This game also made Gasol vaguely feel the suffering days in the Grizzlies, but now the Grizzlies have a bright future, but the Lakers are getting worse every day. At first, they said that they would teach themselves to win the championship, and now they have gone to teach Ross to win the championship. The abandoned sister-in-law has nowhere to say!

Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Single quarter five frontcourt rebounds
The clippers’ first victory was easy and enjoyable. The next day, the game between the Nets and the Pacers was not as easy as the fans expected.
On April 1st, the "Continental Aviation Center Gymnasium", the home of the Nets, was bursting with a ticket, and it was hard to find a ticket. The entire stadium was covered with large posters of Nets players, portraits of panda brothers and humanoid cardboard everywhere outside the stadium. The price of sneakers and playoff jerseys in specialty stores rose by 5%. Ji Guoqiu, the behind-the-scenes boss, made a good example of his original stingy boss.
Nets playoff home jersey white away black stadium The whole stadium was painted white before the game. Nets fans were also told that they need to wear white cultural shirts on the day of the game, and they really don’t want to wear standard jerseys, so they should try to wear white clothes to create a home atmosphere.
On the day of the competition, the entire Continental Airlines Center Gymnasium presented a white ocean from the inside out, and there were many celebrity fans in the front seats. New Jersey is too close to new york, and new york, the largest city in the United States, has no shortage of celebrity fans.
Nets fans believe that their team will win a devastating victory at home like the Clippers. However, the strength of the Indian Pacers is not as weak as the Nets fans imagined. This team has a balanced configuration except for the weak configuration of the second position, which is not too short-board.
Pacers started with Darren keirrison, Mike Deng Liwei, Danny Granger, Taylor Hansbrough and Roy hibbert.
The Nets started with Steven Nash, Wesley Matthews, Paul George, Ji Guoqiu and Anderson Varejao.
Jackson started Paul George in the playoffs as an adventure. Paul George had a good performance against Granger in the regular season. Jackson hoped that he would continue to play well on the defensive end.
After the game, the Indian Pacers showed the spirit of young players’ newborn calves not afraid of tigers in a pure white stadium of Continental Airlines Center.
Darren keirrison scored 1 point and 2 assists with Nash on the offensive end in the first quarter.
Paul George is missing, and his outstanding performance in the regular season has limited Granger in the defensive end. Paul George obviously didn’t adapt to the sudden high intensity of the game for the first time in the playoffs, and Granger was experienced. After several physical confrontations, he scored the ball into Paul George’s starting lineup and persisted for less than three minutes. He was beaten into two crimes and was immediately replaced by coval.
Granger also scored 1 point in the first quarter. The excellent performance of the two players of the Pacers helped the Pacers and the Nets form a stalemate.
Ji Guoqiu’s side is obviously a fool. Brother Panda, the Pacer, didn’t storm a lot higher than himself in the low post at all. Instead, he pulled to the outside line to bully his opponent’s footstep disadvantage, and at the same time, he also scored 1 point in a single quarter, but the giant panda still had 4 rebounds and 4 assists to contribute.
Brother Panda’s performance made the Nets still lead the Pacers at 26:24 after the first quarter.
It’s the first time for Pacers’ player Ji to play in the playoffs. If he changed to Spurs with a newborn spirit in the game, he might first defend a wave. When the Pacers attack for a long time at half-time, they can take away the young opponents without a counterattack. However, Jackson chose to attack and attack, which would defeat his spirit head-on.
In this way, the pacers are all young players, but the Nets are not big. Except Nash and Vallejo, they are a group of twenty-somethings. They are not as sophisticated and steady as the Spurs. Just taking a step forward is the most suitable tactic for them.
In the second quarter, Bradso, Tony Allen and Paul George also stormed the pacers’ bench, and the depth of the bench was far less than that of the Nets. Bradso, a small bull, let the pacers see what a real "newborn calf is not afraid of tigers". Facing J Ford Bradso, who once had the first speed in the league, he said that I was not only fast but also powerful.
After J Ford was injured again this season, his absolute speed and explosive power dropped a step further. Once he was higher than Iverson, his speed has now degenerated to the middle level of the league. Coupled with the aging and repeated injuries, the veteran is no longer brave in his body or fighting spirit. Like Wei Shao, he played with anger. Bradso J Ford was injured in less than two minutes, which shows the power of Bradso, a small tank.
Nets fans have always loved Bledsoe more than Paul George. This little expression of playing ball is not similar to that of Thunder Way. When attacking, he is like a bloodthirsty thug who tries to invade their basket when defending. He is not allowed to play with an angry face forever.
If there is a difference between the two, it is that Wei Shao is also the same on other occasions. Even in the half-time shooting game where fans get snacks, he will interfere with the fans’ necessary goals and throw them back to the audience. He has done this twice, and the difference between them is probably the source of their efforts.
It is said that Wei Shao was a dead friend. He always believed that he was playing with his friend’s soul and could not allow himself to fail. His efforts and passion came from the spiritual level. Bledsoe, on the other hand, is the reason why getting rid of poverty is more from the material level.
This difference is likely to make Wei Shao play like this after they become rich, but Bledsoe may not have such passion and hard work after getting rid of poverty.
In fact, nba teams pay more attention to paranoid players like Kobe Bryant and Wei Shao, because everyone knows that these people will not relax after their success, and they will always be so passionate about winning. Even those players who are extremely concerned about personal data, that is, they are commonly known as big brushes, will be more fond of it, because if they want to pursue data, they will have the motivation to work hard, and they will not work hard after taking a big contract.
The Pacers’ head coach is Frank vogel, but the word "agent" should be added before his post. Frank vogel is an excellent coach, but he also knows that the Pacers can’t beat the Nets. His goal is to win one or two victories, which is enough for him to become famous in the first world war.
But it’s too difficult to steal a victory in Jackson’s body, and Kuang Ji and Guo Qiu will never allow the team to lose the first playoff game.
In the second quarter, Brother Panda took a three-minute break to re-enter the formation and continue to storm the pedestrian defense line from the outside.
Ji Guoqiu’s three-pointer and high-position shooting today are very accurate. Whether his counterpoint is Hans Blue or hibbert has an impact on him.
In the second quarter, after the re-match, Ji Guoqiu scored 4 points and widened the difference between the two teams to double digits.
Darren keirrison was the Pacers’ best player today. In the second quarter, he continued Nash’s mutual explosion. Unfortunately, the old woman was unlucky. She missed the continuous shooting. The Pacers had to hold their ground and were not taken away by the Nets.
Nash is in a normal state today. Ji Guoqiu took the ball and organized the team after his storm.
The most criticized shame of James and Ji Guo is that the number of "fatal balls" is not much or that their position ability is poor.
This kind of "fatal ball" is wonderful if it is in place, but it is likely to be broken by the opponent if it is not careful. nba players are very fast, which requires great skills for the players. James and Ji Guo’s shame ball skills are actually not so high. Their ball skills are definitely not as good as those of the point guards who specialize in practicing the ball every day
The giant panda’s ball skills are not very good, but he has a much better grasp of the timing of the ball than these two men. This is the difference in talent. When the ball opportunity comes, Ji Guoqiu dares to pass for the first time. This is the reason why Brother Fox is also good at telepathy, but the number of assists has been less than Brother Panda’s.
Brother Fox also has a place where giant pandas can’t learn. He has a unique grasp of understanding the position, including the route selection during fast break, which makes him better than giant pandas in face frame breakthrough and fast break.
Pedestrians soon found themselves unable to guard against national discipline and hatred.
If two people double-team, they can’t prevent other balls; Don’t double-team and can’t stop his own attack; If three people defend the perimeter, they should be screened by the range.
Ji Guoqiu’s offensive lethality is much stronger than that of keirrison, who has a stalemate with the giant panda alone.
Danny Granger, the Pacers’ boss, saved the Pacers at the end of the second quarter. He made a series of shots and led the Pacers to make 2 attacks to narrow the gap to 5 points.
However, Nash felt bad when he hit the Nets with a three-pointer at the crucial moment, and still ended the half-time ahead of the Pacers by 575.
Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocked shots at halftime. Nash scored 7 points, 5 assists, Bledsoe scored 1 point and 2 assists, coval scored 9 points, Vallejo scored 4 points, Matthews scored 3 points and Paul George scored 2 points.
Darren keirrison scored 16 points and 4 assists Danny Granger scored 16 points and 4 rebounds Mike Deng Liwei scored 6 points and hibbert scored 4 points.
Jeff Van Gundy of ab Station commented at halftime, "The Nets lead the Pacers by 7 points at halftime, but I don’t think they are playing their best offense. First of all, when the Nets hold the ball and score by seeking cover, their average score per possession is 66. Ranked third in the season, it is obvious that the team has more possession of the ball. The percentage chance that he plays the ball holder in the Nets’ 231 pick-and-roll cooperation is 65%. We all know that Nash has a very efficient ability to stop jump shots, which forces the defensive players to attack Nash when he holds the ball, which means they need to bypass the cover of Ji Guoqiu, which gives Brother Panda a one-on-one chance in the penalty area. Van Gundy then laughed. "The giant panda’s one-on-one scoring ability ranks among the top five players in the league, especially in the basket."
Mark Jackson laughed. "Nash and Ji Guoqiu’s pick-and-roll match with Stoudemire+Nash in the sun period. This is a player’s own set of offensive tactics. Team tactics can be passed, but Nash’s shooting feels bad today. If he adjusts his sight at half time, the pacers can consider paying off the line defense and double-team Brother Panda after the Nets pick-and-roll."
Nash has been unstable since April. Some media believe that Nash didn’t retain his physical strength in the second half of the season because he competed with Rondo for assists. But this statement is not unreasonable. Nash has been retired for a few years, and he can still tell which is more important, the "champion" or the "assist king"
After half-time, coval took the lead in scoring goals. Today, in addition to Nash’s poor feeling, Matthews also made 1 of 5 shots in the Nets. Paul George made a difference in attacking and defending both ends. Like horses, he counted the enemies of the country, coval and Bledsoe played well on the offensive end.
Granger faced Paul George and coval’s offensive end today, and he didn’t dare to go in if Ji Guoqiu didn’t guard the line. Pacers keirrison and Granger don’t know how many points they scored.
In the third quarter, Granger scored points against coval to help the Pacers catch up with the score by 4 points, forcing the Nets to call a timeout.

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