Who knows that Wang Mingwei took advantage of his old strength to attack again before he was born, and his fists were so dense that he was blinded, and then suddenly he turned his wrist and hit him on the shoulder with a shout of "cold river fog"

Qi Yufeng hurry-scurry use y and n Yang tactic kung fu just struggled to force down.
Wang Zhaoming’s fist moves closely and greatly, stretching with rigidity, fierceness, simplicity and crispness.
Manipulation, leg technique and wrestling technique are integrated into one. Even Qi Yufeng, a man who is proficient in boxing, can see that such masculine boxing has to be used by such a rude man to have such power.
Qi Yufeng’s left branch and right block are full of mistakes, even if Wang Mingwei moves slowly without a quick attack and a quick fight, he can’t resist his boxing.
Before he left, Zhao Banshan turned Wang Mingwei around by Tai Chi Xuangong in the villa, then jumped back and bowed his hand and said, "Wang Wang, I lost."
Wang Mingwei pushed by him to detain is one leng to listen to him so when the knife-shaped eyebrows a porch way "oh? So can you promise to weigh a few rii in my plate? "
Qi Yufeng shook his head. "That can’t be done. I passed by the ancient city of Wula this time, but I have something important to do. I can’t be with you."
He said to me, I’m just passing by to make soy sauce. You can always leave me alone, right?
Jīng Mingwei thought for a moment and said, "Not to mention these little brothers’ martial arts are really rare when they are young and young."
Qi Yufeng said, "Wang Wang told a joke."
Wang Mingwei said, "Where’s my brother? I’m afraid you’ll look down on me. This is called a flower, but my brother, I’m also from Confucius and Mencius Township. Speaking of it, we are fellow villagers."
When two people sit down again, laugh and eat.
Qi Yufeng, hey hey, giggle. I think this man is heroic, comfortable and reasonable. I can’t help but fall in love at heart.
The two men talked about eating meat while drinking. Pei Hu also inserted a few words of wine from time to time. After three rounds, Wang Mingwei suddenly said, "Just before the last strike, my little brother pushed his hands and turned my body for half a turn. This move seems to be Tai Chi rather than Tai Chi. I don’t know what kung fu it is?"
Qi Yufeng Tan Xing is thick freely "isn’t that Tai Ji Chuan? The master said that in the fourth day of Tai Chi, the mother of Tai Chi dialed a thousand catties, while the mother of Tai Chi dialed a thousand catties and four ounces. Most people in the world follow the standard of Wang Zongyue’s On Tai Ji Chuan, and they need to know that the truly profound Tai Chi kung fu can only be understood by exploring from Zhang Sanfeng’s Tai Ji Chuan Classic. "
It doesn’t matter what he said casually, but Wang Mingwei cried a surprise, like a sudden flash in the dark, which lit up his doubts for many years
At that time, Tai Chi Gua was the most practiced in the world, and so was Wang Zhaoming.
He can’t practice Tai Chi Xuangong any more, but it’s a pity that he hasn’t achieved great success for many years. When he heard the sentence "Tai Chi mother dials four taels", he realized something.
The so-called "four-to-two-to-one-thousand-pounds" is nothing more than using the force to make a circle when bending, stretching, chopping and pushing vertically, introducing and avoiding reality, but it is really something else if you can achieve "four-to-one-thousand-pounds" when martial arts are high.
First of all, the first person is to have the strength to punch the old master to death, and he is afraid of being young. This is all caused by insufficient strength. If the manpower can be overwhelming, he will not be martial arts, but he can also be a natural enemy.
Secondly, martial arts practitioners are used to being fierce and overbearing. If they can fiddle with four or two things in a meticulous way, they can make little effort. So meticulous martial arts is enough to raise him to the realm of master.
Wang Mingwei knows that he will become a great master if he takes ten years’ hard work with this rhyme alone.
While he was feeling, he couldn’t help thinking that he had been hit home by this young boy for half a generation. I really don’t know how badly his master is.
When Wang Mingwei got up and gave a deep ceremony, he said, "My little brother made me feel grateful!" When personally pour wine and propose a toast to Qi Yufeng.
Qi Yufeng was a little embarrassed to see such a gift from Wang Mingwei, but only to find that Pei Hu quietly pressed his body around him and wouldn’t let him get up, so he was subjected to a worship from Wang Wang.
Chapter 35 Kunlun Four Heroes
After this worship, Wang Mingwei saw Qi Yufeng’s face and Se was embarrassed.
I was just about to say a few words to solve the problem. Suddenly, there was a Han sprinting in the distance. Wang Mingwei immediately shut up. The man showed flying skills, and then he ran to the front and bowed down. He said, "Report to my Lord, there are four points that broke into the White Flower Telling Table, and his skill is very good. Li Gai saw that they seemed to have a bad purpose for fear of being unable to resist the fate. Please ask Wang to send someone to help."
Wang Mingwei nodded and said, "Let’s see who the other person is?"
The man slightly hesitated. "What are the four men called the Kunlun Four? Look … look … great."
Wang Mingwei thought it over carefully. He had never heard of so many senior experts in Jianghu, so he said, "All right, I’ll go and have a look."
As soon as the man walked to Wang Mingwei’s side, Wang Mingwei turned to look at Qi Yufeng. "Little brother, will you go with me?"
Qi Yufeng nodded and said, "This nature."
A group of people walked for two or three miles, zigzagged through a path, and then turned a few corners into a hill and entered an ancient temple.
There are four temples, four shrines, three houses and one street in this Wula city. They come to this hill and call the White Flower Pointing Platform. This temple is the Temple-Mother Temple.
The so-called White Flower Point Platform is nothing but a loess plateau, which was built by Princess White Flower in those days.
There are some different opinions about who the White Flower Princess really is.
Some people say that Princess Baihua is the sister of Jin Wushu, while others say that she is the daughter of King Jin Hailing. Anyway, there is nothing in the ancient country of Wula.
However, after the kingdom of Wula was destroyed by * * Hachi, this tower did not disappear, but Ri gradually flourished. In the twenty-ninth year of Kangxi, a pavilion such as the Three Nights Hall and Yuantong Building was established here, which has been a whole hundred years of light Y and N.
As soon as several people entered the temple gate, they heard a Y Ο n yang strange tone coming out from the inside. "We Kunlun Four Heroes came from the western regions all the way to meet your master. Why don’t you master it? Why don’t you wait for the soldiers and crabs to get in the way one by one? If we kill you all in a rage, who is this responsibility?"
A man replied rudely, "can’t you wait a little while when my head beggar arrives?"
The voice added, "I waited for my weapon, but I couldn’t wait for it to turn into iron without drinking human blood for three days. Hey hey, do you want me to drink your blood? Or drink the blood of your master? "
Wang Mingwei’s face sank and he strode into the forest. Qi Yufeng and others followed, but he saw two groups of people standing opposite each other in the hall of Niangniang Temple.
One group is a poor family to help beggars, and about seventeen of them either press the handle or sharpen their fists, while the other group is four grotesque middle-aged Han people standing side by side.
In the other corner sat a pair of young men and women in their twenties, both of whom hung their heads and could not see Se.
The four Han people are short, j: ng, fierce and sharp, with a pair of Emei steel thorns in their hands.
The second one is tall and fat, like an iron tower with a big stone tablet in front of it.
The third man of medium height, with a white face, is a handsome figure if his teeth are not protruding one inch and his nose is half an inch low. He holds a pair of meteor hammers in his hand.
On the far right is a sick man, a middle-aged man in rags, biting a pipe with his eyes open and his mouth shut, slowly spraying smoke.
At the sight of these four men, Wang Mingwei suddenly felt that it was difficult for the three men to return. In the end, the sick man saw that his face was gaunt and his hands and feet were j and ng thin, so that the Wulin middleman might be a powerful rival.
He frowned and walked into the venue. ZH not NGY ā ng.
At first, a beggar saw Wang Mingwei’s arrival with a happy face. Se immediately rushed to meet the poor families behind him and helped the others to bow down and salute the avenue.
Wang Mingwei fuels and says, "Hello brothers."
That’s the man who stabbed Emei. Just now, the spokesman still looked arrogant and said, "Well, is this the leader of Liaodong Beggars’ Sect? My four brothers are the Four Heroes of Kunlun. You must have heard of my title. "
Wang Mingwei just thought about the service road. "Forgive my ignorance, but I really don’t know that the four famous people only learned it for the first time today."
That Han is not angry. "The rival Xuanyuan has returned to the martial saint Yuan Chengzhi. That is the teacher. You must have heard of it."
Wang Mingwei’s eyes were stunned and immediately woke up and laughed. "This is really unheard of."
That one continued, "Do you know that I am a senior master who doesn’t see Ri Moon, avoids the three lights and overlooks the world, and holds Tai Chi and Zhang Ji?"
Wang Mingwei shook his head and said, "I never knew."
"The amount of red dust has dried up, and Kun Honghuang will play the real person of Y Ρ n Yang Road?"
"I don’t know this either."
"Nine y and n immortal living dead arm Yin magic old sword fairy Yang Guo Yang Daxia?
"I never knew."
The man even shook his head when he said a few names to see Wang Mingwei. He sneered, "I have four masters whose martial arts are all over the world. You don’t know any of them. I really don’t know that you are such a poor family to help Wang." This man has a sharp mouth and a monkey face at this time, and Se is more ugly.
Wang Mingwei bowed his hands in his clothes and said, "In fact, I don’t know if there are two things that I still hope my friend can teach me?"
"Oh, you don’t know those two masters?" The man saw Wang Mingwei speak so solemnly that he couldn’t help but withdraw his contempt for a face of expectations and asked
Wang Mingwei smiled. "My poor family is located in Liaodong Mountain, and the news is blocked. I don’t know this, I don’t know that, but I hope my friend will give me more advice."
When’ tis once spoken, he burst into laughter. Even Qi Yufeng couldn’t help laughing.

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