Ye Feng scratched his head and said seriously, "All right! Instructor, I have to wake you up. This is eternity, not reality. I am the boss here. Although we have all taken off our military uniforms, we are still soldiers in our bones. You know! Of course, I have no intention of being the boss, bullying the teacher and destroying the ancestors. I am determined not to do it! "

Passion day longitudinal disdain way "come on you, you not only bully the teacher and destroy the ancestors but also fucking kill the donkey! The two of us give you training every day and grab territory. It’s like you’re a grandson. The shopkeeper is really cool. You don’t care if you don’t ask. Don’t you think the temperament of the gods has been lowered by you? When something good happens, you come out with a big mouth, a small hand and a clap of passion. You wronged us. Tuoba evil can’t be so unkind. What is this? "
Ye Feng calm wipe face spittle star angry way "don’t give me the outline line I don’t go to who? You? Or you? Are you suitable for me? "
"Cut!" Two people stepped on a stool and the middle finger was almost pointing to Ye Feng’s nose. "Don’t talk to us with a big tail wolf. You can win Xiaori. What can we do with waste?" Who doesn’t know that you are the king of war! "
Ye Feng "…"
Just arrived outside the ruling hall, a group of master colleagues were stunned to see three of the most powerful bosses stepping on the table and copying the bench, spitting stars and washing each other’s faces.
Chapter 921 The power of shame
This is a once-in-a-century event. No one would have thought that President Tuoba, who has always been unsmiling, looks like a deputy marshal with a straight face all day, and is so frank and lively, both of them force good prostitutes and bitches to be lovely and respectable, and she is a pathetic and good girl.
Take a rain sleep with great interest, lean on the wooden door of the hall to watch the play and gloat, "Wow, a dog bites a dog with two mouths …"
"Sleeping God has three mouths, one, two, three, three!" Cold red tone, base smile, low wake up.
"Oh, oh, oh, I counted wrong! They seem to be very upset about you? "
"I’m not just worried. I’m dying!" Leng Hongyin looked back and affirmed, "You see, everyone is quite happy. nnd talks about the temperament of the gods all day. I don’t know what it means to be a small business boss. He blames us for lowering the temperament of the gods. Bah!"
Here, the three bosses who broke away turned a deaf ear to the foreign affairs of the hall and concentrated on fighting.
"King of war that I strongly agree! He will fight and fight for the country. It must be the two of us! "
The lofty sentiments and lofty sentiments echoed the same goal of the two men, and unconsciously formed an unbreakable offensive and defensive alliance.
"Positive solution! I really take myself seriously. We are really not as good as your country. "
"Don’t be so arbitrary. The Tuoba overlord is also very hostile in addition to fighting for girls. If the Japanese man is dead, it is more appropriate for him to go. With a group of Japanese women left, he will take the island without bloodshed!"
Ye Feng "…"
"Good, good, good. Look at Luoshen, Qingcheng and DOG. Which one is not a goddess-level beauty in Wan Li? This product is full of talents!"
Outside the hall, Luo Yunmeng and Tang Weiwei froze in their faces and looked at each other with shame and bowed their heads.
"Aha, two beautiful women have been laid down, right?" Lanyu Mian felt more intimate.
At this time, I suddenly heard the lofty sentiments and sneered, "What’s more, Miss Amien is overbearing, and a girl, Tuoba, is still arrogant!"
"Decisive and awesome!" Yong-Jie Chen cold face way
"I depend! Who are you talking about! "
Being swept by the "flying gun from the sky", Amiens turned blue with anger, pulled out her dagger and rushed in like a strong wind.
Ye Feng’s big eyes, eyes, nose and mind, the old monk’s concentration, the general heart way, let you two be caught by people, and see how you end up.
Facts have proved that the two marshals are not mortal, and the gale is still motionless.
Chen Yongjie calmly whispered, "Amien, don’t be impulsive. The hardest thing to see is the heart. Ask yourself-are you and Tuoba innocent?"
"nonsense!" Sleeping in the rain disdains to ask yourself.
"Is Tuoba innocent with you?"
"Is there a difference?"
"What do you think?"
"No difference!"
"In fact, both of you lack the courage to face reality. It is not easy for people in this generation to meet someone who excites them. You should learn to face escape, which will make you more miserable."
Sleeping in the rain "…"
"Remember that incident when your group destroyed the wind, you seriously think about it. If someone else changed Tuoba, it would be so longitudinal that the so-called emotional struggle sometimes depends on people, and you always steal the boss with the group’s deputy keys, which leads to the group’s elimination of bad habits. We are not an entertainment association. It is very serious for the gods to create a famine. The development of guild activities is closely related. If the elite of the guild are as powerful as you are today, may the gods be? But what Tuoba laughs at your nonsense every time? Maybe you have never thought about this question, but I know him. If anyone dares to disregard the interests of the team like you, you will be kicked out of the guild if you are personally strong. "
"I … I don’t want to talk to you later."
Sleeping in the rain at a loss, I was in a trance for a while, and I was aggressive to seek justice. Why did it become a criticism meeting in a few words
Chen Yongjie continued to strike while the iron is hot and earnestly said, "Amien, there is no denying that you are very strong. In my opinion, there is no thief stronger than you in China, but the strength of the guild is not determined by personal strength. Except Tuoba, he is the flag of the gods and the belief of millions of congregations of gods. He must be strong, but except him, we must all be great gods and gods. That’s because it is cohesive because it is a glorious guild to you … Maybe I’m a little harsh, but the gods really don’t lack a thief."
"Amiens, I am Tuoba instructor and I know him better than you! Remember his DOG bloodbath in spirit of war? I can tell you frankly that if you had been killed by a sneak attack, he would have done the same because Tuoba attached great importance to her woman … "
"Hey, wait a minute. How do you know that DOG is his woman?" Sleeping in the rain suddenly woke up
"I can see it all!"
"Oh, I see!"
"In fact, Tuoba has been pampering you and protecting you. Although he said that the gods must be fair and just, the world is not really fair and just. If people are perfect, they will be selfish. Do you understand Tuoba?"
Sleeping in the rain is still a little stupid, nodding my head as if there is still a little bit of sweetness in my heart, so only a little anger suddenly disappears. There is a saying that "he has always spoiled you and protected you" that can’t stop echoing in my heart.

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