Moreover, the ground fissure stab is mainly a threat of dizziness for 2 seconds, and the real damage to the root is negligible. It is overestimated that the power of this move is resisted by the water wall.

"Illusion extreme fear! 」
While Jasmine, the master of water element, resisted the ground fissures and spikes, at the same time, the Samsara Aino Mina Samsara’s Six Divine Paths also released the illusion of extreme fear, and planned to close the Avengers’ power first.
"heavenly sword! 」
The illusion of extreme fear only makes people feel deep fear, so when the sword was offered that day, the aura of golden light and heavenly spirit directly offset the extreme fear. When the heavenly sword came out, the power of the heavenly sword really deserved its name.
(Because the heavenly sword is an aura of heaven, it is not an ordinary sword, so there is no conflict between the sword and the sword.)
"The heavenly sword of shushan? Be careful! " Tian Jian knew it was a very powerful trick just by looking at the name, so the reincarnation Aiko Mina had to wake up to his companions around him.
"Flame wall! 」
When the heavenly sword comes out, every sword bows! Fire magic teacher Rodrigo Jack quickly waved his magic wand in his hand, and the flaming wall appeared directly in an attempt to resist the heavenly sword of Shushan.
The flame wall is endless, even if the golden light shines, the heavenly sword can break through both sides, which can be said to be close and inseparable
"God romantic killer sword righteousness Kirin! 」
Because all the equipment of Excalibur and Sword can be used, I can use it to protect the country. It’s a good thing that Zhencun is a half-sword, that is, a sword and a sword, which is not in this category, otherwise I really have no weapons to use.
Therefore, I just gathered Kirin when the fire demon teacher Roderick Jack resisted the aura of heaven and formed the heavenly sword of Shushan.
Seeing the dense forest covered with dark clouds is like Kirin’s state. Xiangyun Lei immediately fell from it. It is the new trick of the famous god’s romantic killer sword-Kirin landed.
"Vampire mask! 」
Does Kirin wait fast for landing and attacking speed? There was also speed in the whole field, and it was said that the vampire Duke Saddam XII could react. Therefore, when Saddam XII released the vampire mask, the evil mask quickly welcomed the landing of the first Leioyi Kirin.
Kirin’s landing vampire masks collided with each other. I heard a click, and the sound was broken. Xiangyun Lei’s main unicorn was already broken when it landed. The aftertaste of the vampire mask did not decrease and it flew away to the vampire duke Saddam XII.
Kirin landed first, and Lei Aoyi was able to do 540,000 damage after being offset by the vampire mask. Therefore, there is no doubt that Saddam XII, the duke of vampires, fell dead again because of being hit hard by Kirin.
"Five hundred and forty thousand? True or false? Is it so exaggerated? " Samsara love wild Mina looked at from the vampire duke Saddam XII’s head damage per second also can’t help but feel a little terror!
You know, just now, the guardian devoured God with more than 200,000 yuan in just one stroke of purple spin, which has made her somewhat unacceptable; Now the Avenger Dragon Soul has hit far more than 540,000 yuan, and it is also the most familiar famous god, the romantic killer sword. If you don’t surprise her, will you hit it?
China area is really a land of crouching tiger, hidden dragon! When did Kirin Leiwei grow tenfold?
"backstab! ""surprise! ""strangulation! 」
At this time, three skills immediately floated out of sharingan’s column to start my mind. Before I could react, I felt a pain in my body, and three injuries, 57, 71 and 157, were output from my head one after another.
"Earthquake anger! 」
In the melee, the other side came and went again. I couldn’t figure out the details. I directly punched the ground and smashed it. I planned to stun the other side in melee and force them to show up.
"Hidden! ""Double-edged strangulation! 」
The other party suddenly hid his body and directly evaded the earthquake, and then appeared behind his back again. The double-edged dagger quickly strangled me behind my back.
I can’t help but be a little surprised that I have been attacked successively and tried and tested, and the earthquake anger has not been able to stop the attack of the other side.
(I haven’t had a good cold yet, and I’m dizzy. I forgot that Excalibur Vice has brought inconvenience to everyone. Xuanyuan apologizes here! )
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one The Allied Forces (7)
Whether the other party is a sacred party can have such a fast attack speed and hide its body shape is much stronger than excellent assassins and thieves.
This kind of master has never appeared in China area. Is it the other two members of the Allied Forces who have never appeared? Hmm? This is very feasible.
As far as the figure and pace are concerned, according to the data, if there is no accident, he should be James Bond, a professional player agent in the UK.
"Backhand backstab! 」
Just when I was just thinking about the identity of the other side, the James Bond dagger has attacked again. This attack route is backhand. backstab is more harmful than ordinary backstab.
If it’s normal, it doesn’t matter if I carry it hard, but now I’m afraid that 1% of my health will be dead if I’m hit by this backhand backstab attack after my previous raid on damage per second by the ice explosion deputy (although I’ve recovered some of my health, if I don’t get it out).
If it’s just these troubles, I can make the defense trick hard to carry, but now it’s even more deadly because of the seamless defense, which means that the defense trick hard to carry has become a dead end.
Alas, if I had known that such trouble would happen, I wouldn’t have said anything to protect the sky, although that skill is very popular
"Drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu! ""fairy Fengyun body art! 」
Although I blame the driver in my heart, I have to be very skilled in extraordinary times. Therefore, at the moment when this method makes the defense skill key, I immediately stepped on the foot of the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu Fairy Fengyun in an attempt to rely on the ghostly posture of twelve avatars to resist James Bond’s backhand backstab
When the ghostly figure passed by, the twelve doppelgangers immediately appeared on the scene, and one of them was extremely unlucky. Just after he appeared, he was hit by the agent James Bond backhand. backstab became the damage per second at 5247, and his fate had come to an end and disappeared at the scene.
"It’s amazing that you still have the ability to be two places at once." A strike misses and makes the other side be two places at once. Even James Bond, an agent, is not surprised.
"You’re not bad, too. It seems that you’re going to force me to use my unique skill." Relying on the pentagram guard to resist James Bond’s backhand backstab, I immediately removed my tulip necklace to replace the artifact falling tears.

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