A few people are very curious about Zhu Feng’s name and promise never to laugh.

"My name is farmers going to town." Zhu Feng said, staring at several people with wide eyes. It is very obvious that if you dare to laugh, you will work hard.
After a long time, Dachuan got up and blushed like a monkey’s ass on the 4th. "I’m going to lie in the toilet." Dachuan just walked out of the ward corridor and there was a burst of laughter.
"I … I’ll go too." "I’ll go too." Less than a minute later, there were bursts of laughter in the corridor between Zhu Feng and Quyang.
Quyang lay in bed and shouted, "Brothers, push me out, too. My legs and feet are inconvenient."
Zhu Feng saw QuYang face flushed and said, "Alas, smile happily, I am advanced in the game."
Even the success of the game Zhu Feng was upset when he saw himself wearing a pair of shorts. This MD game is really not a person playing with clothes and getting naked. Fortunately, the shorts can’t fall off, otherwise there must be many people walking naked.
Zhu Feng counted the packages carefully, including the Python disaster, and a total of six pieces of equipment broke out, including a summoner necklace, but it was written on the surface that one of the remaining four pieces was a female warrior’s dress and a ring was a mage, a leggings was a warrior and a helmet was an assassin’s property. The most exciting thing for Zhu Feng was that he had two more gold coins in his package. I don’t know if Zhu Feng picked them up casually or rewarded them.
With these two gold coins, Zhu Feng hurried to the village and bought two summoner’s pants at a time in a clothing store. Zhu Feng thought that if he hung up both pants at a time, he would not play this bird game.
At this time, Zhu Feng’s com rang. A man named’ Hero Color’ sent a message asking where Zhu Feng was. Zhu Feng told him to meet him at the gate of the village and then talk to the old cook (the com can send messages by voice, but voice calls reduce the game).
Zhu Feng saw him as if he had seen a golden hill. "Master, here I am."
"Young people how so long to come? Did you find the ganoderma lucidum? " The old man asked Zhu Feng in a hurry.
"Find is found but … you should tell me what to pay me? Zhu Feng throughput finish "
The old man looked at Zhu Feng and said, "I promise to satisfy you. Give me Ganoderma lucidum quickly, or you won’t have it."
Zhu Fengyuan wanted to blackmail him, but on second thought, it’s better not to offend him. If you give yourself a few junk things, you won’t miss it. After giving Ganoderma lucidum to the old chef, Zhu Feng can look at him with pity, but the old man can’t see his expression.
The old man stared at Ganoderma lucidum with shining eyes for a long time and said excitedly, "Young man, you have done a good job, which means I thank you for giving you two things." The old man then made a deal with Zhu Feng.
Zhu Feng looked at the old man and gave him something. One was a skill called replication level, and the requirement was level 2. Another thing was to wear a helmet after turning.
"Lao shifu, didn’t you say that the reward is very generous? Why are these two things? " Zhu Feng asked a little unwilling.
The old man smiled and replied, "If you don’t know the benefits of these two things now, you will be white. Forget the five silver coins you owe me. I will reward you as an old man."
See the old man sample also can’t figure out what equipment Zhu Feng and he exchanged a few commonplaces and walked to the village.
Just walked to the village entrance, Zhu Feng saw a player named Hero Color bragging with several people there.
Zhu Feng went over and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don’t blow for a while. It’s getting dark."
Hero asked, "Are you a crazy pig?"
Zhu Feng answered "It’s me"
"Did you do something shameful by hiding your name?" A player named Seyong made fun of him.
Listen to this tone, it should also be those beasts. Zhu Feng said, "I don’t know who is who when I introduce my professional level."
Heroic color "I am Liu Assassin Level 17"
Se Yiyong "I am Master Cui Jie of Grade 19"
See the color and forget the meaning "I am the Dachuan warrior level 1"
I’m Sun Fangshi, level 17.
Rich and colorful "I am Quyang assassin level 16"
"Wow, your names are really overbearing, B." Zhu Feng had to admire them
Rich and colorful sighed, "are you a special promise to our equipment?" Hurry up and take it out. "
Zhu Feng said, "There are still three pieces left. Let’s fight now."
Five people are afraid that they don’t have their own equipment. Zhu Feng gave the warrior the ring of the forgetful mage to Seyong. Now there are two assassins and one piece of equipment. Zhu Feng can’t look at both wealth and color and heroism.
When they were assigned to the equipment, both of them couldn’t keep their mouths shut. They had never seen such good equipment, and they always praised farmers as good people when they went to town.
"If the assassin, give it to him. I’m so awesome that I can’t be a B character." Hero said to Zhu Feng.
The so-called "one piece of equipment is the same for everyone. Take it with you first, and give me something good. Haha"

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