Lin Zewei, the main teaching building of Shenguan Branch, left Old John …

"Lin Ze this branch * * * don’t have pressure! Our calling branch of Shenguan Branch was not outstanding in the whole war college, and it has always been at the bottom. To be honest, it is a pity to let a genius like you come to our branch! "
Old John looked at the crowd flocking to the stadium and sighed!
"This time, be sure to let other branch people see our barren branch badly Lin Ze. You must strive to get the first branch * * *! Let’s branch into the head of this session! "
Only from holding hands and waving …
"This college * * * * award is also very rich. The first place will get a broken Dan and a leaf during the period. Once you enter the college treasure house, you will get a reward opportunity and even enter the war giant tree to practice …"
"War giant tree? Is there a connection with grandpa TEDA Hill? What always feel that he is calling me … What a rich reward … "
"I know I will work hard!"
After a year’s training, Lin Ze has matured a lot. Although his plain face is still expressionless, he is full of confidence in his strength.
One year’s study in War College made Lin Ze rise from the original 23-level shadow spirit to a five-star shadow spirit. Of course, it would be a big mistake if you only recognize him as a shadow spirit! In this year, Lin Ze and Leo have become frequent visitors in the Eisinger cinema.
There are three silver lines in the abdomen of Fang, which have reached the critical point of evolution. It takes an opportunity for Fang to evolve into a gold-eating mouse …
In the past year, Leo has obtained a silver shadow fight from the black iron shadow fight to the cinematographer level, which greatly surprised Wei Li and Lin Ze.
And Lin Ze is still hovering at the bronze shadow fight level, which doesn’t mean that Leo’s strength has surpassed that of Lin Ze, because at that time, Lin Ze had already broken through the Shadow Fight Center after winning three consecutive victories in the shadow fight field, and he could no longer participate in the shadow fight at the shadow master level, and the strength of Samsung Shadow Fight could participate in the shadow fight at the shadow level …
The strength of the shadow stage is more ups and downs than that of the shadow master. Today, you may meet a nine-star shadow or a quasi-shadow, and you may meet a one-star shadow who has just advanced.
However, the strength of the shadow-level shadow in the whole nightmare mainland has become a master. There is almost no weakness in the shadow-level shadow fight. Lin Ze met a silver-level nine-star shadow fight in his first shadow fight. Lin Ze’s opponent almost won a rolling victory in World War I, easily ending Lin Ze’s winning streak and letting him instantly fall from bronze shadow fight to black iron shadow fight!
This battle made Lin Ze realize the strength of the peak shadow spirit. The shadow spirit level shadow war made the simple Chinese swordsmanship overcome the shortcomings of inheriting Kaijia’s dark elf swordsmanship. Lin Ze made Lin Ze know himself …
In the following period, many peak shadow spirits in Lin Ze fought, succeeded and failed, but as he grew up, his shadow fight integral grew slowly. Until today, Linze’s shadow fight integral has reached 90, and the silver shadow fight is getting closer and closer.
Leo is in this year, uniting the shadow power to the peak cinematographer’s level 20, and an ice-blue sword became his symbol. He swept the shadow spirit with the epee in the shadow fighting field, and even the original one made Lin Ze have a headache. Chloe Wang, the "stubborn stone", was defeated by Leo’s sword in a fierce battle.
Leo won ten consecutive victories and ten percent in the cinematographer-level cinematographer stage, and the silver cinematographer was far ahead of Lin Ze, known as the "ice bear".
Both of them completed the first year of study in each branch with excellent grades, especially Lin Ze won the first place in the branch of Shenguan by relying on incredible talent and careful teaching.
Today is the five-year branch * * * * Lin Ze and Leo have gone from their respective branches to the War Square, and since then …
The whole square is surrounded by a sea of people. Lin Ze completed the registration under the leadership of Wei Li and won a sculptor’s No.33′ s sign. This is why Lin Ze’s code name in this * * * * is coincidentally the same as his number in Essinger’s cinema!
After that, the preliminary round will be held, and only qualified players can make the final division * * * * …
It has been many years since the Divine Officer Summoning Branch entered the final competition. This year, Wei Li and Old John are very much looking forward to Lin Ze.
At the trial site, the workers carefully guided them to the contestants’ area and sat down. At this time, many contestants had come, all of whom were dressed in uniform and heroic.
The whole war square is divided into several competition areas, and different players are competing in gaps. Today, half of the candidates will be brushed off in this preliminary round …
In the player’s area, a big blue sword made Lin Ze and Wei Liyi find Leo. At this time, Leo was dressed in a blue warrior, and his face was a little chubby than it was a year ago! I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve been overlooking him for a year, and my film career has surrounded him, making people around me unable to help but leave him a distance …
"Xiao pang, you also attended this time! Be careful to be beaten by our branch Lin Ze! " Only the feminine voice attracted everyone’s attention.
Leo’s original expression face collapsed as soon as he looked at Wei Li and said, "Teacher Wei Li can stop calling me fat?" Look at me. I’m not fat at all now. Go easy on me. "
While talking about Leo, he also showed off his muscles.
Just leave, but ignore, patting Leo’s pectoralis major and looking around, the crowd is dumbfounded …
And one side Lin Ze also hammered hard against Leo’s chest, and then two human chest collided with a lean muscle and made a deep sound.
Two people look self-evident …
Good brother
The people around me looked at two people strangely, and a collision between a god officer and a shadow war could make such a strong sound.
"Lin Ze, it is difficult for a god officer like you to stand out in this competition! Be careful to be left further by me … "Leo watched carefully for a long time, and Lin Ze said rudely.
Glancing at Leo Lin Ze strangely, he said confidently, "Are you sure you dumped me even though you are now a silver shadow fighter? Don’t forget that I’m not just an official. I’ll be merciless when I meet you at the stadium. What’s your number? "
After listening to Lin Ze, the crowd was in an uproar …
"Silver Shadow Fight, is he so young?"
"This god officer has a big tone. Can the god officer defeat the shadow war of our branch?"
"Desolate branch people tone is really big this year …"
Although a small part of them are surprised that Leo is a silver shadow fighter at such an age, most of them recognize that a god officer is too arrogant to provoke shadow warfare.
But to their surprise, Leo straightened his chest. After hearing this sentence, he immediately bowed and said with a flattering face, "Azeri, I was just joking with you. My number is ninety! When you meet me in the stadium, you must save some face for me. Don’t let me lose too ugly … "
During this year, Leo also played several friendlies in Lin Ze. Although the two have always been evenly matched, he knows that Lin Ze has always been relaxed in sparring and has not tried his best to play with himself. He has the confidence to talk to himself like this.
Lin Ze, only from, Leo three people chatting like nobody’s watching …
Chapter 296 Lin Ze’s First World War
Not long after, the dome of the war square suddenly lit up, and a huge golden halo spread from the dome. Because there was no audience here, the surrounding area of the trial site seemed a little deserted, but there were more than a dozen people on the rostrum, but it was difficult to see the situation from all sides because the high platform was too high.
A forceful voice rang out from the rostrum, "The report is over. All the shadow schools are willing to participate in the branch. * * * The college has registered the branch. * * * The preliminary round of the trial officially hopes that the contestants of each branch will strive to compete for the rules of the game. If one party dies, the other party will also be held responsible and the branch will be held accountable."
"The first round of the preliminary elimination competition was reported today, and 190 people drew lots. All the players are ready."
I don’t know if this test site is like a huge golden ball in the center of the dome, and then a lot of numbers shine on it.
Just as they were talking, the flashing number on the silver sphere suddenly stopped and two huge digital halos shot in the middle.
"No.33 in the first game will be awarded to those who have not entered for one minute on both sides of No.190"
Thirty-third? Lin Ze heart in a surprised, isn’t this me?
Wei Li and Leo were also startled. No one expected that Lin Ze would be the first to be drawn. Is this good luck or bad luck?
The other contestant around invariably turned their eye to Lin Ze, who looked so ordinary but calm.
Wei Li has already reacted and quickly said, "Calm down and deal with it slowly and steadily."

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