Two people look at each other in the hands of a giant sword, a ghost fire elf, and execute a giant sword, a dark sword and a dark moon, all of which are already shaking with excitement …

Two humming sounds …
Drink a low Lin Ze and Obese once again rushed towards the archbishop and high priest of gbl before them.
This is a battle with considerable strength. Lin Ze and Obese are facing the Archbishop and the High Priest. There are only two elemental elves left, but they are stopped by O’ filia …
Lin Ze and Obese are swords, while the Archbishop and the High Priest are daggers. It is said that Lin Ze and Obese are dominant, but how can they be defeated by Lin Ze so easily? After all, the High Priest and Archbishop are the top fighting forces of gbl.
See gbl, the high priest wearing a black robe, constantly using his dagger to frame Lin Ze and Obese. Although he was a little embarrassed, he didn’t lose … And the Archbishop in white at his side was hiding behind the high priest in black and hitting his weird spell again into Lin Ze’s ear …
Chapter 497 Archbishop Power
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Seeing this situation, Obese’s face changed. She didn’t know what Grand Priest in white was doing, but she wanted to break through the defense of the high priest in black and interrupt the spell of the archbishop in white! However, how can the high priest in black make him do what he wants? Whenever Obese wants to break through, he can block Obese’s route in time, and the three of them are deadlocked.
But the archbishop in white is reciting his spell from the ground!
The long spell was finally finished in the three-person stalemate. The Archbishop suddenly closed his hands and raised his head slightly. The ferocious brass mask seemed to have a satisfied smile.
See the archbishop of white so strange performance Lin Ze and Obese are wary, but this time the archbishop of white didn’t appear in front of the summoning array. They can be sure that the archbishop of white didn’t summon the new elemental elves, but what did he just say?
It seems to be guessed that the Archbishop of White in Lin Ze’s mind will just turn back a page after he closes it again, and then raise his right hand to Tianyi … When he raises his hand, Lin Ze and Obese feel a great sense of crisis, and there is a thunder in Zhongtian.
Two like arm thick flash straight toward Lin Ze and obeys!
Feeling the threat of flash in the sky, Lin Ze and Obese have also reached a stalemate without the black high priest at this time. Seeing that they suddenly forced them to wrestle together, the black high priest threw them out and then a rolling risk narrowly escaped these two flashes …
See that the lightning split in the earth suddenly appeared two big pits, one of which was filled with a faint burning smell! Lin Ze and Obese glances have seen the consternation in their own eyes, and Lin Ze is even more afraid of this flash power. Flash belongs to a kind of light power. If this flash hits Lin Ze, it will also be twice hurt by the increase of "dark affinity" to Lin Ze.
And Obers feels that the normal shadow in this flash will never feel good when it is hit by such a powerful flash! They never thought that the archbishop in white had the ability to manipulate flash!
But this should not be called many times, right? How can this divine power from nature be manipulated by human beings for a long time? Lin Ze and Obese quickly climbed up from the ground, and the dark moon and the ghost fire elves executed the giant sword face to rally their respective forces again …
But just when they want to attack the high priest in black again, behind the high priest in black, the Archbishop in white bowed his head again and gently turned his hand over with his right hand!
However, this slight movement has brought a great threat to Lin Ze and Obers.
Is as the archbishop of white turned a page in the sky and fell two times again …
Lin Ze and Obese can dodge again in a hurry, and they didn’t expect the archbishop in white to manipulate two flashes again so easily.
If the Archbishop in white keeps summoning Flash, then this battle will not be carried out. Unless Lin Ze and Obese are prepared to fight with Flash damage, they will not even be able to get close to the high priest in black! Moreover, it seems that the archbishop in white manipulated the flash very easily without paying too much.
Lin Ze doesn’t believe that the archbishop in white will not consume these two flashes, and no matter how hard he is, he should also consume them. So, the archbishop in white should also be exhausted, right?
This is not the way to go! Lin Ze and Obese kept avoiding the flash summoned by the Archbishop in white while thinking about how to break this situation.
But beyond Lin Ze’s expectation, the archbishop in white showed no fatigue at all, but the frequency of summoning flash was getting higher and higher … Even Lin Ze almost didn’t escape this flash several times.
Looking at this increasingly bad situation, Lin Ze frowned involuntarily, and this time Grand Priest in white seemed to see that Lin Ze’s position was the most important. After turning the page, he summoned two flashes to split the roots towards Lin Ze and left Obese alone …
"Oracle Temple is dangerous!" On the side of the two elements elves fighting Mr. filia seems to feel the two flashes in the sky and wake up hurriedly.
But it’s already too late. Lin Ze is thinking about the way to break the situation. The body is not able to think with himself. The speed of flash is extremely fast. This time, Lin Ze tries to avoid these two flash attacks …
At this instant, Lin Ze felt that her body was knocked out. In this flint, she knocked herself out, and her body suffered these two flash injuries.
A violent light flashed across Lin Ze and consciously closed his eyes …
Lin Ze fell to the ground and got up at the first time. Mr. filia was still in the excellent stalemate between the two elements, so he was able to blow himself into the air, leaving Obess.
Lin Zegen didn’t expect Obers to make such a choice!
Being struck by two lightning strokes, Oubeisi lay prone on the ground and seemed to have completely lost consciousness. Lin Ze nervously ran to the side of Oubeisi and picked up the girl. But when he touched Oubeisi’s body, he felt a tingling shock. At this time, Oubeisi seemed to be a source of light power. Lin Ze could feel that her body was constantly emitting light power and entered her body …
Lin Ze can’t figure out what this is about, but the most important thing now is to make sure whether Obese is in danger.
Lin Ze shook Oubeisi nervously. He didn’t believe that two flashes would do so much harm to Oubeisi! But at this time, looking at the pale face of Obers, Lin Ze has to admit that Obers is in a very bad state now …
Are these two lightning injuries so high? What was that dazzling light just now?
It seems that Lin Ze’s body temperature is pale, and Obese opens her eyes slightly to see that she is lying in Linzehuai. Obese’s face is red and she wants to get up quickly, but her weak body is not allowed to do so at this time.
And Lin Ze see obeys woke up is also a sigh of relief hurriedly asked.
"Obese, how are you now? You look so ugly. Why did you just help me resist lightning damage? Don’t you know it’s dangerous? "
Lin Ze tone with a trace of blame but obeys is able to hear Lin Ze’s words for his heart …
Obese gently shook his head and frowned slightly. She didn’t know what she had just done, but just when she saw that Lin Ze was about to encounter danger, her body rushed out involuntarily. It seems that she would rather be injured than see Lin Ze injured not far away!
What is this? Obese fell silent …
Seeing Obese’s pale cheeks and weak expression, Lin Ze felt a little angry in his body. Although he didn’t know what Obese would do, she was injured by herself after all, and the culprit was the two archbishops and high priests of gbl in front of her.
At this time, he did not consider whether he would make the supernatural power cause the wrath of the Heavenly Curtain beast. He knew that he was going to make the supernatural power. These two gbl believers were no match for him, but Lin Ze did not have enough strength to deal with it in the face of the first apostle roters in order to avoid causing the aversion of the Heavenly Curtain beast.

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