To his surprise, even without physical protection, this strange core has not been destroyed after a’ thunderstorm’, which can be seen from its tenacious vitality.

Tianyang snorted and made a snap of his fingers, then gave the core a thunderstorm, and then called a demon to carry the core into the cracks.
Tianyang also got into the door.
In a daze, Peter felt someone calling his name. He barely opened his eyes and saw Alice’s frightened face through the residual fire around him.
He’ hey’ and said, "I’m fine. I can’t die."
His accidental hoarseness made Alice nervous, and the girl quickly took out Tianyang and gave her the’ Chunhua’ potion, so she gave it to Peter without hesitation.
Peter felt a chill at the entrance of the potion, and then his body was rejuvenated. Although these vitality were still weak like a trickle, he felt that his injury was indeed recovering.
Chapter 139 A forward
"What was that just now?"
"I saw flashes and flames."
"There will be just vibration …"
The ancient battlefield was responsible for protecting several mediators. The convoy guards stayed where they were, but looked at the distant plain, where flashes and flames just appeared and the earth felt a strong earthquake. All this told a fact.
Peter Desmonk found the different gods and fought them.
When the guards discussed the fighting situation, no one noticed that there was a ghostly figure in a magnetic energy car beside the young duke of Lieyang Castle.
Remove the time projection and the sun will return to its original appearance. He unhurriedly pulled the hatch and shouted to the guard outside, "Senator Peter is injured. We are going to meet him now."
Tianyang is not worried that Peter will be surprised. He will know the news because Alice’s short message has been received in his communicator. After the guards and mediators got on the bus, several magnetic energy vehicles drove towards the side where the fire appeared.
In the car, Tianyang spat slightly before he could hear the sound. "I successfully absorbed the alien quality and gained the nightmare and the war invasion. I gained three more qualities. Those three qualities are forming a new seal, but this second seal doesn’t seem to take shape so quickly."
He recalled the’ upgrade’ information from the new quality in his mind.
He knew that if this quality is complete, it should be’ evolution’, that is’ quality’ mastered by Luo Wu.
The essence of’ evolution’ can smash the killing life. After acquiring various abilities by absorbing and reorganizing abilities and powers, it can consume those who feel unable to upgrade a powerful ability and make it break through the original realm.
You can also consume excess energy to upgrade your body and transcend the ordinary life category.
Unfortunately, Tianyang only got the quality of "upgrading" in the end, and even this "quality" is incomplete, and he can only upgrade his body by upgrading his ability.
However, it can also be upgraded, but every quality is very important even if it is incomplete. There are special days when Yang doesn’t think he can be extravagant enough to consume other qualities to upgrade one of them.
In terms of ability, it is possible to try, but in the end, the’ upgrade’ can only be reflected before the reorganization ability, and the quality of’ upgrade’ before increasing the ability is still insufficient.
"However, I have the ability to reproduce. Although I can protect seven, if I can’ upgrade’ my ability to reproduce, it is also a channel to enhance my combat power."
"Well, let’s try it when the hell is over."
About an hour later, they found Peter and Alice. After drinking the’ Chunhua’ potion, Peter’s injury recovered to a certain extent, but it was still far from recovery. However, he was physically strong and day order, and his injuries looked scary, but his life was not in danger.
It’s just that he was too injured to move. Yang examined him again and found that his fractures in many places were shattered. No wonder he moved.
Several guards carefully carried Peter to the magnetic energy vehicle, made preliminary treatment, fixed several fracture places to avoid causing more damage, and then returned to the scarlet crack and returned to Hell Castle.
There is a medical team in the Coalition with a glorious rank to deal with Peter’s injury and prevent him from leaving sequelae.
Peter showed his white teeth in the magnetic energy car and said to Tianyang, "Thanks to Alice’s magic potion this time, otherwise I would definitely not be so relaxed now. Do you have a rank 5 mediator in Tianyang City?"
Tianyang shook his head. "I bought this from its conciliator. We have Alice as a conciliator in Lieyang Castle for the time being, but I believe she will be promoted soon."
Encouraged, Alice blushed a little, but nodded strongly. The girl responded to Tianyang’s expectations in her own way.
Peter laughed. "I think this little girl is very nice, too. It’s a pity that you have her as a mediator in Lieyang Castle, otherwise I really want to bring her with me."
Tianyang smiled and said instead of continuing this topic, "Has that strange god disappeared?"
Peter affirmed, "Yes, I’m sure of that, and everyone can rest assured."
"But this time I was surprised that the weather in Tianyang City is very grand and it is still a little green. You should have just woken up soon, so there is still great potential to be tapped."
Tianyang said frankly, "I woke up on my way to Zhonglu. You are right. I can still do it satisfactorily."
"You will do better when you don’t give yourself a little."
Peter held out his hand and said, "Lord Tianyang doesn’t know if you want to make some contributions to the world?"
"I mean, the world is full of crises. The golden court was set up to deal with these crises. What kind of actual reward do you get after joining the court?"
"But it’s possible to lose your life if you run around like this, but as you can see, because of the court, we can respond quickly and kill the disasters before they spread."
"I believe that the golden court can make the world a better place, so we also need more fresh, energetic and capable’ blood’ to supplement it."
"Here I, Peter Desmonk, sincerely invite you to join our golden court as a matter of common sense!"
Tianyang didn’t expect this big fellow to take the initiative to invite himself. He also wanted to get the recommendation of three members of parliament, but now he has received the invitation of common sense, which is really a great surprise for him.
However, Tianyang didn’t immediately reach out and agreed. Instead, he said, "I come from a fortress on the east coast of the sea and the bottom class of that fortress. I know that people at the bottom have a very difficult life. I hope that this situation can be changed and their lives will be better."
"Of course I’d like to make some contributions to the world, but Mr. Peter, we realize that it’s almost only a week now, right? I’m afraid you’ll bring you unnecessary trouble by inviting me to join in so rashly. "
Peter froze and then burst out laughing, but the movement was too big and touched the wound, which made him hum again.
After some adjustment, he said, "What am I worried about? So you are worried about this. You are not worried about the Lord of Tianyang City. I know what I am doing."
Peter said seriously, "I also know that not every member in the Chamber is as ideal as you and me. The motivation for sending them into the Chamber is to strengthen our own power. We also tolerate such things happening. After all, the world can’t be black and white. These gray areas need time, but we can turn a blind eye."
"Of course I know what will happen if you are invited to join us, but those things are nothing at all. What kind of difficulties and troubles require us to identify our goals, so we can just blow them up if we get in the way?"
"The important thing is whether we have the determination to stick it out, don’t you think, Lord Tianyang?"
Tianyang looked at the man with rigid lines and felt the courage he was afraid of. He was determined to stick to his ideals and goals to the end, and he understood how this man could cultivate that kind of weather.
"Of course I have my own determination!"
The sun shook Peter’s big hand. "I will also achieve my goal!" "
Peter’s eyes suddenly lit up.
Hands tightly hold a piece.
In the next few days, Peter was recuperating, and the Hellburg crisis was gradually lifted.
Yinlong Castle and Ares Castle made great efforts to recapture the forward base behind Kraft Gate and repel waves of Bosnian citizens without letting those’ demons’ cross the gate.
In the fortress, the allied forces swept through every corner and removed all the black people’s departments that could be found, thus cutting off the black people’s transport chain team together with the forward base
This leaves the black people in the scarlet crack.
After the fortress was no longer in danger, Lieyang Castle and Unicorn Castle moved their positions and joined the sweeps in the scarlet cracks.
It is because the big crack is no better than the fortress. Even though the Coalition forces try their best to organize people to build isolation zones, they still let the black people break through from time to time.
Twenty days after the formal attack on Scarlet Rift by the Western Union Army, the disaster base of Hellburg has been solved, but it has been confirmed that many black people have fled into the ancient battlefield. At present, a search team composed of several fortresses is pursuing those black people. However, the ancient battlefield is too large and there is no natural barrier to rely on, which will effectively round up the black people. It is likely that some black people will escape from the ancient battlefield and go to other places in the West.
Fortunately, the gold court quickly suppressed the scarlet rift in response, and the black people in the hellcastle did not let the big rift fire belt explode.
Due to the limited number of black people who escaped, they will be cleaned up one day.
Therefore, Peter and the Senate decided to guard this unrecorded Kraft Gate in the Hellborg temporarily after many times, so as to prevent the black people from crossing the border again.

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