Zhu Feng looked at him with gratitude and said excitedly, "Mr. Wang really doesn’t know how to thank you. I will bring money to sign a contract with you after you give me three days."

"Ok, I’ll give you the message. If you are rich enough, just call me." Manager Wang said as he hit his purse and took out two business cards from it and handed them to them.
Zhu Feng put his business card in his pocket and said excitedly, "My brother is in a hurry. I won’t talk to you if I have to go back immediately."
Manager Wang smiled and said, "Well, you are busy. After three days, I will treat you and your sister-in-law to a good rub. Then your sister-in-law must join us."
Zhu Feng looked at Zhao Siyu awkwardly, and she naturally replied, "Yes, Wang Ge will treat you to dinner. I will definitely not refuse who told you that you are a noble person in Zhu Feng."
A few simple pleasantries. Zhu Feng walked out of the coffee shop with his bags. Now he feels that the blue sunshine outside is quite charming. He smiled and said to Zhao Siyu, "Thank you so much today. If you don’t have it, this buddy can’t promise to rent a house. What else do you want to buy? I bought it. "
"Ha ha, don’t thank me first, or try to chip in." Zhao Siyu said with a smile and then blinked and added, "How much money do you need now? I still have some here to lend to you first. "
Zhu Feng shook her head and refused her kindness. How much can a policeman or a policewoman praise? He smiled and said, "You’d better keep it for yourself to buy clothes. I’ll send you back first and thank you later."
Zhao Siyu nodded and Zhu Feng walked to the side of the road together.
When running all the way went home, he ignored his parents and Jin Caiyi’s strange eyes and plunged into his bedroom. After successfully connecting the game, he sent a message to Se Yiyong saying, "Hurry up and help me to join the Fenghua Group. I want to sell them equipment."
"What’s wrong with asking grandpa to tell grandma that you don’t sell it now?"
"Ya which so many useless talk? Hurry up and tell Dachuan that they came to the Chamber. I have a hurry and I won’t talk to you in advance. "Zhu Feng was dissatisfied with the message and sent a message to Xiao Huifa asking," Call those animals and let them all play. "
Xiaohui quickly replied to the message and asked, "I’m going to call them. Where is the eldest brother? Is it necessary to start before? "
"I told them in the Chamber that it was too late to call BOSS and there was no room."
After five minutes or so, Zhu Feng received a message from Liu Jingli, "Bro, brother, my heart is bad. Don’t always play and disappear, will you?" Are you really going to sell us equipment this time? "
"Come to our guild to sell this time. Let’s talk about it in detail."
"Okay, I’ll be right there."
Zhu Feng ran outside the station and looked around anxiously. He wished Liu Jingli could fly to his face and hit him with a million dollars.
Two players guarding the door muttered after seeing Zhu Feng, "Isn’t that the boss of our guild?" Who are you waiting for so urgently? "
"I don’t know, it must be a big shot, or the boss can pick it up in person?"
Ten minutes later, Zhu Feng finally saw Liu Jingli coming here with a fat belly. He felt that this ten minutes was like a year, and he greeted Liu Jingli and gave him a big hug. He said, "Brother Liu, you want to die."
"My brothers and I have a good relationship. I think you almost forgot who you are." Liu Jingli said with a laugh.
"Please come inside" Zhu Feng took his hand and walked quickly to the station.
The two gatekeepers shouted to Zhu Feng, "Hello, boss!"
Zhu Feng smiled and said, "Hello, it’s really hard for you to defend the station." Thank you for recommending it today. It will be a chapter every day after 5 weeks.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Selling equipment
Liu Jingli and Zhu Feng walked into the resident chamber together, and he said, "Brother, it’s quite good now, especially it’s so beautiful to play the West Asia delegation."
Zhu Feng smiled and said, "Are you feeling Japanese? Has Brother Liu been promoted now? It would be a pity to help the company solve such a big problem if it is not promoted. "
Liu Jingli grinned and said, "I’ve been promoted and now I’m a good brother, but I’m lucky. I don’t know when I can climb without your brother."
"Come on, it has to be said that my brother is capable. How can you find my brother if you are not sure?"
This flattery made Liu Jingli fly away. He laughed and said, "Thanks, bro, let me seize this opportunity."
"Brother, let’s get down to business. What price can I sell my equipment now? Selling in RMB "
Liu Jingli turned his eyes and said, "Bro is not an outsider. To tell you the truth, the company started the group after this. I didn’t want to make money by playing games. How about 1 yuan for your 1000 pieces of equipment?"
Zhu Feng thought that during this period, there were about 3,000 pieces of silverware before adding equipment, and there were about 5 pieces. If you add those animals and equipment, it won’t sell much money.
Liu Jingli saw Zhu Feng’s disappointed expression and quickly said, "I can give my brother a higher price for high-quality equipment, otherwise the company can’t explain it."
With high quality and high equipment, players are scrambling for it. If there is a magic weapon, the old generation will not worry about eating and drinking. Zhu Feng disdains to think about it and then asks, "How much is a piece of silverware?"? What about the gold? "
"Brother has gold equipment?" Liu Jingli asked in surprise.
"Just a few pieces, brother. Tell me about the price."
"silverware-level equipment will give you fifty dollars for a piece of gold, depending on what occupation and level you need to wear."
Zhu Feng nodded and said to him, "Liu Ge, you sit down first and I will go to the statistics." Say that finish and walk out of the room.
At the gate of the station, he sent a message to Hero Color and asked, "How many pieces of equipment do you have there?"
"We’re back at the station. Where are you?"
After meeting several people, the hero asked in confusion, "Why do you suddenly want to sell equipment? According to your regulations, we never pick up the equipment when we go out to fight monsters. There are about one thousand pieces when we train, and about seven pieces before. "
"I went to the equipment place and I showed you the equipment. Liu Ge worked hard to divide the quality of the equipment. Without looking at the quality of the equipment, the bronze can be classified into one category, the silver belongs to one category and the gold belongs to one category." Zhu Feng said and walked to the station to send the staff
When Zhu Feng handed over all his equipment to several people, they all looked silly and forgot their righteousness. They muttered with a big mouth, "You have more money than the landlord and have so much equipment by yourself?"
"This can say that I will live," Zhu Feng said with a smile and then said to several people. "There is something I want to discuss with you. Can one or more people lend me the money for this equipment sale first?"
"No money to spend? How can you be in a hurry for money? " Heroic doubts asked, everyone was surprised and thought that 250 thousand was gone?
"I want to do some business."
See color forget righteousness stare big eyes scold a way "I depend on this is business, you want money, take it first, anyway, it’s also playing games to get money, and it doesn’t hurt to throw it away."
"Of course I support you when you are doing business. What big deal are you going to do?" Cui Jie thief asked with a smile.
Zhu Feng looked at several people and was moved to think that it was a good thing for these animals to do it themselves. He said with a sly smile, "I’ll tell you in a few days that you are busy first. Liu Jingli is still waiting for me at the station." Before a few people could talk, he made the guild return to the city.

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