Grade 1
The attack mode is unknown
Attack skills? ? ?
Auxiliary skills? ? ?
The zombie is a special monster formed by the player’s own life cost after drinking the zombie potion. Whether this kind of monster is strong or not depends on the stronger the player’s resentment before his death, the stronger the zombie will be after his death.
"Hum into a ghost to come to me for revenge! Then I will become a ghost and you will be killed! " Said the frozen heart once again condensed a blue ice hockey.
"Xuan Bing Pill!"
The ice hockey is shot directly at the ghostly corpse, but the ghostly corpse is still wait for a while swaying slowly in the same place.
Ice hockey directly caused more than 13,000 points of damage after hitting the alien corpse.
And after the attack, the ghost finally moved.
Ghosts move very quickly and blink of an eye and appear behind the frozen heart.
"The spectre is heartbreaking!"
Critical strike 3266
The claws of the alien corpse directly pierced the frozen heart and chest, causing more than 30,000 points of damage to it. Fortunately, the white crape myrtle next to it saved its life after being rescued for a second.
The ghost walker intends to attack the frozen heart again and solve it, but when he gives in, the sandstorm demon replaces the frozen heart and saves his life again.
"Let me do it!" To the old cat going to sell only to find the rescuer team joy beans suddenly jumped out.
"Dragon heart!"
Joy beans suddenly blessed himself with a state. After blessing this state, joy beans’s body appeared a layer of pale green scales.
"Long Xiang is broken!"
Joy beans shoots a yellow beam directly at the alien corpse, which is extremely fast, so there is no time to dodge.
"Vertical and horizontal!"
Ghosts’ claws draw two claw marks vertically and horizontally. However, in joy beans’s body, the protection of the green scales has suffered more than 10,000 points. If there is no protection of the green scales, it is estimated that joy beans would have been a corpse at this time.
Chapter 457 joy beans vs Ghosts Walking Dead
Joy beans quickly drank a bottle of blood medicine to supplement his life and then tried to retreat as far as possible from the alien corpse
It can be seen from the performance of the ghost walkers just now that it belongs to the type of melee attack and the attack power is very high. Therefore, joy beans’s method of pulling distance is very correct
"Summon tyrannosaurus rex!"
Joy beans summoned a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex with a wave of his staff. This Tyrannosaurus Rex is very different from the general Tyrannosaurus Rex because its forelimbs are not as short as Tyrannosaurus Rex, but although they are not very big, they are very strong, especially the claws of the forelimbs make people feel chilling. If you think about it, you will know that its power is bound to be extraordinary.
Joy beans, a dragon mage, this summoning skill can last only 1 minute, but 1 minute is enough for a battle.
Summoned tyrannosaurus rex rushed directly at the alien walkers.
And the ghost walkers are not afraid of this Tyrannosaurus Rex, leaping directly towards the chest of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
"The belly is broken!"
The two claws of the ghost walker suddenly became huge and then directly cut off the chest of this Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Critical strike 766
As Tyrannosaurus rex was ripped open, a number of injuries close to 90,000 points appeared on the top of Tyrannosaurus rex’s head.
Although Tyrannosaurus Rex was not killed by a ghost walker, it shocked everyone but was no less than directly killing Tyrannosaurus Rex.
However, joy beans was not surprised that Tyrannosaurus Rex was hit hard, because he didn’t expect Tyrannosaurus Rex to directly kill the ghosts. What he summoned Tyrannosaurus Rex was mainly to temporarily contain the ghosts.
"Bailong is broken!"
Just when Tyrannosaurus Rex was entangled in ghosts, joy beans was conducting a skill guide
This skill takes 3 seconds to boot, and after the boot, a conan the destroyer Super Attack will be issued.
At this time, joy beans’s record of Bailong’s gas bursting led to the completion of a super attack compressed by the souls of one hundred dragons, whistling and devouring the ghosts.
The ghost finally felt oppressed, and he clearly felt that this attack would cause great harm to himself.
So the ghosts made a decision.

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