Gao Chu’s face was white and burst into a kneeling speech. "The duke was also punished for a slip of the tongue."

Li Chongjiu lifted Gao Chu up.
It is no wonder that most of the measures taken by the counties in the current court to exterminate thieves are strictly to make an example of them.
For example, not long ago, when Fan Gai settled the bandits in Jingpantuo Chai Baochang, Jiangjun County, he killed and burned the village dock together, and even surrendered to the first place, killing tens of thousands of people in half a month. Unfortunately, he still could not settle Hedong.
Two years ago, another great sui expert, Wang Shichong, who was famous for his counterinsurgency, led the Huainan army to suppress Liu Yuanjin and others.
In addition to the future trouble, Wang Shichong tricked the enemy into surrendering and treacherously killed more than 30 thousand people, so Wang Shichong rose to Jiangdu to defend.
Although it is understandable that the rogue was forced to start an incident, it is unimaginable to destroy the county and county, which is ten times more oppressive than the court.
When loyalists encircle thieves, they never show mercy. Even prisoners are killed together. It is not cruel, but there is no extra food for them.
It is hard to find the price of Zhongda rice, and the land has not been recovered since the bandits in Hedong, Shanxi.
When dealing with these rogue thieves, the imperial court has no surplus grain and can’t afford to put them back. After being hungry for a few days, life forced them to become thieves again. Suo Xing killed them again.
In the past 3,000 years, China has been separated for a long time, and it will be divided into several layers to overthrow the uprising, which is harmful to society.
Han Huang Jin Tang Huang Chao Li Zicheng
The thirty-six rebellion against the king during the Sui and Tang Dynasties knocked down the entrance of the Great Sui Dynasty from the peak to the bottom, and even later, the Zhenguan Dynasty did not complete the restoration to its peak
Li Chongjiu smiled and said to Gao Chuyan, "It’s not that I want to be a saint. It takes two to three efforts to care for an injured person. If we let these go back, it will show that the imperial court is also tired of the enemy’s efforts."
Hearing this, Gao Chu suddenly looked at Li Chongjiu again, but deeply felt that the duke was not very kind and liked to play tricks.
When Cheng Tou Li Chongjiu sent in shouting "Allow rogue to heal the wounded in the city", he would never obstruct the rogue in the city. When he heard this, he was skeptical.
Soon after, a team of ten-in-one thieves tentatively came to the city to treat the injured. During the treatment, the officers and men really made no mistake. They carried the injured away.
So the thieves can rest assured that more thieves will come to the city to carry the injured and lift more than a hundred in one breath. It is difficult to cure the serious injuries, and the thieves are also so fragile that they have a good time.
After more than 100 injured people were taken back to the army, a member of the rogue former army rode out in armor and said to Chengtou with a fist, "Champion Hou Gaoyi and Zhao thanked the brothers here."
Li Chong’s head of the9 cities replied, "You are all forced to endure this, so my parents can’t bear to see this. Let’s settle down early and have another battle."
The other member, wearing a real general, said generously, "If the court is such a good official, the duke will worry about the rebellion of the people in all directions."
When the general rode away with a fist.
Ri has started to retreat from the thief’s side by the west.
The general in real armor returned to Yan Zi’s banner and Ma Yan said, "Zhao Dare to see Wang Wei at the end!"
A 30-year-old man in a dragon robe asked coldly, "Do you dare to know Zhao’s guilt?"
Zhao dare to listen to immediately hurriedly worship said, "Wang Wei will be foolish at the end."
One of the counselors said, "General Zhao, you didn’t save the crossbow when you went out. This is sin one."
"But what’s more, when our army was newly defeated and demoralized, you actually praised the enemy commander Gao Yi in front of the two armies for sending Wang Wei to the ground?"
Zhao dare to sweat straight down and tremble and say, "At the end of the moment, I will ask Wang Wei to forgive me."
The king of Wei must pull out the words, "I can’t miss you when I’m alone. I used to, um, record 30 sticks this time, and if I make a mistake, I’ll cut you in the head."
"Thank you, Wang Wei, for not killing grace." Zhao dared to knock a few heads before he retired.
Immediately, two soldiers directly pulled out Zhao Gan’s clothes and trousers before the staff.
Some time, Zhao Gan was dying and was immediately dragged back to camp to rest.
The king must pinch and say, "You can break this bird city alone with this crossbow, but you will encounter such an expert."
"It’s better to be famous than to hear that this champion Hou 200,000 Turkic wolves dared to assassinate Khan before riding. Today, when I saw that there was such a valiant warrior stationed in the flying fox, I didn’t want to step into Taiyuan."
A counselor said, "Wang Wei, our army is newly defeated. I don’t think it’s better to make progress in Taiyuan for a while. It’s better to go to South Asia to meet up and eat in Boling County for the winter!"
Wang Xuba said with a smile, "The strategist said that Boling County is a big county, but there is a handsome boy who is afraid of what to do. Let’s meet up and go to Boling to eat and drink."
You know, there is famine in Shandong and Shanxi.
If Wang Yao, the king, must pull out, if more than ten people are gathered together to count the grain and grass, he will run out. Therefore, the king must pull out his troops and lead a general, Zhen Zhai ‘er, who is the commander of Yashuai Lishan Flying Wei Dao, to lead an army to attack the counties respectively.
Therefore, the rogue war has always been to divert the various counties from escaping, which is convenient for feeding and for taking care of each other.
For example, Boling County is a county with hundreds of thousands of entrances. If you want to conquer the rogue, you must gather people to join forces.
Wang Xu said with a smile, "The imperial army is in the East China Sea, and Dou Jiande’s gang are in hot water. I won’t touch the imperial army and let them fight for the court."
"We brothers went to Boling County with great fanfare to spread out banquets, drink and eat meat."
Then Wang must pull out laughing.
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Disorderly life
The next day, the city thieves launched a crazy attack on the city, which made the officers and men tired of coping. Most of the officers and men wanted the city to die on the loyalist, but the offensive continued until the evening, only to find that most of the thieves were retreating except some elite soldiers.
It seems that the storm before the rogue exhausted the defenders and killed their momentum, obviously planning to retreat.
See if an army is well trained. When it retreats, it can be seen that most of the thieves are busy in the past nine years, and they are forced to pack their luggage and go home in a hurry. When they retreat, the dust is flying and the discipline is obviously quite chaotic.
Many ChengTou people are soldiers who have asked Li Chongjiu for pursuit.
Li Chongjiu observed for a while, and he also knew that if he pursued at this time, there would be a big victory. It was impossible, but it was still a small victory. However, Li Chongjiu looked at it for a while and decided to give up the pursuit. If he could not eliminate Wang Xuba, even a small victory would not make much sense.
Captured? There is no difference between robbing a group and calling flowers. What can a rogue get?
Captives? Not killed? Li Chongjiu asked himself if it was not Fan Gai Wang Shichong’s kind of killing a bunch of people who knew the right people to dye their official hats red. Officials forced the people to oppose the court’s violence. Not much to say, but among the rogue and disorderly people, such a lean man with his own ambitions took advantage of it, or did these people want the thief to die first? No matter how many thieves killed, I didn’t think that Li Chuangwang was surrounded by ten followers when he was in the lowest decline, but a few years later he sent millions of troops into Beijing to force Chongzhen to death.
Released? It’s still a question whether the current grain and grass in Feihu County can not survive the winter, which will aggravate the famine situation. There are already five or six hundred thieves captured in the county.
However, the rogue receded and the county naturally settled down. More than 3,000 soldiers and civilians in the city began to celebrate the city being poisoned by rogue.
A few days later, the villages near the county town also heard that the thieves had receded, and they also came out of the mountains to return to their old places to settle down and clean up their homes. They had a small life, and the original deserted countryside had a smell of chickens and dogs, and the smoke from the kitchen rose again, which was no longer like a hundred miles away.
However, Li Chongjiu found that he had saved the flying fox county by repelling the rogue himself, but there was no great enthusiasm. According to the convention, Li Chongjiu was also a new official. At this time, he should call on the county family and inform the first two to mix a familiar face.
When one parent meets these family strongmen, it’s considered to be a place to win over. In the future, there will be a place to do things, and by the way, it can also expand additional income. However, after the rogue repelled, Li Chongjiu sat in the classroom for several days, not to mention the family strongmen, but he didn’t even visit the squire.

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