Zhao Guansong looks like his fists are slow and fast to meet Ye Shuang’s epee, but the real goal is that the epee body tries to weaken the epee offensive by unloading force.

It’s no secret that Ye Shuang sneers at Tai Ji Chuan. He naturally knows what Zhao Guansong’s idea is, but Tai Ji Chuan, the ninth floor of his epee dragon elephant Prajna work, may not have it.
Ye Shuang was softened by Zhao Guansong and Tai Ji Chuan to resolve the epee offensive, but his sword remained unchanged. He still stabbed Zhao Guansong. When Zhao Guansong and Tai Ji Chuan hit the epee blade, Ye Shuang really felt that the epee strength was removed by him, but there was no deviation in practicing the sword Ye Shuangjian in the raging tide of the sea, and the epee strength did not weaken too much. If this sword stabbed Zhao Guansong, it hit him hard.
When Ye Shuang’s epee reached Zhao Guansong’s chest less than half a foot, his look changed slightly and he had to avoid one punch sideways to continue to resolve the epee. At the same time, the other punch was to turn to Tai Ji Chuan and attack Ye Shuang.
Ye Shuang looked cold. Facing Zhao Guansong’s attack on himself, he didn’t look at it, but he didn’t plan to resist it. Instead, he swept Zhao Guansong obliquely with his left hand. For Ye Shuang, he had to cut him off. The two men had to withdraw their fists and parry. The moves were quite fast and the moves were very simple. There was nothing complicated. Everyone next to him could see it, but it was this kind of fight in vain, but it was the wind of Ye Shuang’s war. Zhao Guansong Tai Ji Chuan had been defending the counterattack very few times.
Tai Ji Chuan played slowly and dialed four or two kilos, but these were given out by Zhao Guansong, but the result was that his arms, robes and sleeves were as tattered as before, and his fists and arms had a few more blue and purple bruises.
Ye Shuang Dragon, like Prajnaparamita, performed epee fencing on the ninth floor. Each sword weighed more than 1,000 kilograms. Tai Ji Chuan couldn’t resolve his fist, so his arm was injured by Ye Shuang epee.
I feel that Zhao Guansong and Tai Ji Chuan are finding it more and more difficult to resolve the epee strength. Ye Shuang has repeatedly chopped the epee in the most direct and overbearing way towards him and destroyed him in the face.
At this time, Zhao Guansong’s heart is miserable. Every sword of Ye Shuang is like Taishan coping, but there is almost no separation, which makes him almost breathless. His hands and bones ache and numb. Seeing that Ye Shuang’s sword is more important than a sword, I really want to kill Zhao Guansong at a stroke. I dare not hesitate more and directly admit that "I give up."
Ye Shuang laughed when he heard Zhao Guansong’s words, but the epee didn’t stop at all. Instead, the offensive was more fierce. His right fist was even more powerful. He attacked him together with Tian Shuang’s fist. "Now it’s not a tournament, but you and I will fight to the death. If you don’t give up, you will die or I will live."
Just now, he really wanted to kill them, but after the last blow, they were separated from each other and their flying skills were extremely high, so it was easy for him to escape. Although Zhao Guansong had no big feud with him, as he said, these people are enemies of Heaven. Will you let him go and Mata won’t continue to fight against Heaven? Since he is still the enemy sooner or later, why should he be saved? Anyway, Ye Shuang and wu-tang clan have long had a vendetta, and they are enemies whether they let him go or not.
Hear Ye Shuang Zhao Guansong frightened to disgrace at the same time, one side and others have also changed color and exclaimed to rescue Zhao Guansong together.
"Brother Zhao, be careful"
"Zhao Daxia, be careful"
However, since Ye Shuang has made up his mind, he is ready to give these people no chance to break his epee forcibly. Tai Ji Chuan defends and the day after tomorrow Frost punches Zhao Guansong with the epee.
See the day frost boxing attack to the original because of the epee offensive and quite anxious Zhao Guansong at this time had to rush to resist the day frost boxing and Tai Ji Chuan collision bullying cold poison earth directly attack Zhao Guansong Zhao Guansong "wow" spit out one mouthful blood left arm was immediately hit hard.
Ye Shuang at this time, the epee came to Zhao Guansong without mercy again. Zhao Guansong had to resist with his right arm, but both fists could not resist the epee. What can a single fist do at this time?
A crisp leaf frost sword directly shattered Zhao Guansong’s right arm and right hand, and then he attacked the door and exposed Zhao Guansong’s fist in his chest.
Do you want to see if this punch completely killed Zhao Guansong or not? Ye Shuang’s left epee blocked behind him obliquely, and then "dang" and "dang" sounded from behind and the attack was blocked by epee.
At the same time, a Taoist who doesn’t know Ye Shuang attacked from the front. Although this Taoist looks old, his face looks like a trace of innocence. It is like the Taoist saying that red innocence is probably because Ye Shuang punched Zhao Guansong’s life and death. At this time, this Taoist blushed and strained his right hand toward Ye Shuang’s right arm, as if he were playing with Ye Shuang.
But Ye Shuang didn’t dare to see the power of this blow at all. He looked very serious. Tian Shuang suddenly attacked the other side with seven fists, which were fierce and cold, and everything was frozen.
Maybe I know that the cold in Ye Shuang’s force is overbearing. This person didn’t hard-connect Ye Shuang’s fist to stop Ye Shuang, and then he pulled out and retreated to rescue Zhao Guansong.
Ye Shuang didn’t pursue this person. Frost fist and epee were continuously cast to stop everyone around him from attacking.
"How about Brother Zhao Daoxiong?"
A few people surrounded Ye Shuang, but they all looked anxiously at Zhao Guansong. Zhao Guansong’s identity is very important. He can be said to be the successor of wu-tang clan’s head. If something happens to him here, these people will not only face wu-tang clan’s censure of their sect elders, but also have corresponding punishment to give wu-tang clan an account.
The Taoist priest who was forced back by Ye Shuang first grabbed Zhao Guansong’s wrist and explored his breath. After a mixed feeling, he said, "Zhao Daoxiong still has a breath to protect his heart at the key moment. His body is cold and his flesh and blood has begun to freeze. You must heal quickly or you will die after a while."
Hearing that Zhao Guansong was not dead, these people were relieved and immediately looked at Ye Shuang with anger. One of Ye Shuang didn’t know the monk and immediately angered, "Ye Donor is so diabolical that he wants to kill Zhao Daoxiong at one stroke."
"Hum you this is not nonsense? People were almost killed by me. What do you say? " Ye Shuang looked at the monk angrily and suddenly found that he was a little different from the monk’s robe in Shaolin Temple. Then he remembered that the former monk could not help but ask, "I don’t know if this master is from Shaolin Temple as he is called?"
"The poor monk came from Jingnian Temple". Although the monk glared at Ye Shuang, he still reported his origin.
Pure meditation temple?
Ye Shuang’s heart suddenly didn’t think that all the people in Cihang Jingzhai had been born, and it’s no surprise that people in the monastery appeared here.
When Ye Shuang saw the former Taoist priest again, he couldn’t help asking, "Is this Taoist priest a Sanshou robot?"
The Taoist priest who is helping Zhao Guansong to protect his heart and save his life is quite self-restrained when he hears Ye Shuang’s words. "What I have learned by being original and being true is really Sanshou."
Ye Shuang heart andao "boy, this kind of static lent people appeared net read monastery and Sanshou robot followed by really a person out of a bunch of!"
Ye Shuang just thought of this when she heard a female voice say, "Brother Zhao was seriously injured, Yao Ying, and here’s a magic pill given by his master, which has a miraculous effect on cold poison."
Ye Shuang looked back just to see the cloud and a woman. The strange thing is that the cloud root didn’t face the enemy of life and death, but it was serious to the woman next to it. "Yao Ying girl Ye Shuang’s cold poison is a common Dan medicine root from refining ice silkworm. If you really want to save wu-tang clan, a Taoist, I can let him suck these cold poisons out."
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Fight alone.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Fight alone
The cloud words instantly made Ye Shuang frown and look at him. Ye Shuang found that the cloud did not show the slightest concern about the critical situation at this time, but most of his spirit was beside him.
Ye Shuang suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart. He looked at Yao Ying along the flowing clouds. Although Ye Shuang had never seen a girl, he also had to admit that this Yao Ying was a beautiful woman with three points of heroism, compassion and holiness. People could not help but feel good about her.
This is a absolute beauty woman.
"Liu Yun, are you confused or fascinated by this woman?" Ye Shuang said in a bad tone, "Everyone here is our enemy except our own people. Do you want me to save our enemy?"
Seeing Ye Shuang, Liu Yun didn’t refute his face in front of Yao Ying. It was also a bit ugly. He immediately replied, "We don’t want to fight with all sects to the death. Naturally, we will have friends. wu-tang clan didn’t go to war with me on a big scale. You don’t need to kill Zhao Guansong and cause wu-tang clan to retaliate on a large scale. I will build a strong enemy in a short time."
"Master Liu Yuntang said that Yao’s shadow is deep. Although it is difficult for Zhao Daoxiong to come to the meeting with the sky, he did not die in Tai Ji Chuan. Ye Shuanggong has a very measured hand and forgives people." Yao’s audio and video makes people feel like spring breeze and naturally has a convincing taste.
"Yao Ying said yes. Although I have ambition to fight for hegemony in Jianghu, I don’t want to kill all the way to make rivers and lakes bleed. The most important thing is to convince everyone in Jianghu." Liu Yun quickly went on to say Yao Ying’s words.
Ye Shuang nai shook his head and sighed, "Liu Yun, you go to command Feiyuntang people to retreat. Yao Ying gave all these people to me."
He understood that Yao Ying didn’t know what he had poured into the cloud. No matter what Yao Ying said, the cloud would recognize that it was very reasonable. Ye Shuang was not going to argue with him again, or let Yao Ying provoke him away without trace. Maybe it is possible for the cloud to start work on him. He definitely didn’t want to be fooled at this time.
When he heard Ye Shuang’s words, the cloud seemed to realize that the situation was not good, but he was still the master of Feiyun Hall. However, he turned to look at the situation in Feiyun Hall and actually said, "The Golden Messenger and the Yellow Messenger are already in the overall planning bureau. It doesn’t make much difference whether I am here or not. Let’s help you here."
Although the cloud was fascinated by Yao Ying, it didn’t completely lose its own judgment. He also saw that Ye Shuang was in a bad situation at this time, because many experts came from all sides, and the target department was all Ye Shuang. Whether he wanted to help Ye Shuang here or Yao Ying had more reasons, I’m afraid one day will know.
I really taught Yu Zhi to catch up, and Huashan sent Liu Haoran to catch up with Qiu Shuang. Dugu City gave up and chased the wind. Hong Mian, a sect of Shaolin Beggars, and other experts also rushed over to join in the fun. The arrival of these experts put great pressure on Ye Shuang, but the chasing wind and Qiu Shuang were also rushing here. In a short time, Ye Shuang Center gathered many experts.
"I’m flying clouds. They can’t get stuck. I can’t walk or not." Ye Shuang doesn’t want to talk nonsense with the clouds any more. He can’t be careless about being surrounded by so many people. Even if he makes great progress, he can’t say that he can easily escape.
See Ye Shuang signs of escape just arrived in tzu chi immediately red eyes avenue "Ye Shuang you kill my younger brother today will let you blood out".
The words sound just fell and he struck at Ye Shuang with a sword and a fist.
At first, Yu Zhi immediately triggered a chain reaction. Besides, Mei Aohan and Gao Yuan Gao Chang and other Huashan brothers also helped. Liu Yungang was about to help Ye Shuang when he was stopped by a net Buddhist monk with several monks.
At this time, Yao Ying is full of encouragement to Liu Yun, saying, "Master Liu Yun Tang, you’d better leave. Everyone can leave today, but Ye Shuang Gong is different. He has more or less grudges with the major sects, and there are many sects’ secrets. This matter needs another one."
"Yao Shadow Fairy said that others can let go today, but Ye Shuang must not let him go away." Coming from behind, Liu Haoran also readily agreed that Yao Shadow had such a rare opportunity that they must join hands to get Ye Shuang.
"Don’t talk about Jianghu rules. Let’s catch Ye Shuang together, big sleep." At this time, Yao Ying spoke to, Huaizhen and others again.
Faced with the pressure brought by many masters around, Ye Shuang stood still and held a dark iron epee, finding that he couldn’t help laughing. "It’s a joke to treat me like a stranger for three days."
Yu Zhi’s fist and real swordsmanship were the first to attack Ye Shuang’s side. Ye Shuang’s darksteel epee obliquely refers to the backhand sword, which was greeted with great grandeur. Naturally, he would not touch Ye Shuang hard to resolve Ye Shuang’s sword, but Ye Shuang’s sword was halfway to see that after Yu Zhi’s change, the epee turned against Liao and suddenly changed to avoid his fist, and the speed was extremely fast towards Yu Zhi’s attack.

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