"I’m not a princess? My little girl likes whoever she wants, "Nami said with a small core.

"Is there a servant girl as powerful as you?" God sighed in recent months.
"God, you don’t like me so much?" Nami Xiaoruixin went over and pinched the god.
God smiled shyly and hid there, neither did he not hide nor did he.
When talking about this or another time, I have seen God smile so shyly, and there are only a few Kay looking at God, and the embarrassment is also slightly chaotic.
"Ho …!" I don’t know why the big bear yelled at everyone before he noticed that there was a small shop with a lot of wine and medicine in it.
"You this bear knew drinking isn’t it? When fighting, what confiscation is as powerful as toad? " Nami Xiaoxin taught this bear a lesson.
After the huge bear, the little girl was so frightened that she put her paws on her face and said nothing.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" The ice-fire-cold-toad jumping seems to show it-people are ice-fire-cold toads, not toads. Have you ever seen such a handsome toad?
A few people talked and laughed and went to the small shop to buy a lot of wine and medicine.
"Good bear, have a drink! Also for a while, I’m going to finish the beast god with Moore "big pomelo old orc gave a bottle of wine.
"Ho …!" The bear followed the example of an old orc with two paws holding the bottle.
Speaking of human polymers, it’s a kindness to distinguish this careless old orc from drinking a big bear every day. It’s a friendship! It seems that the two of them hit it off very well. What words? You don’t need to have a common hobby to be good buddies!
Nami Xiaoruixin also took a small glass of wine and drank it happily. After drinking a little wine, the little girl looked rosy and very pleasant.
Moore is holding the bottle and drinking. This long orc huntress in the mountains has that kind of orc heroism in her bones.
Kay and God also drank a little. Everyone was fooling around here when they saw a big soldier coming. The soldier was wearing a shiny white gold armor and holding a pair of thunder Excalibur in his hand. The figure walked very arrogantly. He took Nami’s small core and bumped into the side.
"Are you a man?" Nami Xiaorui core said he was unhappy.
"What happened to me?" That soldier is very arrogant.
"You don’t even care when you walk. Do you want to drink?" Nami Xiaoruixin is not very angry, but she is also a little unhappy.
"I am all excellent. Have you seen it?" The soldier is very arrogant tunnel
"Originally is excellent! Why don’t you come out and say, "God said coldly."
"good! Come out and say that I am the first major league soldier in this war zone. What’s your name? "The soldier looked disdainful and tunnel.
God was angry at that time "good! As you wish! "
97 fierce alliance war
Said this sentence "good! As you wish! " God turned and walked out without saying a word.
"good! Really good! " Kelly said this first and followed him out.
Nami Xiaoxin looked down and saw that the bear was feeding the cold toad wine. The cold toad was almost turned into lux after drinking it.
"You bastard bear that toad is not very good at drinking, so go out and fight with Kay’s brother! ?” Nami Xiaoruixin education that bear way
Lord magic bear was a little drunk and a little small. No, the bear danced with his big paws open.
Cerberus silently in front of Nami small core.
Without saying a word (it can’t talk), the bear turned around and went out to fight with Kay and others. He never dared to express any dissatisfaction with Nami Xiaoxin again.
Little Andy, the Cerberus, was so angry that his paws scratched the snow because of what happened just now.
"You this puppy how so scary? That bear is scared by you. "Nami Xiaorui changed into Andy’s little hellhound.
When the little hellhound saw Nami Xiaoxin coming to hug it, it was very pink and lovely to play with Nami Xiaoxin, as if it had forgotten the unhappiness just now.
At this moment, the soldier outside Bingfenggu’s security area is asking his brother out. That’s arrogance, that’s self-confidence, that’s arrogance, and that’s someone who will step on people.
That’s where Kay and God looked at the two brothers. It was very interesting. When they saw someone asking someone to come to the rack, their first reaction was to ask someone to make an appointment and ask everyone to come.
These two brothers are a wonderful work.
The big grapefruit old orc also came out with Nami’s small core and Moore. The big grapefruit old orc is different from Kay. The more intense the scene, the more he is. Now he is looking forward to the other party’s thousands of people. That’s a beating. That’s lively.
This elder brother of Soda Pomelo Old Orc is willing to play with Nami Xiaorui Core. Because Nami Xiaorui Core Elf is eccentric, this girl can always make friends with some completely unreliable people and get into some completely unreliable things. This is the best welfare for Dayou Old Orc.
Andy, the little hellhound, jumped in front of the snow and ran back, turned left and bit right. He was very happy and very angry. That was a demonstration to those miracle mainland soldiers
After a while, the soldier made an appointment with hundreds of people and came to the front of Bingfeng Valley.
"Ho …!" Without saying a word, the bear photographed a little soldier of the other side.
Kiah and God were stunned-what happened? The bear did it before the two of us did it. Besides, how did the bear tell that the other person was coming together? However, the two brothers also don’t like to think that the main two cast their magic and took part in the battle.
At this time, Kay’s formation is like this. Kay and the god-struck striker, the old orc, hit the left central defender, the bear, the right central defender, Moore, and the ice fire and cold toad also hit the far attack (it has a long tongue). Nami Xiaoruixin hit the back row, and the medical bloody wolf king hit the free man
"Hu kill!"
"Hu kill!"
"Blare …! Hu kill! "
God laughed wildly and kept tapping out the pale jack-o’-lantern.
Kay was playing very arrogant and domineering at this moment. A magic swordsman rushed into the opponent’s camp like a big soldier and killed him with great domineering.
The funniest thing in this battle is that the ice, fire and cold toad hit many enemies with its Lickitung pat and bounce.
The opponent’s style of play is also that the warrior is in the front and the mage is in the back.
"Ho …!" A great soldier in the other army roared one by one, and the golden aperture quickly burst out in the snow. After the soldier roared, all members of the other army had a much better vitality.
At this time, the opposing legion appeared in the team on Kay’s side after several wizards flashed. These wizards’ flicker methods were different from those in blade master, the mainland of Warcraft. When they were hidden in the forest, they were seeing fast walking, but this miracle, the mainland wizards came to Kay from hundreds of steps away.
God is particularly interested in the other wizards, and it feels like an old eagle claw chicken. In recent months, God has been laughing wildly and rushing to catch those wizards.
Moore shot down his opponent accurately with a musket behind several people. The bear was a mouthful of snow and a mouthful of wine, and then a big bear’s paw patted the soldiers on the other side.
"Ho …!" The bear roared with joy.
The other soldiers want to quickly break Kay’s formation to attack and kill Nami Xiaoxin and Mohr in the back row. These men and pets are too strong. Those soldiers are no match for Kay and others.
"Ho …!" A strong golden light broke out in the snow again and hit Nami Xiaoxin before. The soldier shouted a life. Mitsudeki seems that this soldier is a war alliance. He is excited to rush to the front to fight Kay Yunxi.
Kay was furious and grabbed a bit from the soldier’s right hand to hold the soldier and then killed him with magic fire. The soldier was also experienced in war. The soldier retreated half a step from the left side and stabbed Kay with a double sword. After Kay, he was spared the sword, but the idea of holding and killing the soldier himself was not realized.
At this time, God rushed to his side in recent months to catch and kill those wizards who flashed out in a flash. Although the wizards attacked, their defense was not very high. If these wizards were accidentally caught by God, it would be like an eagle catching a chicken and killing a few dozen of them. Those wizards were covered in blood.

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