Lu Zhan felt deeply about himself. Ten days ago, they didn’t even get all the players together, but in ten days, they finally finished it, which was impossible.

“win!” Lu Zhan smiled and high-fived four people.
“win!” Four people responded together.
The afternoon sun couldn’t penetrate the innermost part of the gymnasium, but several people thought that Lu Zhan was so sunny at this time.
But there is one thing they have not forgotten.
Then it’s time to find the Tai Chi Tiger team to calculate the general ledger!
Chapter 19 regards it as the greatest contempt
"Then after a short break, we will have the second game …" The host Xiaoxue was interrupted by the full sound just in the middle of his speech.
"No! Didn’t Tai Chi Tiger have an agreement? "
"Even if you lose in 25 minutes, what face is there in the game?"
At that time, there was a lot of discussion all over the venue. In fact, it was very enjoyable to watch one more game, but when I came to win, I made an agreement with Tai Chi Tiger. Naturally, they were on win’s side.
"Uh …"
Xiaoxue and Xiaoyu looked at each other. They both knew the situation before the game, but they didn’t know whether the players privately agreed or not in such a formal game.
As soon as he found out that the situation was wrong, he immediately came out to make a circle. He was already a veteran commentator, and he also encountered scenes out of control in yy.
"Well, let’s invite Meng Changjun from the professional team ZG team to comment on a game for us first!" Wind color theory
Meng Changjun zheng, but immediately understand the wind color means that two people want to talk to temporarily stall the situation and then let the workers be responsible for soliciting opinions from the teams on both sides.
Meng Changjun is going to leave after watching the first scene, but he can stay and comment on this situation. Although he has never seen a person with a beautiful scenery, he still has a certain reputation in the commentary field. He wants to give a good face to the beautiful scenery.
"In this game, the win team first helped a beautiful first-class team to ambush the situation, and then made the ball flow tactics suppress the final team battle in the middle, which was very decisive. It can be said that the team performed very well, but it was their cards that really decided the victory." Meng Changjun was amazed at the win team
"It’s like this. Several exercises are really outstanding in consciousness and the performance is very bright. The last skill, the Qing soldiers, is an unexpected victory. The win team has shown us the combination of personal skills and teamwork, and we have to be amazed. Of course, the Tai Chi Tiger team is really strong …"
When two people are talking about rhetoric, the Tai Chi Tiger team is already in chaos.
"The game is two wins in three games. Why should we let go of the back game when we lost one game?" An Zhehong asked others with his eyes on it.
"How can you say that? Since we made a promise before, how can we not keep it?" Ad rang rang 1, but looked at An Zhe and ice fire with poor eyes and dared not speak.
"I’ll do it." Suddenly, I said, "Since you can’t bear it, I’ll do it."
"You … you can think about it. You make a promise but you can never play League of Legends. Can you really do it?" An Zhe said that he changed Korean when he was in high school.
"I …" Rob sat down again, and he really didn’t want to give up these things. They came to this game as a sure thing, even if they lost in one thousand, they couldn’t lose in 25 minutes, but I didn’t expect …
It’s all because of that man. If it wasn’t for him …
At this time, five people looked up and took a conscious look at the win team players’ seats, only to find that the five people there were talking and laughing and didn’t seem to care about their situation at all.
Being regarded …
Robber has never felt so depressed. In just one hour, his fate seems to have changed. He was defeated head-on by tactical calculation, and the crystal was removed from the bottom of his eyelids. Now it is regarded.
At the moment, he deeply felt that Lu Zhan was like a mountain beyond the law, not only his personal strength was at the peak, but also his team command was so strong that he was surpassed in all aspects.
This frustration filled their team with great desire to win but lose the game, which was a far greater blow than usual.
In fact, at this time, even if they are allowed to compete, they have no confidence to win.
"What shall we do?" Su Yueran asked Lu Zhan. Although the captain hung Su Yueran’s name, now the win team listens to Lu Zhan.
"Keep looking at them!" Lu Zhan simply said that he really didn’t expect the other party to dare not admit that such a coward made Lu Zhan white his nose and didn’t want to talk to them.
"I am so wretched by this!" Ayang rubbed his hands and said that win members smiled a few times. They all felt that it was really the best contempt for each other to treat each other.
"Ask someone to help us and say that no matter how the other party handles them, we will beat them once!" When Lu Zhan said this to Su Yueran, Lu Zhan thought of the teams that were forced to bet by Tai Chi Tiger. The effect he wanted was to make Tai Chi Tiger eat its own fruit and never dare to do such a thing again.
Just continuing the game may make the untrue audience think that the win team dare not come forward to make the other side keep their promises, but the idea of Lu Zhan will make the audience see that win is really eye-catching
Su Yueran nodded, which was her favorite bad thing. She took out her mobile phone and quietly sent a text message to the president and vice president of the competition club, and also forwarded it to the presidents of more than a dozen host schools in Jinling Cup.
After receiving her short message, all the presidents of the competition club told others that the audience was lively. Although the two team members could not meet at halftime, Lu Zhan made all the audience understand Lu Zhan’s idea in this way.
That is, no matter how many times Tai Chi Tiger comes, they will beat them more than they will end the battle in 25 minutes!
This is heroic. When facing a team that is the strongest king, Lu Zhan did not hesitate to say that he defeated the other team for 25 minutes, but now this statement is so domineering.
In addition, the outstanding performance of the former win team made the audience admire the win team very much, and many people unconsciously became fans of the win team.
At this time, the workers gave back the opinions of the teams on both sides. The workers in win team got the opinion that they could continue the game, while those who went to Taiji Tiger team were ice-cold for a long time and were told to continue the game.
"It’s almost time when it’s ready. We also want the second game," Xiaoxue finally announced with a sigh of relief.
"How do we fight?" Ayang asked?
"Hanging and playing!" Xiaoshengqiang moved his fingers and said
"Yeah, hanging and playing!" Lu Zhan smiled. His mind already had other tactics to defeat Tai Chi Tiger.
Chapter 19 Best Partner
In the second game, the Tai Chi Tiger team did not have an accident. ban dropped the land exhibition card.
"Speaking of cards reminds me of a joke. Liu Qian said that if Feng retired, he would be the world’s first card. But now it seems that Lu Zhan’s card is also very good, and maybe he will win the first chance in the world! It is no wonder that the other party will ban him. "
The charm of a joke amused the audience, and the incomprehension of the win team’s choice to continue fighting has dissipated.

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