First of all, look at the name of the dragon in the first dragon, and you will know how high his parents expect of him. At most, others hope that women can become adults. How good are the parents who want him to be a dragon in the dragon? But you can’t blame them for their domineering surname "Dragon"

Long Zhonglong absorbed Ji Xuan’s lesson. Instead of punching him in the end in a silly way, he came to three strokes to feint defense and ensure that he would not be beaten. Waiting for Zhang Xuan and Ouyang to attack from the side, he will attack Yu Fan in three directions. No matter how severe you are, you can’t beat four hands, and even worse, you can’t beat six hands. This is his real purpose.
However, Yu Fan seems to have seen through his mind. In the face of his attack, he didn’t even dodge his fist. He rushed forward rapidly and narrowed the distance with him. In less than a second, Yu Fan rushed to the front of the dragon and dexterously got into his arms from his attack gap. An elbow hit him hard in the dragon’s belly instantly, which made him lose his fighting capacity.
To say the actual level, Yu Fan feels that she is just like Ji Xuanlong, and their level is almost the same. However, because she was abused by poetry for so many times, she couldn’t take the first move from the beginning until she was able to attack hundreds of moves back and forth. Among them, many poems were feint moves, and she was cheated from the beginning to the end, which made Yu Fan much more knowledgeable.
Now, it seems to Yu Fan that this dragon-in-the-dragon feint move is so childish that Yu Fan saw through it at a glance. After seeing through it, Yu Fan unconsciously learned the melee move from Shi Chan and directly got into the dragon’s arms and gave him an elbow.
"Foot dry Kun!"
As a result, I didn’t expect that Yu Fan’s unconscious poetic move actually made Pepe’s eyes blink. "Step on it!" Actually, it’s "stepping on dry Kun!" Isn’t this your own posture-the third step of the phantom of the opera? This is nothing more than a martial art, Yu Fan. How could it be? Where did he study?
Yu Fan suddenly went out of his own martial arts, but Jiang Peipei was so surprised that Ba almost fell off. It really doesn’t understand how his own martial arts could have been learned by Yu Fan!
After an elbow hit the dragon’s belly, he squatted in pain. In the process of squatting, Yu Fan hung the dragon’s neck and helped himself directly. He turned over the dragon’s head and slammed his foot on his back, directly stepping on the dragon’s face. A dog came to eat shit first.
"A cloud strike!" And "step over the clouds!" This ….. Isn’t this Xueer’s martial arts? He’s even the Lins-the thirteen-style city of misty clouds? Who the hell is he? Where did you learn it? At this time, Pepe suspected that Yu Fan’s identity and Yu Fan were close to their eyes. How could a scavenger be nothing more than martial arts in Jiang and Lin?
Feather who doesn’t know that he has already caused Pepe’s misunderstanding because he realized that he stole the moves from Shi Chan, and continues to fight with Zhang Xuan and Ouyang Tanxue.
When the younger brothers of the great ancient martial arts families entered Yaoshi, their martial arts moves were powerful. Fei Xian, who was in charge of Yaoshi’s operation, discovered and recorded them. Moreover, thanks to her incredible computing power, these moves were improved and strengthened.
Martial arts-a special fighting skill discovered, summed up and created by ancient heroes and wise men in fighting. It supports the rise of a martial arts. It was created and perfected by a generation of grandmasters who summed up their own realm and experience, and combined one move after another to become a set of martial arts.
Fei Xian doesn’t have the stature of her predecessors, but she can deduce a move for hundreds of trillion times in just one second. This kind of strength is much stronger than that of the predecessors and predecessors, but it can’t be amazing, which has caused a qualitative leap. The improved moves of Fei Xian are much stronger than the original ones except for individual cooperation with special skills.
And Yu Fan has learned this improved style, so he is stronger than the original, but Yu Fan has no merit. If he starts with a family, he still can’t beat it.
Starting (
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Among the four male gods, Ouyang Tanxue Zu once got a mountain palm martial arts secret book, which has been treated as a family treasure. However, because there is no corresponding skill method, it is not very powerful, and this mountain palm is also in the middle of the secret book, which is not a famous martial arts.
Although Ouyang stepped through the snow supported several moves after Yu Fan unconsciously made the poem chan moves, he finally lost. He was hit by Yu Fan and got up with a big foot in his face with a nosebleed. Ouyang stepped through the snow and fainted. Ouyang was the last one to see if he fainted. Yu Fan went to make up two feet and successfully dropped all four male gods.
At this time, there are not thousands of onlookers on the roadside, because these parties are so famous in Huaxia University. Whether it is the goddess Pepe or one of these four male gods is because there are so many fans that so many people will gather in this short time.
Seeing that they have always been invincible, they have always abused others. The four male gods were actually solved by a guy who was half shorter than them and some thin guys. The four onlookers were dumbfounded. They believed that one of the male gods solved four of them one by one! They also believe that one can solve forty, but the four male gods are actually solved by others. Although they saw it with their own eyes, they still can’t believe it!
"Although he is not as tall as the male gods! There is no money like the male gods, but he is so handsome and strong! Leave a message, handsome boy! I want to give you a monkey! "
At this time, an anthomaniac woman who worshipped the four male gods looked at Yu Fan, who was so handsome that she didn’t look like a human being and saw with her own eyes that the male god in her mind was knocked down by Yu Fan. Suddenly, her eyes flashed with stars and she rushed towards Yu Fan and shouted that she would give birth to a monkey.
"Handsome boy! I want to support you! "
"get out! This handsome boy is my mother! "
"Handsome boy! I also want to give you a monkey! "
I don’t know how the crowd of onlookers suddenly got out of control. A group of girls with stars in their eyes jumped directly at Yu Fan, which scared Yu Fan. Just now, I was afraid of the four male gods, and I didn’t feel anything. Yu Fan was scared when she was facing these girls who shouted that she would give birth to monkeys for herself!
Frightened, Feather Fan directly turned and pulled Pepe up and ran away, but Pepe was still at the moment because Feather Fan could not only know the martial arts of Jiang and Lin families, but even the martial arts of Zhao, Xuanyuan and Mo families were almost nothing more than martial arts, which shocked Pepe and made her wonder who Feather Fan was. How could she have the ability to get all the martial arts of a big family?
Shocked by Pepe’s stupidity, she was led by Yu Fan to escape from the crowd without resistance. This is also the first time that Yu Fan and Pepe owe a smoke in reality. Although Yu Fan has taken Pepe’s little hand to eat tofu because she pretended to be Pepe’s boyfriend in the game, it was in the game after all, but now she really got the girl’s soft little hand, and she is still a goddess like Pepe. Yu Fan is excited.
"Lie trough! Also here? "
As a result, Yu Fan didn’t expect that he took Pepe and didn’t run two steps. He found that there was still a crowd of onlookers behind him or a crazy girl who came to give birth to her own monkey. This suddenly stumped Yu Fan. I don’t know what to do, but he didn’t hit a girl. It’s not good to shoot.
"Eldest brother go! I’ll cover for you! You lecherous girls can’t pester my boss! Come to me if you want to give birth to a monkey! I’ll join you! "
Just when Yu Fan didn’t know what to do, a figure suddenly came out of the crowd and struggled to open her arms and rushed to the girl. She hugged seven girls directly and held them aside. Yu Fan made a way out.
"Lie trough! Dude, be brave! Thanks! "

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