At the end of the channel is dark, but the call is getting stronger and stronger. Lin Ze knows that his goal is coming this time!

Lin Ze quickened his pace and let the darkness at the end of the passage engulf him. The darkness is the most intimate thing for him! He felt a chill in the darkness, and the darkness and affinity have been fully displayed at this moment. Perhaps this darkness is an obstacle set by the leader of the crazy thief group, but for Lin Ze, he didn’t break into this darkness at all, and this darkness would directly welcome him in …
"Did you find the last sacrifice? How on earth do you losers do things? Ninety-nine human blood has been poured on this altar, and there is only one human blood left. Can’t you even find one person tired? Do you losers want me to fall short? "
After Lin Ze was engulfed in darkness, he heard a severe reprimand. This sound is full of dignity. There is no doubt that the owner of this sound should be the leader of the crazy thief group mentioned in the fifth mouth! But even if he is a leader, it is not because he has already aroused Lin Ze’s murder in an instant by saying this sentence …
Ninety-nine human blood We need the last human blood? It’s really a night spirit. There will be no mercy for human beings to raise a butcher’s knife … Is human blood calling Arad’s mainland will? It really makes him feel sick. Now let his own blood wash away his crimes!
Lin Ze is very grateful to Diregie at this time. This crazy thief group is not occupied by Northmar because all the people fled this area! Even if there is no plague in Diregie, they will certainly occupy this city of Northmar …
Fortunately, the plague of Diregie dispersed the residents of Northmar, and this city of Northmar will not be turned into a killing hell by this group of night spirits!
"Is the last person’s blood short of calling Arad’s mainland will? Do you think I can do it? "
Lin Ze slowly walked out of a dark blue altar from the darkness, so he caught his eye. At the same time, the man in red beside the altar was reprimanding another night spirit and suddenly turned his head …
The night spirit, kneeling on one knee and dressed as a gray thief, consciously shouted, why didn’t he expect a strange human to appear in such a secret place? What about the guards outside? Number one, number two, number three, what are they doing? They will let a stranger in!
While the night spirit leader in red is sneer at a few …
"Man, since you came to this place, you can say that number one has been defeated by you, right? What did you do to them? To tell the truth, you shouldn’t come here. Coming here means you are about to die. Do you humans like to die so much? "
Lin Ze couldn’t help laughing at the arrogance in this red night spirit discourse! After seeing him for a moment, Lin Ze had already noticed the strength level of the night spirit in red, and the strength of the night spirit leader had a shadow emperor level. That is to say, even if he played the strength of the Ministry, he could only play to the peak strength of the melting shadow environment. This strength may dominate the outside, but in front of him, the peak strength of the melting shadow environment is really not enough …
And what he just said seems to be a declaration of death, and the last thing Lin Ze likes to hear is that others are boasting … Here he is here to declare death, but others are not qualified to declare that he is about to die!
Chapter 112 The night spirit mouth German rivers
Lin Ze’s mood has been as calm as water, although he said that he had been very angry because the night spirit leader killed ninety-nine humans to collect blood! But at this moment, he has seen this anger. He has no way to save the ninety-nine humans who died at their hands, but he can send these night spirits to accompany them.
This red night spirit leader has been written on the death list by him, and Lin Ze doesn’t mind answering his last few questions before killing them!
"To answer your question, first of all, human beings are not a race that likes to kill themselves?"
"I’m sorry about the first person you just arrived at, but I don’t know exactly what their names are, but maybe you can find something that belongs to them from here …"
Lin Ze slowly stretched out his right hand and a dozen glittering and translucent crystals appeared in his hand …
"Crystal nucleus!"
The one who was reprimanded by the night spirit leader, the gray night spirit, once again failed to control his mouth. At this time, the pupil of the night spirit leader also shrank consciously, and his heart could not stop being as shocked as his hand!
Although he was already psychologically prepared for such a result, he still didn’t expect his hand to be killed by this sudden appearance of human beings! Especially number one, number one, but with the peak strength of human shadow king level, even one rank weaker than him, number one actually died in the hands of this strange human without any warning information?
"I have answered both your questions, so please go to hell!"
Lin Ze smiled in the hands of the crystal nucleus by disappearing and then a black sword appeared in his hand! Dark Moon’s power in this darkness is much stronger than that in the ground …
Just nonsense has been said a lot, this time Lin Ze didn’t say anything more and launched an attack directly! Pojun’s Dragon Strike directly crushes the rocky rocks in front of him, and Lin Ze doesn’t want to rock the boat, so it’s a best choice to kill them directly!
At this moment, Lin Ze has burst into his strength of controlling the shadow environment. Facing this night, Lin Ze, the leader of the night spirit, has made a "respect" for him! His death is not worthless. His death will give birth to a new powerful man who controls the movie scene …
Pojun dragon strike with a comparable momentum toward the night spirit leader, and at this moment that just expression night spirit leader’s face has revealed a little panic! He dare to say that kind of declaration of death before because he didn’t see the strength of Lin Ze. He didn’t expect that this sudden human being should have the strength to control the film environment!
What, what, in this Northmar area, there will be such a young strong man who controls the film? This is really beyond his imagination. There are only a handful of filmmakers who have entered the film control environment in the whole Arad continent, and most of them are stuck in the melting realm and the soul lock of the film control environment. He is not afraid that the film control environment human beings will overcome all the film control environment human beings because of his strength!
But he never imagined that he met this human being, who turned out to be a film-controlling person and not the kind of person who first entered the film-controlling environment! This human foundation has been very solid, and there is no trace of encouragement. That is to say, this human being can break through the film control environment without the help of external forces, but actually cross the film control environment and melt the film lock …
In this way, the shadow is already impossible for him to defeat. All he has to do now is run away! He doesn’t want to throw eggs at stones. Maybe he is now facing this human being and will not be killed by it, but he will definitely die in this man’s sword if he keeps fighting.
He doesn’t want to die. He is an aristocrat in the night spirit. After this execution, his position in the night spirit will be upgraded as never before … He doesn’t want to die in this Arad continent. This method of death is not suitable for him. He doesn’t want to die so mediocre.
At this moment, the leader of the night spirit in red has become hysterical! But Linze won’t hesitate because of this. Pojun will make a clean break with the night spirit. This is already a doomed result. It is impossible for the night spirit leader to escape.
The impact of Pojun’s Dragon Strike is very short, but in the blink of an eye, the dark moon has reached the chest of the night spirit leader! In a second, the night spirit leader will be ripped open by him …
But just as the dark moon was about to stab him in the chest, a sneer suddenly appeared on the face of the night spirit leader! Then Lin Ze felt a violent shock around him. After he recovered, he had already stabbed a man in the chest!
"Waste I dedicated! Your death will be remembered by the night spirit clan. Come and I’ll call home. "
At this time, it was not Lin Ze who was stabbed by Lin Ze at the night spirit leader, but the former night spirit leader who had been reprimanding the gray night spirit … This night spirit leader seems to be a way that Lin Ze can’t understand, and in an instant, he exchanged his own body with the gray night spirit body to make this gray night spirit bear his attack.
There is no doubt that this night spirit leader is a man who will die at all costs! And this ghost in gray seems to have failed to accept such a result before his death …
But even so, the night ghost in gray was firmly seized by Lin Ze’s Dark Moon before he died, and Lin Zefa pulled it out! What is this, loyalty from the bone?
Lin Ze’s heart is also very nai because he can feel that the crystal nucleus of the gray night spirit is rapidly fractured and will explode in a few seconds! This should be the way that the red night spirit leader said he called home, right?
Lin Ze didn’t think that the night spirit leader turned out to be this way of sacrificing his own hand to call home! And he also want to let this a gray night spirit caused by the explosion will kill himself?
Is he too naive? Can he really do fatal harm to himself by exploding like this? Does he really he can escape from here?
If the night spirit wants to go home, it will have to break through the cracks in another dimension to escape … but if it wants to escape from the cracks in another dimension smoothly, it will be faster than anyone else! You know, Lin Ze interrupted Ajialu’s imaginary walk in the battle before, and this night, the ghost leader wanted to escape by creating another dimension crack by others, which is much more difficult to master than Ajialu’s own integration into the imaginary.
It’s a pity that this red night spirit leader didn’t know that Lin Ze had such a card, and he was still laughing bitterly at it.
"Damn mankind, one day I will lead the night spirit army to completely occupy the world that belongs to you under the leadership of Lord Dreyfus! At that time, I will definitely dismember you thoroughly to avenge my hand … "
Hear the name Dreyfus Lin Ze body consciously a shock that a pair of silver pupil is consciously a shrink! "Dreyfus" Lin Ze didn’t expect that he would hear this name from this night spirit, and this night spirit actually called "Dreyfus" as an adult. Does it mean that the person behind the invasion of Arad by the night spirit turned out to be Dreyfus, the god of death?
Lin Ze in this moment my mind has been overloaded with his body surface has transpiration out of the strong dark forces! At the same time, the night spirit crystal nucleus that caught him in the dark moon is also at the boundary point. This night spirit crystal nucleus is going to explode …
The whole city of Northmar vibrate at this moment, while Linze, at that core of the explosion, suffered most of the impact!
"Damn human beings like this feeling. Wait till I know you’re not dead. Don’t die in the hands of others. I’ll come back for revenge …"
A small blue crack appeared in front of the red night spirit leader. After saying these words, he proudly stepped into this small dimensional crack … It seems that he is like a general who won the battle and is ready to return to his hometown!
But the moment he disappeared, Lin Ze had come out of the fog caused by the explosion! He didn’t get hurt in that crystal nucleus blasting just now, but he was very much looking forward to the desperate application of the red night spirit leader …
Because he discovered this small dimensional crack earlier than the night spirit in red, and before he stepped into this dimensional crack, he had also thrown the death Dreyfus into the dimensional crack. Although Dreyfus probably had some connection with the night spirit, it didn’t affect Lin Ze’s illusion tower.
Or Lin Ze heart for this kind of thing would have some speculation and the red night spirit leader said just verified Lin Ze speculation! Less now Lin Ze’s mind can be part of the division of power …
Dreyfus, the ghost of death, the cry of the devil, the Apostle "Weeping Eye" Held …
If I didn’t guess wrong, it should be the three forces that have been playing behind the scenes! But Dreyfus, the god of death, and Herder, the second apostle, have already appeared. What about the devil may cry?
Chapter 1129 Scared to death
The devil may cry has never appeared, and the ghosts and gods have always been in the weakest state of the three parties! Ghosts and gods have always said that they will rely on themselves to defeat the apostles, but this is also their wishful thinking. It is impossible for the devil to give the Ministry of Ghosts and Gods to himself … Maybe at some point, the devil will appear as a leader of ghosts and gods! At that time, there would be no place for myself.
Of course, there is another possibility … that is, you become a devil may cry. In this case, these ghosts and gods who sign their own contracts are truly part of the devil may cry! Is the devil may cry always waiting for his growth?
Lin Ze heart for this kind of thing had his own guess …
But he will not be willing to wait like this! But now for him, perhaps it is more suitable for the current situation to take this night spirit leader alive and torture him!
The night spirit in red has disappeared in this dimensional crack for about ten seconds but Lin Ze’s face is expressionless! He didn’t worry that the tower of error would stop the leader of the night spirit in red. He knew that the tower of error was coming back …
As if something had been punctured, the small dimensional crack that had been closed up had been hit again, and this time it appeared just before the night spirit in red entered it, and in front of him was the tower of reduced form confusion! However, although this maze tower is in a reduced form, it is not the mini form in Lin Ze ring at ordinary times. This maze tower is not like a tower at this time, but more like a black iron bar as thick as a waist, which directly pokes the night spirit in red back from the virtual!

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