In mid-May, Cao Cao did not encounter a defeat, killing 50,000 soldiers of the Yellow Scarf Army and successfully capturing a commander of the Yellow Scarf Army. There are countless other small leaders.

At present, there are not so many talented people around Cao Cao who can achieve such results. It is up to him to plan and command alone.
Cao Cao hasn’t been king yet, so he hasn’t paid attention to talent training and collection yet.
Although he knew that Lingyun would be valued by Huang Pusong, he must have some talents, but he didn’t want to accept Lingyun himself. Now they are colleagues and discuss some views on the Yellow Scarf Army.
The centuries-old rule of the Han Dynasty is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now, except for some players who are thinking about hegemony, most np still don’t have this idea. They still want to be loyal to the Han Dynasty.
Although the spirit emperor is fatuous * *, after all, he has been sitting on the throne for seventeen years and there are so many loyal generations in the DPRK. On the whole, the Han Dynasty is still in the hands of the spirit emperor, and no one can resist his rule except for decades of forbearance.
Nowadays, these cremation heroes still belong to the Han Dynasty for the time being.
Even if Cao Cao doesn’t really want to help the Han family in the future, he may not have the idea of self-reliance in the Han family, which will eventually lead to the disharmony between the monarch and the subjects. Even if Cao Cao has great ability, there are still many things that will be beyond his control.
Just like Zhao Kuangyin, the ancestor of the Song Dynasty, was possessed by a royal robe.
With the growing power of Cao Cao, there are more and more capable ministers in his hands. Even if Cao Cao later wanted to return the profits to Xian Di, his advisers and military commanders would not agree to force the words to split the north once again.
Although Xian Di is expensive, it is unpopular.
On the one hand, Xian Di was scared to death of Cao Cao, and on the other hand, he always wanted people to get rid of Cao Cao. After the failure, those people were arrested and killed by Cao Cao. Xian Di was an emperor with a heart.
If Xian Di really treated Cao Cao, there would not be so many things that embarrassed the monarch and his subjects. The two sides were so close to each other that one side was doomed to be trampled on by the other.
After ten days at Huang Pusong’s side, the number of banners in the Han army camp did not increase from the outside, but there were many more soldiers in the barracks.
At first, there were a total of 500,000 soldiers in Huangpu Song. In the past few months, players joined in and the court supported the deduction of the dead soldiers. Now Huangpu Song still has 600,000 troops.
At the same time, there are also 500 thousand troops in the hands of Zhu Xi on the other side
The number of the Yellow Scarf Army has not been consumed much in recent months.
Zhang Bao has 1.2 million yellow turban insurrectionary army in his hand, while Zhang Liang has 100,000 in his hand.
Every day, Huang Pusong asked dozens of people to explore the news of the Yellow Scarf Army, especially the food and grass of the Yellow Scarf Army.
Finally, on the tenth day after his return from Songshan, the Emperor Pusong received the news.
Today, the yellow turban insurrectionary army has not eaten on time, and there have been small-scale riots in the yellow turban insurrectionary army. Although it was quickly suppressed, the news of the yellow turban insurrectionary army’s grain has quietly come out, and more and more people know the news.
In fact, even if no one else says that these low-level yellow turban insurrectionary troops are cautious, they can feel that the food distributed these days is a little less than before, and it is getting less and less every day.
Although the first small riot was quickly suppressed by various canal commanders, panic has spread in the yellow turban insurrectionary army camp
If every meal of food is not reduced, many people will believe it if the generals of the Yellow Scarf Army do say that the lack of food is a rumor.
But it’s not like they just watch themselves eat less and less every meal, and their hearts are white. The virtuous teacher is almost unable to come up with food and grass.
If the army is defeated and not annihilated, the general can plan a victory to boost morale.
However, even if the commander of the army has something against the sky, he can stop the soldiers from demoralizing, and even if the soldiers defect, they will try their best to stop them.
Even if the soldiers tied the Lord to surrender, it would not be surprising.
After the battlefield, everyone is ready to die, but they are not afraid, but they starve to death, which is what they can bear.
In ancient times, whenever droughts and floods occurred, things that were easy to eat occurred from time to time.
Hunger is the most destructive belief in the world, and it is difficult for thousands of people to appear. One person can resist hunger and face his starving field calmly.
Zhang Liang, the camp of the Yellow Scarf Army, appeared in front of Zhang Bao and said, "What should we do now, Second Brother?"
The three brothers Zhang Jiao suspected that Zhang Liang’s ability was the strongest and the worst, which was a little better than some Qu Shuai’s, and also worse than several emissaries.
Zhang Bao is silent. What can he do now? He also wants to know what to do.
Seeing that Zhang Bao didn’t answer himself, Zhang Liang turned to Bo Cai and scolded him, "It’s all because you asked you to pick up the hay, which will be taken away by the Han army. What do you say to do now?"
Zhang Liang easily put all the blame on Bo Cai.
Wave just looked at Zhang Liang’s heart and disdained it, but his mouth didn’t say much.
God made him often contact Zhang Liang, and Zhang Liang’s strength was very white. If he didn’t look at the opening angle and Zhang Bao’s surface wave, he wouldn’t care about Zhang Liang.
When Zhang Liang denounced Bo Cai as a cassock, Zhang Bao finally said, "Third brother, this is not Bo Cai who made the gods blame Cheng Yan for leaking the news and being ambushed by the Han army."
Zhangbaokou Zhongcheng Rock is the innkeeper in Yang Zhai who was stabbed to death by Uncle Chui Fu.
But even if Cheng Yan was not stabbed to death, he was not caught by the Han army, and the Yellow Scarf Army side would not let him go.
No matter what the result is, Cheng Yan’s final result cannot escape a dead word.
Chapter 6 Eve
Knowing that the yellow turban insurrectionary army had been in an emergency, Huang Pusong did not rush to kill with his army, but waited for two days as if he didn’t know that the yellow turban insurrectionary army was short of food.
Two days later, the Yellow Scarf Army still didn’t solve the big problem of grain and grass, so the morale of the army had dropped to a very low level, and even the soldiers on duty had strength. The whole barracks seemed to have condensed into a dark mass, and luck made him panic.
Soldiers of the yellow turban insurrectionary army were sitting or lying in twos and threes, and their weapons were still at their feet.
There are whispers to discuss the escape, and there are silences to think about their own way out and whether they have a way out.
None of these low-level yellow turban insurrectionary troops will think about things like killing the enemy in their minds.
These ordinary yellow turban insurrectionary army soldiers who joined the yellow turban insurrectionary army camp were initially encouraged by Zhang Jiao brothers, but most of them were forced to have a bite to eat, and they had no loyalty to the roots of the yellow turban insurrectionary army and no sense of belonging.
Now the yellow turban insurrectionary army law gives them food and grass, and naturally they have the idea of running away.
I haven’t escaped yet, or I can still eat something every day, although it’s not a lot, but I won’t starve to death. These yellow turban insurrectionary troops still have some illusions that the great virtuous teacher can conjure up food.
In addition, the commanders of various canals suppressed and brutally killed those who incited the yellow turban insurrectionary army to escape, which made many yellow turban insurrectionary army afraid to escape.
However, this will certainly not last long. When these yellow turban insurrectionary troops really can’t eat a bite of food, even if those Qu Shuai repress it no matter how hard, they will make the yellow turban insurrectionary soldiers rebel instead of defect.
Although I knew that it would take a few days for the Yingchuan Yellow Scarf Army to break down, Huang Pusong was not waiting.
After confirming that the ordinary soldiers of the Yellow Scarf Army had eaten their fill, they launched an army attack.
After all, big sleep Huang Pusong is also worried that the generals of the Yellow Scarf Army will get hay from other places and lose a good opportunity then.
If Zhang Baozhen can alleviate the crisis of grain and grass, then Huang Pusongji will be sent by the Lingdi when the Yellow Scarf Army is short of food.
It’s already June, and there is less and less time left for Huang Pusong.
To avoid accidents, Emperor Pusong should definitely take this opportunity to defeat the Yellow Scarf Army.
As early as two days ago, Huang Pusong sent someone to inform Zhu Xi that they would join forces to attack the Yellow Scarf Army camp in Yingchuan.
It was the night emperor Pusong who asked the three armies to have dinner early and kill the Yellow Scarf Army camp in the night.
Zhu Di, who was tied in the east, also came to the Changshe Club with 500,000 troops.
One of the two Han army camps outside Yingchuan turned into a camp to keep those rotor soldiers who specialize in cooking.
Although many players tipped off the Yellow Scarf Army, they knew the news of the attack on the camp by the Han army early, but only a few of the ordinary Yellow Scarf Army commanders knew the news, such as Zhang Baobo, and so on, because no players could get close to them yet, they didn’t know the news of the arrival of the Han army.
Only a few Qu Shuai didn’t care after learning the news.
Recognize that there are two million soldiers on your side, nearly twice as many as the Han army. If you don’t take the Han army seriously, you can’t wait for the Han army to come to you.
In recent months, the Han army has been avoiding a big battle with the Yellow Scarf Army. These men have long recognized that the weak roots of the Han army are not their opponents, and their confidence has already been extremely inflated.
There are only a few Zhang Baobo, and the form of the White Scarf Army is getting less and less optimistic.
Hundreds of thousands of troops marched forward, even if they wanted to hide, they could never hide. Their feet stepped on the ground and became one piece, just like an earthquake, and they could feel the earth tremble even from a distance.
Therefore, although no one informed Zhang Bao, when the Han army was less than ten miles away from Changshe, Zhang Bao just slept and felt a slight tremor in the bed.

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