His word are still ringing in my mind.

Jiang Yuanhua was in a panic and didn’t know how to meet him. He also knew that if he was sick, he would be soft-hearted.
That’s not a bet.
Although he is very ill, it may be a gift to see him.
Jiang Yuanhua is not stupid for such a ridiculous reason that no one can believe it and will not let him accept it. Maybe it will push him further and further.
This … is very good.
Jiang Yuanhua smiled and said, "I don’t see a doctor."
If you get well, you can’t see him again.
Xiao Jing exhaled a foul breath and sighed, "Well, well, you love to cure me, and I didn’t take a reason. I walked first."
Then he strode out.
I saw a familiar person as soon as I got out of the door!
"Why are you here?"
Two people speak at the same time from each other’s eyes to see the shock.
Just then, a man anxiously chased after Jiang Yuanhua and who was it?
Obviously he was shocked, too. "Why are you here?"
For a second, Xiao Jing came to her senses and waved her hand and said, "You’re here. I just walked first."
Diaoji Leng Leng immediately ran after him.
Two people tandem outside the villa.
Diao Ji took his hand and asked, "My good brother, why are you running?"
"Let go" Xiao Jing gave him a look of encouragement and said, "You have a good grasp to win his heart."
It would be great news if the plot could be put back on track.
Diaoji immediately smiled.
"What are you laughing at?"
"My good brother, look at me." Then he turned around. "Look familiar?"
It looks familiar.
Unified "host him to imitate you!"
If you take a closer look, he is really dressed like himself.
Diao Ji knew that the terrible man was eavesdropping and dared to sigh and say, "Yes, I’m wearing you."
Xiao Jing "? ?” Jiang Gou is so coquettish
"A few days ago, Jiang always let me live in a villa and wear your clothes to learn how to talk and even walk exactly the same."
Why is this plot vaguely familiar?
Diao Ji said faintly in his pointed eyes, "Now I am your body double."
Once Xiao Jing was his body double; Now he has become Xiao Jing body double. Isn’t it ridiculous?
But it’s true.
Every night Jiang Yuanhua sat by his bed and looked at him without sleeping or talking.
However, Diao Ji knew that he was looking at another figure through himself.
There is deep regret, passionate love and missing in those eyes, but I don’t miss myself.
Diao Ji knew that he had lost, and he lost badly.
But if he loses, Jiang Yuanhua also loses.
People who dare to provoke Jiang always want something, but when he is overbearing and charming, he can’t get his good brother’s heart
So thinking about DiaoJi heart was vaguely happy.
For a moment, he immediately restrained his expression for fear of being found out what he was thinking.
No, don’t. That man is too tough. He’s scared.
But if his good brother can forgive manager Jiang, it will be better some day.
At least not body double.
"My good brother Jiang is powerful and affectionate to you. Do you accept him?"
Xiao Jing was shocked.
What did he hear? The protagonist was persuaded to accept the protagonist’s attack to show his love?
"I am hearing voices?"
"I guess I’m also hearing voices."
The world is terrible. He’s leaving.
Thinking of Xiao Jing waving "goodbye", you can play slowly. He is going to normal society.
Just then, a stumbling figure ran out of the shadow and shouted, "Xiao Jing, where are you going?"
See Jiang Yuanhua chasing up can’t help running faster.
The sea breeze roared slightly cold.

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