After that, he took a taxi, and the police quickly showed video images. These four transactions took place in convenience stores and supermarkets in Snow City.

Uncle carefully observed one by one until the end of the video. Lu Jincai said, "If you are looking for that Li Dalong, if he is really in these four transactions, then I can be sure that he has some kind of scientific and technological equipment to interfere with the monitoring probe to create other false identities."
Uncle nodded profoundly. His former partner followed his thinking rhythm.
"The transaction at the convenience store on hg3 Street and the transaction at Jiahui Supermarket on jp11 Street are the most suspicious." Lu Jin continued to analyze, "I checked that these two transactions are the same card and this card is a fake card, which makes the cardholder must be hiding his true identity. He is not one of the five main stars."
Xiao Zhou said, "But the other two cases are similar to these two cases."
Lu Jin smiled. "Brother, it’s strange for you to look at this man’s shopping twice. The first time he bought a bottle of white wine, three apples and three oranges in a cheap store and spent 52 letters. This is normal, but the second time he bought five bags of rice, a box of fresh vegetables, two pounds of frozen meat, three boxes of eggs, five boxes of drinking water and five bottles of white wine in a supermarket. Don’t you think it’s strange that there was a month between them when they directly spent 30 thousand 12 letters?"
Xiao Zhou immediately admired Lu Jin. This is a hypothetical reasoning. If the person who bought these things is Li Dalong, there is no doubt that the second purchase will have the characteristics of a fugitive. That is to prepare to hide for a long time and buy a lot of food.
But buying things for the first time is not enough to make a living, and why is Li Dalong willing to take such a big risk?
Isn’t this contradictory, but it’s worth checking if there is any unreasonable place.
Xiao Zhou said, "supermarket delivery robots should know the location."
Lu Jin wry smile way "here but Camellia star intelligent robot consumption is very big, the supermarket record will be kept for 2 days, and now things have passed 2 days earlier."
"This ….." Chou was dumbfounded at once. He still lacked working experience on a poor planet.
Uncle leisurely said, "I didn’t put my car into Luoning Town. I went to visit someone!"
Deep in the old street of the city, Pang is repairing an excavator in the scrap metal workshop. Suddenly, three people appeared at the gate.
"Three please sit down. What can I do for you? We have here ….. "He hasn’t introduced the scope of graduation and suddenly opened his mouth." Mr. Wang … Mr. Wang? Lu … Boss Lu, you … "
Uncle showed a sly smile. "Is the old business okay?"
"Still … ok! Thank you, General Manager Wang! " Fat guilty smile "three bosses please sit with me … I’ll get water!" "
"no!" Uncle stopped him decisively. "Have we not seen each other for several years?"
A cold sweat fell from the fat forehead, and he was a little unnatural. "It’s … it’s been a few years."
Uncle smiled more gently and looked around the square. "It seems that you are still doing your old job, sneaking people into the main star and collecting big money, right?"
Fat one is hard. "Mr.wong wronged me. After I was released from prison, I will remember that you taught me never to dare to do illegal transportation business. Now I just help people repair some machines and earn some hard money …"
He obviously suffered a big loss in uncle’s hand, which Chou also saw.
"Are you still trying to hide it from me?" Uncle disdained to say with smile, "Hehe, you can earn a few dollars by repairing the machine. Please give me less clothes. Believe it or not, I am willing to check who you sent in the last year. I can find out in 1 minute at most."
"No, no, no!" Fat a listen to be afraid of "mr.wong give an open hand, brother, I swear to god, I have never done anything unnatural after I came out, and I have never sent those criminals to the main star. They are all poor people, and those people have been repatriated. Besides, I haven’t messed around. Your old man’s house is a master …"
"Let you go, Kyle." Uncle jerked out a photo. "Don’t say you don’t know this person?"
Fat gather together to see suddenly dark call bad food.
Fuck you, Li Dalong. You disappeared for a year and you don’t know what you did outside. I cann’t believe I shocked the famous Feng Wang. Do you want to kill the old man?
I think so in my heart, but my mouth will never admit that fat wryly said, "I really don’t know Mr.wong"
Uncle a pair of sharp eyes staring at him "fall ning town cannon head unexpectedly in fall ning town also don’t know people? You are getting back. "
Fat explained with a wry smile, "I really don’t know Mr. Wang. It’s not that you don’t know that this Camellia star has no traffic control. Those spaceships can come and go in the suburbs at any time and anywhere. How can I know?"
Uncle said coldly, "since you are so bad, it seems that I should take you back to investigate."
"Don’t wow!" Fat "flop" knelt down "mr.wong Wang Ge uncle I really don’t know you adults have a lot of high platform and expensive hands don’t be difficult to brother me, ok? Manager Lu, don’t you think I usually perform well? "
Lu Jin turned his head and said, "Boss Lao Gu, this guy really didn’t get into trouble in the past two years. If he has a problem, I’ll pick him up first."
Uncle nodded. "Well, since Lao Lu interceded, I won’t bother you this time, but I want to tell you that once you find this person, you should immediately notify the Snow City Police Station. If you don’t report it, don’t blame me."
"Yes, yes! Absolutely! Must! " Fat trembling answer
Let’s go!’ Uncle turned to go out.
It was not until the three cars started Xiao Zhou again that he couldn’t help saying, "What does the boss do now?"
Uncle sneered, "Are you really too old to know Li Dalong?"
Xiao Zhou was surprised and said, "What?"
Uncle said, "I arrested Gude only seven years ago, and he was specialized in this line of work at that time, but this guy has a little conscience. He never illegally gave a boat to criminals or abducted women and children’s homes. He only spent a year in prison that year, but Luoning Town is his camp. There are people everywhere here. After he got out of prison, he came back here to have a way out. He is absolutely aware of Li Dalong in this area."
Chou suddenly understood what was ancient. He just wanted to deny it because even if he knew Li Dalong, he had to deny it. It was very simple. When he saw that Uncle was here, everyone was white. Li Dalong made a big case and was stupid enough to admit that he had it with Li Dalong.
Uncle said, "We can wait up to two days before we can confirm whether Gudai really doesn’t know Li Dalong? If you know it, it proves that Li Dalong is in this area. If you really don’t know it, we have to start all over again. But personally, I think the possibility that he knows Li Dalong is as high as 9%. Li Dalong will definitely not run away this time. "
Zhou Xiaoxin nodded. "I also believe that he can’t run."
Lu Jin’s eyes flashed as if he had something to say, but he looked at Xiao Zhou’s excited expression and finally there was no mouth to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Ghosts
late night
Luoning Town is unusually quiet.
The poor people went to bed early after a hard day’s work.
However, a figure suddenly appeared in the depths of the old street. It was March weather, but this person actually wrapped himself up in a scarf and a cap.
Go to the crossroads cap furtive look around to make sure there is no one around before walking in the direction of Snow City.
He walks very fast and his route is extremely strange. He keeps a good road and drills around in the stone forest in the wilderness.
It’s almost time to reach Snow City, but the cap doesn’t go into the city, but goes back to the original way.
Uncle decisively said, "Catch him!"
Xiao Zhou wondered, "This guy hasn’t met Li Dalong yet. We acted rashly like this … Did we startle him?"
Uncle gritted his teeth. "How many times should I repeat it? Catch him! "
Hearing this, Chou objected again and took out a light gun and jumped on it.
Don’t panic when you hear the footsteps behind you. Zhang Pingjing raised his hands in situ.
"Don’t move, if you don’t increase your energy, you won’t be able to get a lifelong disability!" Xiao Zhou quickly buckled a pair of copper rings on the wrist of the cap.

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