Lin nodded and looked back, and his body slowly floated as far as possible to make his mood flat, and then his palm gently touched the light and a little spirit entered it, communicating with the ancient tablet soul.
Lin’s spirit was warm and quiet without any negative emotions, and the communication was not as difficult as expected with Shi Fu’s light outside. Therefore, in just a few minutes, the tablet soul spread a light and slowly wrapped Lin’s body.
When Lin’s body was wrapped in a tablet, the scene in front of him changed again, and the stars dissipated and replaced it with nothing.
In front of the virtual space, there stands a huge beam of light, and an ancient taste as eternal as ever emanates from these beams.
Lin’s eyes were shocked and he looked at the light beams standing in the virtual space, and around them, there were a number of brilliance, which seemed like people, animals, swords and knives, and it looked very strange.
Nature Wu looked at those huge beams of light and took a deep breath of air conditioning. Nature Wu just had such a spectacular sight, and compared with the previous seeing those stars outside, it was simply not worth comparing.
Lin’s eyes are extremely hot, and those are all Wu Guangzhu with earth fluctuations. He can feel that any kind of Wu here is probably more fierce than his strongest moves.
This ancient sectarian background is horrible. Imagine licking some burning lips, but Lin did not immediately choose Wu, but moved slowly toward the light beam.
Walking along the road, Wu Guangzhu felt the palm of his hand itch when his heart palpitations fluctuated, and he couldn’t wait to move all the weapons here.
The huge Wu Guangzhu stands in the virtual forest animation step, but as he goes deeper and deeper into the center of the light beam, he finds that the repulsive force that has disappeared has reappeared at this moment, and the strength is extremely terrible as if the monument soul is not willing to let Lin move deeper.
He looked at Lin’s eyes flashing and slowly raised his palm. Suddenly, the mysterious stone symbol in the palm of his hand was rippling in a circle, and the white light condensed into a light path in front of him, tearing that horrible repulsion.
With the help of Shi Fuwei, the repulsive force that even the natural environment is strong can be resisted, but it is easily resolved by Lin Dong, and then he takes a step slowly.
At this step, the brilliance changes in front of you, and then Lin Dong sees a huge finger standing quietly in the virtual space not far away, which makes people’s scalp numb and fluctuate slowly, and even the virtual space is shaken to make ripples.
In the darkness, the dark thumb stands quietly with the fiend’s finger, shaking the earth and shaking the earth, revealing a sharp war.
Lin’s eyes are also staring at the black giant finger, the giant fingerprint road, which imprisons heaven and earth like a prison. Every road is more obscure than the complex.
Such martial arts can be called shocking.
Jin took a drag on the cold air, and Lin managed to suppress the turbulent waves in his heart. Then his eyes froze in the center of his black thumb, where several ancient black ink bodies flashed strange lights in the dark.
The wild is due to heaven.
Simple ancient font quietly flashing a kind of words domineering quietly rippling in this virtual symbolizes that this martial arts once brought many glory. Chapter 290 Chengwu
It seems that you have found a very good baby this time. Looking at the little mink with a huge finger standing in the virtual space, it is also a bit surprised and immediately laughs.
Lin’s face was also filled with alum courageously. Although he didn’t know that this was a wild prison day, it was so strong, but judging from this power, it was obviously not weaker than seeing those creatures in front.
Lin moved the first two steps with fiery eyes and stared at the giant finger, just wanting to explore the spirit to obtain this martial arts practice, but it was stopped by the sable waving its claws.
You can’t die. This thumb obviously has a lot of marks left. I’m afraid you’ll be blown to pieces if you touch a little strength.
Hearing this, Xiao Xun looked at the giant finger with his eyes moving Zheng, but he felt that there were a lot of marks on the giant index grain. Baidu started these marks. Although I didn’t know the manpower in ancient times, Shaolin’s dynamic ability was absolutely impossible to resolve them
What should I do? Lin frowned. This feeling of being visible but afraid to touch can really make people feel uncomfortable.
This martial arts department was not weak in ancient times, otherwise it would not be carefully kept here. These strong marks, even the nirvana, are particularly troublesome to crack.
Nirvana is difficult to crack, and Lin’s face changes slightly. Then he won’t have a chance.
Don’t worry, although you don’t have nirvana strength, your stone symbol seems to know that Lin is worried about the mink, but it is a smile. You can use the stone symbol to wash away many marks on your thumb.
It’s a little surprising that Shi Fu is so strong to smell Lin Dong. This Shi Fu can even erase this ancient mark.
Hey, in front of this stone symbol, what’s the ancient monument? It’s just scum. If this thing is as you think, I’ll do it. Has he become what it is now? The sable rolled her eyes and said,
Lin move stand stand hand also no longer say anything about mind move, then there is a milky light slowly spreading in the palm and finally haunting the dark giant finger.
Bang bang bang.

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