The tragic scene also appeared at this time. When the light ball touched a foreign body, it immediately exploded like a Grenade-in an instant, several small explosions appeared in the hill barracks because of the light ball, and things such as metal, wood, clothes, blood, meat, bones and dirty were splashed everywhere.

In the face of this bomb-like attack, wizards can put up a barrier with all their magic to resist; Heavily armored soldiers with high defense will protect the key to avoid fatal attacks; Because those who have low defense and can’t release magic barriers can constantly dodge defense in panic and be killed, most of them are such people.
The head of the army looked at the falling bomb, the ball of light, the rain biting his teeth, and his forehead was sweating. When his hand pushed out the magic magnetic gun, he immediately turned to the care counselor and said, "Is the care counselor’s magic finished?"
The wizard didn’t answer, but the spell stopped resolutely-he raised his wand and pointed at the dragon in the sky and read aloud, "The earth is heavy!" As soon as the words fell, a thick gray light beam fell from the sky and directly hit the fire dragon body. Suddenly, the fire dragon was shocked all over, and the small ball of light that kept appearing resolutely stopped appearing.
After being irradiated by the gray light beam, the fire dragon felt that its body weight was increasing at once, which made it difficult to fly. Finally, when its body weight was three times as heavy as before, its wings finally could not support its body gravity and fell straight away.
"Bang ~ ~ ~" The huge body of the fire dragon fell to the ground and was broken by the impact of its huge body.
Seeing the dragon fall to the head of the army, he smiled with surprise and said, "The care cabinet has succeeded!"
The care giver didn’t reply or look at this head, closed his eyes and increased the magic output.
The fire dragon struggled with its body under the increasing influence of gray light, and its roots couldn’t move, and the ground on its limbs kept sinking, and the area of the ground was getting bigger and bigger, which also made it very angry because it knew that it was suppressed by human power, which was absolutely shameful!
"Ang ~ ~" The roaring sound of the fire dragon once again passed through the clouds and mountains and shook everything in Fiona Fang for ten kilometers …
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and thirteen Mysterious black knight ()
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and thirteen Mysterious black knight ()
The fire dragon tried his best to raise his head and open his mouth, and then the fiery flame column kept shaking like a sword, sweeping across the hill and sweeping the barracks. Finally, it passed by the care giver by an accidental opportunity-it happened so suddenly that the care giver’s roots were burned to ashes from the blink of an eye.
The body pressure disappears, and the fire dragon climbs out of the depression, shakes its head, roars to the sky and vented its anger as if telling people around it-it’s really angry!
Finally, the commander got up from the ground in a mess. When he saw the roaring dragon of the dust-melting wizard, he immediately rushed to the rear and said, "Immediately output the power of the magic magnetic gun to the maximum aiming at the fire dragon!"
Soldiers near the magic magnetic gun immediately adjusted the performance of the gun and slowly pushed it to the front of the fortress
Fang’s live soldiers all rushed to the fire dragon, and the fire dragon also took the opportunity to launch the strongest stunt to attack the fire dragon.
Looking at the feet, those who constantly attack themselves and constantly climb to their own bodies, the little human fire dragon’s pupil shrinks for an instant, and the * * flame in the mouth of a huge tail limb attacks the thousands of human soldiers.
In this way, the advantage of many people fighting on land nearby is immediately manifested-everyone fully benefits their own wisdom, their own flexible advantages and mutual cooperation to attack the fire dragon. When the fire dragon attacks one person, the other person will seize the opportunity to attack it; When the fire dragon turns its attention to the attacker, the attacker will immediately take emergency defensive avoidance measures, and those defenders on the other side will immediately become attackers, seize the opportunity to violently beat the fire dragon. In addition, whenever someone dies and wants the body to be still in the distance (the body is broken or burned to ashes), the priests will immediately resurrect their companions, which will reduce the number of people who can fight very slowly and make this army still have the same fighting power after fighting for so long.
Although these people’s attack methods have caused too much damage to the fire dragon, in this limited way, the number of small wounds are also expanding, and gradually the fiery skin of the fire dragon has been covered with its own blood.
This situation makes the fire dragon more angry than the constant pain in its body, which affects its spirit in the root law to sing dragon magic.
"Ah ~ ~ ~" A Berserker plunged into the fire dragon’s head with a spear in his hand.
The head pain made the fire dragon shake all over, and a sense of fear suddenly rose-it knew that if it went on like this, it would definitely be killed by these seemingly small humans.
"Ang ~ ~ ~" The fire dragon screamed, spun its body with both feet and completed the 36-degree in-situ rotation in less than one second, but when it suddenly spun its body this time, everyone around it was thrown (blown) out, so that the nearest person was 100 meters apart.
When the opportunity appeared, the fire dragon didn’t dare to neglect and immediately fanned big wing to fly. Just when it flew away from the ground for a hundred meters, something unexpected happened-the magic magnetic gun on the hill had completed the final adjustment and the muzzle was straight at it.
"launch!" The commander finally instructed the gun holder to press the launch button immediately-seeing the magic stone behind the gun instantly put great magic into the gun body through the connecting line, while the muzzle lit up a little blue light.
The fire dragon felt the unusually huge magic nearby, so he immediately turned to the hill fortress, but it was too late because the cannon energy had been gathered.
"Tim ~ ~ ~" guided a blue light beam with a diameter of half a meter and a high concentration of secret magic from the gun in a crunchy way. The speed of this light beam was far faster than the sound, so that the fire dragon root had no chance to dodge and resist and hit it straight.
The whole thing seems to have stopped. People can’t hear the sound. They saw a dazzling blue light flash by, and then a blue ball appeared in the fire dragon’s shelling. This ball kept expanding, and then it swallowed up the whole dragon and spread to a diameter of nearly 3 meters before stopping and slowly rotating like a devouring force.
After a few seconds, the blue ball of light shrank rapidly and soon disappeared, and the object wrapped by the ball of light appeared again-the half-fire dragon is still there, but now it has been seriously injured and its body is broken with skin and flesh, and the big wing thick film has also disappeared, leaving the wing frame; While other thing swallowed by that blue ball have completely disappear, leaving no powder.
In the middle of the rest, the dragon’s body tilted and fell heavily on the ground, motionless, and blood flowed from its wound to dye the earth red.
After seeing this scene, people froze for a second and then let out cheers because they finally knocked down the dragon; At the same time, some people who are calm are also surprised that the power of the magic magnetic gun can actually kill the dragon with one blow. They didn’t even dare to think about it before!
Now, the miracle of killing the dragon with one blow has finally come true. At the same time, they also know that the post-war situation will definitely be controlled by the human army, so wealth, reputation and status will be owned by them-in an instant, the whole area will be covered up by the excitement and cheers of the people.
The night wind in the distance was secretly surprised by the amazing power of the magic magnetic cannon, but his expression did not change at all because the dragon was killed-through the experience of fighting with the dragon in the second wind, he knew that the fire dragon might not have died, and the fire dragon did not explode anything.
Sure enough, the motionless body of the fire dragon suddenly shook, and then its golden pupil immediately looked up and gave a long sigh. In a second, there were many meteorite shower-those meteorites were not as big as a football, but even this small meteorite also had great destructive power!
"boom! Boom Boom ~ ~ "In a blink of an eye, everything in Fiona Fang’s four kilometers was baptized by meteorite shower. meteorite shower kept falling to the ground and created several depressions. Those who were hit by meteorite shower, even paladins with strong defense, blocked the blow and their bodies were instantly smashed to pieces. The shrill screams replaced the original cheers and kept ringing in this area.
"Protect the gun quickly and never let it be destroyed!" The commander hurriedly ordered, but those who were near the gun showed extreme fear on his side-the commander swallowed saliva and slowly turned back, but when he saw what was behind him, he immediately shivered and even his legs were weak because the huge head of the fire dragon was less than ten meters away from him.
The fire dragon’s golden pupil contracted a huge mouth, and the general colonel immediately opened the mouth again. After the general colonel bit it, he swallowed it into his stomach without leaving any slag.
Seeing this bloody scene, everyone around the magic magnetic gun was swallowed up by fear. They stared at the fire dragon method and responded by staying where they were and waiting for the arrival of death.
"Ang ~ ~ ~" When the fire dragon roared, it spit out a hot flame toward the magic magnetic gun in front of it. In an instant, the people around it were swallowed up by the flame and disappeared into the corrosive flame.
This last weapon of the human army has also been destroyed-fear has quickly spread to all people, and their morale and fighting spirit have dropped to the lowest point. The words "death" and "failure" are full of their hearts.
The night wind in the distance finally got up and prepared to deal with the fire dragon. Because his future plans will be affected by the army’s silence, he must do it. To deal with the seriously injured dragon, he is still confident that he will win without summoning the Hellfire.
At this moment, a new change appeared in the battlefield-a white light beam suddenly hit the right waist of the fire dragon from point-blank, and immediately the huge body of the fire dragon flew up and flew out more than 100 meters before landing, but also rolled and slipped more than 200 meters before stopping on the ground and leaving a long slip mark.

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