There is still a timeout for the Spurs. Obviously, Vicky didn’t want to lose his place at this time. When Parker asked him to look at him, he naturally waved.

The game is still served by the Spurs.
It is impossible to carry out a good attack with less than 6 seconds left. Ginobili is also locked up. As a result, it is conceivable that in the end, the Spurs will not go out when the ball is served to Bowen.
Bowen can choose to shoot in the end.
And Anthony is right in front of Bowen at this time, and the result is very good. Even if he is not very good at three-pointers, Bowen’s defensive shooting posture against Anthony has become distorted.
The ball doesn’t occupy a frame at all. It’s a airball directly!
At this point, Chandler and the two big guys are there, and this defensive rebound is determined to win.
But I don’t know if both of them are determined to win the result. When they took off, they bumped into each other, and then unfortunately, they just jumped up and Duncan was caught by a hand.
Duncan got the ball without saying anything, and the offensive whistle sounded almost 24 seconds before his shot. Unfortunately for the Nuggets, Duncan grabbed the shot and went ahead at the whistle!
Carl looked at the sidelines and held his head in disbelief.
Carl holds his head, Chandler and even more dare not show his head. This ball can be said to be decisive for the change of the game trend. If Duncan doesn’t score the difference, there are still 3 points and 4 seconds left, then the Nuggets will get more. I don’t know how much, but now there is 1 point left to win, and the Nuggets have to score a ball base. It is conceivable that how many grass mud horses are whistling past in their hearts.
Anthony looked at it outside and was in distress situation. I didn’t expect a small goal from the two teams at this critical moment.
"God kill Tim too awesome! He saved the Spurs! " Ernie Johnson looked excited at this time.
Carl immediately called a short timeout, which was similar to the situation of the Spurs. After the Nuggets called this timeout, there was still one timeout left.
Chandler and the two men still held their heads when they walked to the field, which showed how depressed they were. Anthony patted them on the shoulder and comforted them a few words, which made them feel better.
"Come here, guys, a ball tactic." Carl waved to the Nuggets at this time to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty Advance to the finals
"Hit Melo with one ball" Carl confirmed the offensive tactics in one bite. At this time, the choice is not based on thinking.
Carl’s hand is sliding fast on the tactical board, and the players’ nervousness can be clearly seen from their faces. At this time, four seconds of extraordinary key and a little mistake may ruin the whole competition effort.
The Spurs are also nervous. Duncan scored a goal just now, but they are still behind in the score. Don’t underestimate this point. This point represents too many things at this crucial time.
The timeout will come soon, and both players will return to the stage.
The Nuggets quickly served the ball and it fell into Anthony’s hand. All the other Nuggets pulled it.
Anthony looked at the Spurs’ defense. When he saw that no one was double-teamed, he directly broke through Bowen. At this moment, Anthony tried several times to change direction before finding a shot.
The fans held their breath when Anthony jumped up.
"Crash!" Anthony’s shot was a little short of rebounding and Duncan got it.
Vicky didn’t ask the Spurs to stop pushing the frontcourt quickly and wait for Duncan to drop the line. With the last second left in the game, he handed the ball to Duncan for low singles. If Duncan entered the Spurs, he wouldn’t win. The Nuggets would tie the series.
The audience shouted almost at the top of their lungs. At this critical moment, the fans must be very reserved.
Spurs players pull fast, and Nuggets don’t dare to shrink too much. After all, the Spurs can shoot a lot of three points.
Brand was very fierce at this time. With 3 seconds left, Duncan finally found the right position and turned to hook directly.
At this moment, a black shadow suddenly flashed in from the outside, wearing the No.15 jersey, and immediately grabbed the racket to the basket in Duncan.
Anthony! He was also very upset that he couldn’t hit the shot in the previous round, but now he succeeded in making up for the regret just now.
The ball bounced off the backboard and fell to the ground. Duncan picked it up, but it was time to attack.
The nuggets won the final victory by blocking the nuggets with Anthony key!
The fans were in an uproar, and Anthony was once again thrown into the sky by the Nuggets fans.
The victory of this game not only prevented the Nuggets from falling behind 1:3, but also regained their home advantage. It is conceivable that after the game, the media on the sidelines also photographed Megan Fox to watch the Transformers filming. When Anthony and Fox have gradually become a big media section, it is obvious that a pair of celebrities have become a hot topic for media to report.
Anthony, however, still focused on the game, but after the game, he probably didn’t expect that three of the first four games were played at the last minute, and the one with the big score was still the Nuggets’ away defeat, but he didn’t expect that the last two Nuggets actually ended the series with two big victories, which caused the key figures in this game except Anthony’s steady play as always. At first, Al Jefferson, a rookie, seemed to suddenly understand after playing bravely in the fourth game. In the next two games, he scored 16 points and was divided into Nuggets’ substitutes.
In fact, the gap between the strength of the Nuggets and the Spurs is not big, which can be seen from the difference between the two sides. Jefferson is suddenly like a tug-of-war in which both sides unanimously maintain a balanced situation and one side suddenly kills a man who is still very strong, and the result is not so unexpected.
Duncan looked as usual in the last game when the Spurs were eliminated, but he could still see the frustration in his eyes. At the last moment, Anthony and Duncan hugged each other tightly. Duncan said something to Anthony, which made Anthony realize that he didn’t seem to be like James.
Melo is your ally now.
It is natural that the local media will not boast when the Nuggets enter the General Administration Competition. In fact, there is a bottleneck in people’s fortune at some time. When this bottleneck is broken, the whole person’s fortune will undergo a qualitative change.
After Anthony reached the finals, everything around him seemed to be getting better. Just when Anthony played, Fox took the initiative to find Su Xi. After a night of talking, two women seemed to reach some kind of compromise, and they were both willing to accept each other. You know, in the world of women, men can’t share things, saying that sharing bases are all novels, but this was broken in Anthony’s body.
When Fox told Anthony the news, Anthony was shocked, but Anthony also knew that Su Xi must have made concessions. On the one hand, Fox’s position was obviously higher than Su Xi’s, and on the other hand, it was because of children.
And to Anthony’s surprise, Fox said that compromise was not superficial, so he gave Anthony a plan. Although it was a reference, it was very important for Anthony. Of course, all this would not be conclusive until after the General Administration Competition.
Anthony made it to the finals, and the media from all sides analyzed the two sides. The results made Anthony and the Nuggets not expect that the baseball fans actually looked down on the Nuggets. The reason is very simple. The Nuggets relied more on Anthony to play this in the face of defense. It was very obvious that the defensive ability was strong in the game against the Spurs. It would be extremely difficult for the Pistons to win and Jefferson could continue to play well in the sharp game against the Spurs. There is a big question mark here.
Anyway, neither journalists nor experts are optimistic about the Nuggets winning the championship, but they are optimistic about retaining the Pistons winning the championship this season.
Anthony didn’t feel anything about it. In memory, he knew that Ginobili played bravely in the finals between the Spurs and the Pistons, and finally let the Spurs win the championship. This hurdle is really difficult to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Desperate
There are not too many pre-competition mobilization games to reach the finals, and every player’s psychology has entered a natural state.
The players who played against the Pistons against the Nuggets were very well prepared, which can be seen in their first game against the Pistons. Although the game was very difficult, they relied on Anthony’s superb performance in the fourth quarter to score one point in a row and finally closed the game. It can be said that the Nuggets also suffered a heavy blow in this game. Brand accidentally sprained his ankle while defending Rasheed Wallace!
Brand had contributed 1 point, 11 rebounds and double figures before his injury. His injury was almost fatal to the Nuggets.
Even if the experts and journalists were beaten in the face, they believed that the Pistons would easily end the series in the coming games.
And the last three games have all said this. Jefferson played a strong role in the team match with the Spurs. After he fell into the pistons’ iron drum array, he obviously didn’t adapt to the fact that he was good at middle distance and couldn’t play hard. The effect of line gouging was another grade worse than that of Brand, which led to the direct result that the Nuggets were suppressed at the end of the scene. None of the three-point games scored more than 90 points, and even one scored less than 10 points. It was prevented by the pistons from becoming an offensive team.

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