Mu Feng interrupted him and said, "It’s still too early to give up, and it’s hard to protect our opponent once this time. We can still beat the first match in the day. If we give up, it means we can get here. Today, all of us have come together and we will never give up."

Never give up these four words. It sounds like a slap in the face. Today, there is no lack of war in Mu Feng, and there is no temporary absence from all of them. They have no reason to give up fighting like this.
"Although I am weak, I will insist that I will not hold you back." Su Xinxin slightly looked up at everyone and said that although Su Xinxin looked weak, it was cute.
"I have never met a few people in my life, but Mu Feng, you and I have given me an arrow through my heart and will fight to the end!" An arrow through the heart also seriously said
Colchicine sky also nodded his head and would never give up. At this moment, Mu Feng focused on a low-key spirit. "Low-key I don’t know what you have with each other, but if you want to lose this battle, then take out the real thing and don’t let me look down on you."
Ps is low-key. It’s natural and intentional to write like this. Please look forward to the follow-up story and ask for a monthly ticket for recommended votes ~ ≧▽≦/~
Chapter 13 Embrace the dawn and dance wildly in the dark
"I don’t know what you have with each other, but if you want to lose this battle, then take out the real thing and don’t let me look down on you."
This sentence is what Mu Feng said to the low-key god. In the eyes of others, Mu Feng said it was a bit excessive. After all, it is a game to play, but Mu Feng thinks it is not too much.
The scene was silent for a long time. When two beautiful women, an arrow pierced the heart and Su Xinxin, wanted to comfort the low-key god, the low-key god smiled and burst out laughing. "Mu Feng, you are right. I do know Feng Hua Xiaoxue. She is a good friend of mine in reality. To be honest, when I first saw her as my enemy, I really wanted to lose this battle. For example, if your enemy is Su Xinxin, would you continue to fight? If your opponent is a mad cow, will you still fight? "
The low-key god said that there was silence here again, which was a low-key god. He added, "Maybe it was because I was selfish that she was not hurt by you that the war situation was at a disadvantage. If I were someone else, I would not hesitate to quit the battle at this time, but you would never give up and wake me up in this battle and I kept a low-key god."
"Keep a low profile. Are you going to tell the truth?" An arrow pierced the heart and asked questions
"Ha ha, if I were in this way, then we can walk here." The original is still very serious and low-key. At this moment, God smiled and then several people watched the low-key leggings, belts, shoes and cloak armguards. Five kinds of equipment were replaced. Although these equipment are not heroic, they are all ancient equipment.
Obviously, the purpose of hiding the real equipment from the low-key god of fighting should be to make the girl named Feng Hua Xiaoxue win a little more, but the low-key god didn’t expect Mu Feng to say something to make him not fight hard. If the low-key god is bald, he may be rejected by everyone. Everyone is a long-term war comrade-in-arms. The low-key god doesn’t want everyone to be disappointed in himself
"Well, in this case, I should also come up with some good equipment." Mu Feng smiled with satisfaction and then replaced the corpse king token with the magic wolf bead. Finally, he took out a black trench coat to wear in the original self-eating vestment and disappeared. This new wind suit is called the dark suit, which is a supercilious magic wolf explosive equipment.
In exchange for these two pieces of equipment, Mu Feng’s attributes have soared+points of life and magic have broken through 10,000 points, and the defense is as high as 914 points. It can be said that these two pieces of equipment have been hidden by Mu Feng for a long time. The purpose is that Mu Feng wants to save himself a hand, so that he naturally does not dare to show new equipment easily.
New equipment in Mu Feng pull attribute interface suddenly some surprise.
Game id Mu Feng Zun Professional Emperor Spirit Master (Special)
Grade 19 Experience 69%
Bind the city and ghost town.
Lucky value is 15 points and fatigue value is 2/174 points.
Life is 1294/1294 and magic is 1612/1612.
Power 26 points
Physical fitness 597 points
Intelligence 71 points
Agile 223 Dian
Magic attack 1616~3194 points
Defensive 914 points
Critical hit 5%
Avoidance rate 5%
The moving speed limit is 22%
Blood return speed is 19: 00 a minute.
The speed of returning to France is 94 o’clock a minute.
The record is 115 points.
It’s natural to wear the new equipment in Mu Feng, especially the defense ability can make him become a half-flesh mage, but this defense is not enough. If a mad cow takes 24+ defense, he will not be afraid of the enemy. Unfortunately, the Mu Feng method is equipped with King Kong suit, and even if he is equipped with it, his magic attack will become extremely low.
"Mad cow, you pay attention to whether this battle can be won or not depends on you." Mu Feng put on new clothes and said to Mad cow.

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