Many holy lords in the Virtual Forbidden City gathered together to sacrifice holy soldiers, and constantly smashed the golden dragons. They are the top figures in today’s world, but they reacted in an instant to fight against the Virtual Forbidden City.

Su Ying strode in the virtual forbidden zone, and many golden dragons were thundered and killed. With chaos clock’s protection, it simply had no influence on him, and he still moved freely in the forbidden zone.
The patriarch of Tiandao Sect suddenly fell apart and shattered his body. The immortal spirit just escaped into the void and tried to make a comeback. Then he was torn to pieces by many golden dragons and died on the spot!
Sue should get out of the bloody fog of the patriarch of Tiandao Sect and kill many saints like a tiger into a flock!
He slapped a holy Lord flat, and then a Tai Chi seal was blasted out, and the patriarch of Yin and Yang was smashed and a Seven Obsidian seal was sent to his death!
At the same time, he opened his palm, and Lei Di opened the sky and printed a series of thick walls, such as a dragon flashing out, which split the earth demon Lord.
When he broke into the four arms, he almost didn’t blink of an eye when the enemy closed, and more than a dozen holy lords were blown up by him with one punch and one palm!
Many holy lords are in a mess, making up for Monty’s Sect. The holy Lord binges and drinks, rolls up the giant magic building, and presses it to be mighty and chaotic. Su Ying should look at a seal of the heavens without looking. This person snorted and the body suddenly burst open, and then the giant magic building screamed and rolled up to cover him, and the true spirit quickly fled.
Su Ying is murderous. For others, this place is a dead end, but for him, it is a dead end, which makes him even more powerful!
"Let’s shoot Su Ying first!" Xia Huang Xia Jie drank a pair of latosolic red eyes and killed Su Ying.
At the same time, more than 30 people of his Lord fought against the virtual big ban, and all the people left offered sacrifices to the holy soldiers, and all of them went to Su Ying.
Qing Di!’
Su Ying thundered at Qing Di’s busy place behind him and directly cast a wonderful method-Violet Seal to resist many holy soldiers’ thundering and killing. The fierce printing method blasted out many holy lords and holy soldiers to compete!
Many holy Lord stuffy hum a breath floating holy soldiers flying around qi qi fell back.
"Xia Jie, you have been smashed by me and still dare to be arrogant in front of me? When I am refined to death, you will completely exterminate your royal family in Daxia! " Su Ying clapped Qing Di’s palm and followed the dance, crushing Xia Jie and strode to kill his Lord.
"Let’s go! Kill this place or we will all die here! "
His Lord was devastated. Just now, they were able to hurt Su Ying, but it was hard to hurt Su Ying if the power was scattered in this virtual forbidden zone.
Su Ying survived the ancient catastrophe. At this moment, he completely showed his body, the immortal spirit of Yuan God. All of them can come and go freely in the Forbidden City. If God helps them, Qing Di’s two places at once will kill them completely.
They each suggesting holy soldier crazy fight out rushed to the end of the virtual big ban.
"My surname is Su Kongjia, and your enmity will be wiped out?"
"Yes, now that you’ve taken the wind and killed many saints, you can say that you’ve made a sigh of relief. Why don’t we stop here?"
"Gu Zongzhu robbed us and never intervened again, so we congratulate Gu Zongzhu on becoming a great emperor!"
Su Ying should keep blazing for thirty-three days, printing the heavens, printing the heavens, and printing the heavens like rain, attacking and sneering at everyone. "Are you going to kill me and destroy my clan? Do you still want to leave now? Give me death! "
He raised his hands and Kong Jiazhu ripped the holy Lord alive, and then another holy Lord was burnt to ashes by Qing Di!
Many holy lords in the virtual forbidden area are in a mess, and one after another they die tragically. I don’t know how many holy soldiers are scattered in the virtual forbidden area. This scene makes people feel scared!
Open the Lord, the top strong in the primitive mainland, stamp their feet, and the world will shake three times. The virtual forbidden character is like being cut into leeks.
"The primitive continent is going to change …"
Styx hierarch hasn’t died yet. With the help of three Wan Li blood rivers, Wei Neng recovered his pale flesh and murmured, "The catastrophe is definitely a catastrophe …"
"This time, the Great Man robbed Gu Tianxing, but it was our holy land!" Just recovered, the magic cult leader sighed and offered a sacrifice to the giant magic building and tried to rush outward.
Sue should take a big step to kill like a fiend, and these lords are ordinary people who tremble before the fiend!
Suddenly the world became quiet and dull, and the sun became brighter and hotter, and the heat wave came and burned everything!
There are many golden dragons in the virtual forbidden area, and the surrounding area has become a piece of light.
Su Ying looked up and saw the sun in the sky as if it were getting closer and closer to China. This round of scorching sun seems to be getting bigger and brighter.
"You Su Mou will let you live."
Sue should slowly spit out a foul breath and stop attacking him. The Lord looked up at the scorching sun in the sky and saw a grand bell in front of the sun.
Too mysterious clock!
Relieved, many holy lords rushed out of this horrible ban to fight against the virtual ban. They came to rob Gu Tianxing’s fairy aura and killed Gu Tianxing to eradicate the Monty Sect in ancient times. Up to now, there are more than 20 holy lords left and all of them are injured.
In the end, the virtual forbidden throb became weaker and weaker, and Su Ying was left in the National People’s Congress. Ninety-nine golden dragons attacked several times, but they could not shake him.
Xihe Taiyue quickly recovered the array of virtual beads and saw that the Great Forbidden Area was getting smaller and smaller, and a jade bead fell into her palm.
"Alas, releasing once can consume two or three pure yang veins in day order. This time, it is a big loss." Xihe Sun took Yuzhu with a face of love.
Yinyin Yan mouth smiled and said, "Brother Xi doesn’t have to feel bad. I’ll ask my brother to give you a hundred."
"One hundred? Little sister, you deceive me! " Xihe sun left the pie mouth and didn’t rest assured.
"These holy lords, although I have always been true to Monty, can’t be lost, otherwise, my fellow scholars and I will be sinners in the primitive mainland. These holy soldiers should go back to their homes."
Su Ying waved his sleeve and saw those holy lords killed, leaving the holy soldiers floating one by one and going back to their respective holy places.
Chao Sheng and others are sore at the sight of so many holy soldiers. What a great fortune it should be. Unfortunately, the Ministry has now been returned to their respective holy places by Su Ying.
Sue should take out the Great Brahma Thunder Temple and the golden stick, ponder over it slightly, and then throw these two holy soldiers back to the Thunder Temple in the Western Regions.
Chao Sheng’s heart ached like a knife, but these saints were killed by Su Ying on his own, and so were the holy soldiers. Li Su should do this to him, and he could not say anything.
"Twenty or thirty holy soldiers!" His eyes trembled.
Su Ying should send these holy soldiers away and continue to look up and see the primitive mainland of the Xuanshen Sect. At this moment, the sun seems to be still and stay high.
The holy soldier of the Xuanshen Sect actually pulled the primitive mainland sun to change its original trajectory and let this round stay in the south of the huge scorching sun with 100,000 mountains in Zhou Tianxing Palace!
"who has such a huge mana that he can urge the holy soldiers to change the sun’s operation?"
ChaoSheng somberly murmured "is it the xuan emperor? But he is a little worse than Tian Xing. Without this means, even all the Great Sages in Taixuan Gate can join hands to urge such a terrible power! Who is it? "
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-seven Distorted Xuan Huang
Su Ying, Chao Sheng and others looked at the site of Shengzong, as if they saw a sun wrapped in a huge meteor and crashing into hundreds of mountains.
When the Star Emperor offered sacrifices to Zhou Tianxing Palace, Zhou Tianxing Palace was blocked, and Gu Tianxing was locked and imprisoned.
However, the mysterious clock is different from this holy soldier. It seems that heaven and earth can be driven to suppress together!
With the mysterious clock, a sound resounded through the heavens and the earth. "Gu Tianxing Xing Di, you two also want to be the emperor? There is an emperor in the whole world, and that is the Xuan emperor! Only I deserve the only overlord of the primitive continent! "
In the two large arrays of Zhou Tianxing Palace, the star emperor was neither salty nor faint. When he saw the 365-pole flag flying to meet the boom, the flag of Zhou Tianxing Palace was suddenly shocked and suddenly turned into a cosmic star, which drowned the shadow of the mysterious clock!
Obviously, the Star Emperor also spent the great man’s robbery method to make efforts to deal with Zhou Tianxing Palace and fall into the midst of Su Ying’s diamond cutting, so he could separate a large array of stars to fight against the Xuan Emperor.
His emperor’s robbery was not as horrible as Gu Tianxing’s, but the holy land that attacked him was a demon temple, such as Zhongzhou Xiajia King Kong Zen, Sun God Palace and Moon God Palace. Although the number of these holy places was small, their strength was extremely earth, which made it difficult for the Star Emperor.
These holy places are obviously inspired by Gu Tianxing to create some troubles for the Star Emperor, so that he can deal with the big array of stars and the mysterious shadow of the clock in a stalemate!
In addition to these holy places, there are ancient sacred doors that have always been contending for the world, and Ji’s family, who lives far away in the western regions, is also making moves to the Star Emperor at the moment, and there are also some holy places in his territory to fish in troubled waters.
Sue should look low "xuan huang? Has this youngest son become a great emperor? "
In his impression, although the Xuan Emperor was powerful and integrated with the evil spirits of hell, he was still far from the realm of the great emperor and was not rooted enough to become an emperor.
However, judging from the scene of his hand this time, Xuan Huangxiu is extremely profound, and Gu Tianxing is not inferior to the Star Emperor.
The Star Emperor is the Great Sage of the Milky Way, and it will take nearly two hundred years to polish and accumulate before he can fully grasp the achievements of the Great Emperor.
Gu Tianxing is the same.
However, Xuan Huang’s ascension so quickly makes people feel unreal.
"Is it that the demon Jingxue brought him changes?"

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