At this time, a blue figure flashed towards the big tent, and a flash cried when the people had not yet reacted, and the Kunlun Sect’s mistress, Ban Shuxian, grabbed it out.

At this time, after the extinction teacher reacted, he cried and took over from Zhou Zhiruo the first one who cast her flying skill with the heavenly sword.
At this time, the extinction teacher saw that Wei Yixiao dared to stop and wait for himself and others to drink a lot, and then he grabbed the handheld device maker e-ten and attacked Wei Yixiao with a sharp firm but gentle wave.
At this time, a strong energy suddenly came from a distance in the night toward the sword leaning against the sky, and when they contacted each other, they cried and disappeared.
At this time, a strange purple carriage slowly came from a distance, and then a seemingly emotionless voice suddenly came out of the carriage: "Wei Yixiao, you are too bad at martial arts, so you should go first!"
When Wei Yixiao saw this, Ban Shuxian in his hand threw it at the mysterious carriage and said, "The good things are at the top of the light, just come and get them yourself."
With Wei Yixiao’s exertion of lightness skill, only a few ups and downs will completely disappear in the eyes of all, while that class Shuxian is as if trapped by a large net and can’t move at the side of the carriage.
At this time, Master Extinction came to Zhangping’s carriage with the sword leaning on the sky and said, "The demon teaches the demon people to play tricks on the sword!"
As the extinction teacher attacked the carriage with a sharp sword against the sky, it turned out that there was no response. When it was less than a foot away from the carriage, the sword against the sky seemed to disappear as if it had met a gas wall.
Then listen to a "zither" sound, and let out a sharp breath. At this time, the extinction teacher rushed to cross the sword against his chest.
However, although relying on the material of Eternal Sword to block Zhang Ping’s strength, the strong aftermath still sent the extinct teacher to the tent.
After listening to the carriage, there was a cold sound besides a faint piano sound. "Call Yuan Zhen to lend me a move, and I will leave. Otherwise, not only this class of Shu Xian will die now, but also hum …" The words sound just fell and the zither sound became more and more urgent, and more and more inclusions were to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-one The war will be fought from all sides.
At this time, Shaolin Zhi quickly announced a Buddha’s name a few steps ago and asked Zhang Ping’s carriage: "Amitabha, the benefactor, doesn’t know what misunderstanding Yuan Zhen’s nephew has to be so aggressive?"
At this time, Zhang Ping didn’t answer, but after the strings were quickly plucked for a few times, three sharp gas strengths cried toward Na Zhi’s smell and sex.
At this time, the three men hurried up to catch the mord in their hands and hastily blocked it. However, although the material of the mord is good, it is still far less than that of the Eternal Sword. When the three men contacted the mord, they cried and were crushed. However, the three men have been penalizing for many years, and their strength is naturally not comparable to that of the teacher Zhang Ping. These three strengths are easy to send, but the three people are just seven steps back.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s voice came from the carriage again: "Patience is limited. Since you have a hard time, don’t blame the big killing …"
Just as Zhang Pingqin was making a war, Xian Yutong, a Huashan Sect, suddenly rushed out and said, "This great Xia’s Yuan Zhen ran to the back hill. We are law-abiding citizens, so don’t accidentally hurt us!"
At this time, there was a cold hum in the carriage, followed by a huge string pulling sound, and then a sharp gas that was three feet wide flew out of the carriage
In the distance, I felt a strong strong breeze coming from behind before I escaped too far. However, Cheng Kun’s battle-hardened perception of danger is far from being comparable. However, at this critical juncture, Cheng Kun was sideways to avoid the key, just leaving a mouth in Cheng Kun’s right arm.
At this time, Na Zhi suddenly didn’t know where he got the courage to rush to the mouth of Zhangping’s carriage and said, "My nephew, the benefactor Yuan Zhen, has taken a move from you. Please keep your promise and stop and leave!"
At this time, I saw that six brothers came to Zhang Ping one after another. Suddenly, they gave a long laugh from the carriage and then said, "Okay, I’ll wait for you at the top of the light, hahaha …"
Just when everyone was surprised that the menacing Zhang Ping would let go so easily, Yuan Zhen suddenly spit out a big mouthful of blood at this time, and then after screaming like a pig, the whole person cried and fainted.
At this time, the smell hurried to catch up with the past, reaching out and grasping the pulse of the other right hand, and then probing the round truth situation. At this time, the smell suddenly stared, and then the whole person quickly threw the round truth right hand back and jumped away.
At this time, the two wise men quickly caught Wen and then asked, "What happened to Brother Wen?"
That smell took a long breath at this time and then said, "Amitabha’s devilish means are really insidious. At this time, there is a strange qi in his body that keeps wandering, and it contains a qi and meridians that seem to be eroded by hell."
Then the smell slowed down and he said again, "Just now, I have dived into Yuan Zhen’s nephew’s body by myself. When that strange qi touched it, it instantly bit like a poisonous snake. If I hadn’t decided to leave myself in the other person’s body immediately and cut off the qi, I wouldn’t have been able to leave at this time."
At this time, she said hastily, "This mysterious demon is really hateful. I want to say that everyone should not let him go from now on. Is that so good?"
Na Zhi said at this time: "In that case, I think the mysterious demon has a great desire to kill Yuan Zhen’s nephew, and Yuan Zhen’s nephew is seriously injured at this time, which is really not suitable for staying here. Let Hui Lun Huilian send Yuan Zhen’s nephew back to Shaolin to heal first."
However, Wen shook his head at this time and said, "It’s not right that the mysterious demon in the carriage, although it doesn’t have martial arts details, is obviously not a Chinese person who can come and go freely at this time. If he is in the Coalition, the other party may still have some scruples. Once Yuan Zhen’s nephew is out of the protection of the Coalition, I’m afraid he will be killed by the other party immediately."
Then Xian Yutong suddenly rushed out and said, "In this case, why don’t we give Yuan Zhen to each other and let them cooperate with us to rob them of their money and horses?"
However, in the face of the glaring eyes of the Shaolin Sect, Bai Yuan rushed over and grabbed the fresh lead to Houla. At the same time, he smiled and said, "I’m sorry that he was just sleepwalking and said that he was talking in his sleep. Don’t mind …"
At this time, the exterminator rushed out and said, "Let’s rest assured that this mysterious demon can only seize the wind by sneak attack. Let’s be careful not to give the other side the opportunity to take the top in one fell swoop!"
At this time, Wei Yixiao, the king of the green-winged bat in the top of the light, suddenly laughed and flew beside the bridled eagle king.
As soon as the other party landed, he said to the white-browed eagle king, "Old man, this time I went into the six factions alone and easily explored the enemy’s situation, and I also gave them a heavy slap in the face so that they could know that we were good at teaching, but we should be careful to destroy the old nun’s sword."
Then Yin Tianzheng snorted at this time and said, "If the sacred fire order of Yin and Yang is still a mere sword leaning on heaven, are you afraid?"
And Wei Yixiao also chimed in: "Yes, if Master Yang’s old man’s house is still in his old man’s house, he will definitely beat the other person’s ass, but don’t worry this time, I have paid a lot of money and we have invited a strong support."
Yin Tianzheng wondered at this time and asked, "Help? What help? "
At this time, a creaking carriage suddenly drove slowly into a faint voice and said, "The white-browed eagle king, don’t worry about taking money and people to eliminate disasters. The green-winged bat king took out his own meditation to cultivate precious snakes for many years. This time, the six major factions will surely let them return without success."
Then Yin Tianzheng asked Wei Yixiao at this time: "Hey, smelly bat, is it reliable to find this guy?"
At this time, Wei Yixiao leaned back to Yin Tianzheng and shouted, "Hey, old ghost, you actually doubt me. Do you know that he saved your daughter and son-in-law’s life in Wudang Mountain, and later created a famous purple blood demon road in Jianghu?"
At this time, Zhang Ping suddenly said in the carriage, "It’s a trivial matter, but there is still a big surprise for the Eagle King here." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Bare-topped carriage now
Hearing what Zhang Ping said, the white-browed eagle king immediately asked, "What surprise?"
Zhang Ping said at this time: "Don’t come in to see your grandfather!"
At this time, the door was covered with a cloth and a red Xiao Zhao smell speech and rushed in.
At this time, the white-browed eagle king saw that his grandson missed his daughter for many years, but Zhang Ji saw that his grandfather’s heart was wronged by heavy eyes in Wudang, and he cried when they saw each other’s death.
At this time, Zhang Ping left a "prepare a room for me" sound, and then the whole carriage retreated like a ghost.
As the morning sun rose slowly the next day, the first ray of sunshine spread to the earth in the morning, and the sun shone on the six schools. Instead of making the six schools feel warm, they felt a faint chill in their hearts.
Guangding is located in the western regions, where the soil quality is very different from that in the central plains, and the excavation work in the yellow sand soil is much easier than that in the central plains. Therefore, the Tuxing Banner of the Five Elements Banner was taught to dig out several criss-crossing tunnels early and ready.
Stay when all the six factions just launched a charge from the foot of the mountain, the sand entranced and several trap machines appeared. At the same time, the congregation entranced and rushed out to attack all the six factions.
At this time, the martial arts of the six major factions who played forward were not extremely hasty. When they were attacked by the soil flag, they lost one-fifth of the vanguard. At the same time, the masters of all factions saw this and waved weapons to kill the exposed soil flag.
Just then, the fire flag in the five-element flag will ignite the explosives buried in front of the earth flag machine in advance. Many elite masters of various sects were suddenly attacked by explosives in the impact, and one of them was seriously injured and fell to the ground.
That fresh in seeing this and that Bai Yuan glances cried and waved his hand to command his Huashan cousin to retreat.
The two factions in Kunlun Mountain saw this and retreated one after another, leaving only three factions in Shaolin and Wudang Emei. Seeing that the pressure of Emei Sect increased greatly due to heavy casualties, the exterminator Taitai cried and was furious. She did not say anything but pulled out the sword leaning against the sky and saved it. Then a sharp sword leaning against the sky cried and killed four retreating Huashan Sect brothers.
At this time, the extinction teacher shouted to the three factions that retreated from Huashan Kunlun: "People are not allowed to retreat. Are we noble and decent and flee without fighting? Those who dare to retreat will die again! "
The two men, who were fresh in Tongbaiyuan, quickly said, "Misunderstandings are all misunderstandings. How can we Huashan Sect flee without fighting? We just sent shoelaces and wanted to stop for a shoelace. "
Then Bai Yuan patted Xian Yutong on the shoulder and said, "Come on, let’s rob the rich and help the poor!"
At this time, the heads and brothers of the six major factions made moves together. Although the five-element flag was based on the geographical advantage, after all, the martial arts in number was lower than that of the six major factions, and many heads and brothers of various factions made moves. Therefore, the five-element flag was killed and lost.
At this time, Zhang Ping is studying hard in the secret room next to the hall with a bare top, and taking it back to Gankun for a big move.
This great move of Gankun is one of the most powerful martial arts to teach ancient dynasties, and its root reason is not as secret as it is. However, it is necessary to stimulate one’s own potential first and then move it by traction, but the change is magical but incredible.
The main purpose of Gankun’s great move is to reverse the rigidity and softness, yin and yang, and Gankun’s two gas faces appear cyan and red, which means that the body blood sinks and the true qi changes. It is said that when practicing the sixth layer, the body can turn red and blue, but when practicing the seventh layer, Yin and Yang can change to the unconscious shape, so you can’t see it at all.
In the original work, this kung fu has no seventh level, but it is only a six-level martial art. However, whether it is the Jiuyang magical power relying on the heavenly sword and the Jiuyin Zhenjing or the Kongtong Seven Wounded Boxing, its power is far from the original work, and this school of teaching earthquake is naturally far more powerful than the original work.
In seven years, Zhang Pingte learned Persian by himself, and he never forgets anything, which is to learn this magical skill thoroughly.
At this time, after Zhang Ping completed this magical skill, he found that it was a kind of kung fu to stimulate his own potential. If he completed his physical training, his sensitivity would be greatly enhanced, and it would naturally be detrimental to exert relay kungfu.
At this time, Zhang Ping will plant a kind of magic * * to feel that the six factions have already broken through the five-line flag defense and killed the bald altar.
The grand hall with a bare ceiling declares its long and glorious history. The eternal burning in the center of history brings not only light but also faith.
At this time, the once majestic and solemn red leaves are gone, like fire, like blood, like a sign of hell, and this place will eventually turn into a sea of corpses and blood.
At this time, just after the leaders of the six major factions led them to attack the bald altar, they saw the white-browed eagle Wang Qingyi, the bat king and a young man standing side by side waiting for the arrival of all.

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