"How is that possible?" And said in disbelief, "It’s too unrealistic for a rich young master like you to have no servants at home."

"Oh, I’m really sorry that my family is different from others. How can I come and help me clean and cook at home?" It suddenly occurred to me that I was laughing and laughing at my hometown in the countryside, so my family should not be very good. I immediately bewitched, "If you think I have to pay you for doing these things, you can still get a salary after deducting the monthly expenses."
"Alas, I’m not a greedy girl." The monthly salary can be said to be a great temptation for a poor family to laugh and talk, but it’s not the kind of woman who is greedy to laugh and talk since she was a child. "I definitely don’t want to look at the salary because you just helped me. I’ll help you when the school is on holiday."
Talking and laughing, I figured it out and said, "A few days after May Day, school classes will be a time for holiday self-review. Anyway, I’m not going to go home. Why don’t I come to your house and stay? I can help you clean the house and do laundry and cooking every day."
And a willing to do so also has her own ideas.
First of all, I have already let him take advantage of me anyway, and I have already given it out at the first night. What are you afraid of losing? Girls’ reserve is dispensable for talking and laughing now.
The second and most important point is that going home by yourself will not only reduce the burden on the family, but will also increase the burden on the family. After all, my parents know that the college entrance examination is approaching, and even if they are reluctant, they will definitely kill chickens and sheep to seek nutrition for themselves.
These should have been brought to the city to sell chickens and ducks, but they have entered their stomachs. So what about their parents’ life?
Laughing and laughing is a filial piety, and a good boy naturally doesn’t want to increase the burden on the family. Besides, the man in front of him is the owner of his first time, and it shouldn’t be too bad. Moreover, he seems to be rich and follow him to the point of starvation.
After several comprehensive jokes, this decision was made.
I meditated for a while and then nodded and agreed, "OK, I’ll give you the location of the villa and the key to the villa door after waiting for the boat. By the way, which university are you going to apply for?"
"I haven’t taken the college entrance examination yet, so I don’t have time to think about this kind of thing." I laughed and got it straight. As soon as I saw that I was looking forward to it, I thought for a moment and then replied, "I’m going to enter the school, of course, Tsinghua Peking University, but the scores are too high. I’m afraid I can’t get into other universities. Haitian University is also good. My score is about 55 points, so I don’t think there should be much problem."
Got a laugh and answer, I looked into the distance and said to myself, "Haitian University? It seems that we need to talk to their principal. "
I have an idea now, that is, after I entered Haitian University, I allocated a lot of my own money to try to reach a consensus with the president before September to include me in Haitian University.
You asked me if I had this diploma?
Hum, I don’t believe that the president of Haitian University will not be moved when money attacks. If I can’t get one million, I will get two million. If two million doesn’t work, I will have three million; By analogy, I don’t believe that the principal is indifferent. If it still doesn’t work, then take the last step. I will buy Haitian University directly with assets of up to 100 million yuan.
People are always selfish creatures. When they get something by themselves, they don’t want a second person to share it. I once took a joke. Although it was an accident for the first time, since it has happened and can be undone, I don’t want to get something and a second person to compete with me.
If it is me, it will always be me.
"Yo boss, there you are!" Just then Yang Le came to the deck and looked at me in a straight suit and said in surprise, "Wow! Boss, when did you change your mind and wear a suit? I remember you said before that you hate wearing a suit (in the game), huh? Boss, it’s true that you’ve got such a beautiful girl in such a short time? It seems that you are very good at picking up girls. Teach me another day? "
Ha ha! I kept it until I had passed. Of course, I won’t tell anyone about this. I’ll let it be a secret when I talk and laugh.
"Don’t be ridiculous. What skills do I have? What are you doing here? Do you want to see me?"
"Nothing is a team meeting!" Yang Le said, "You also know that there are many interesting places for luxury oil tanker noodles, and rich ladies abound. Look at you. You have found a beautiful woman in such a short time. Naturally, our brothers don’t want to waste a good time. We decided to leave us free at the team meeting tonight."
Because I was laughing and talking, Yang Le deliberately called the organizational meeting a team meeting, which did not arouse her doubts. When will I, of course, be the so-called? Since several of them are going to stay late for free activities now, I am naturally embarrassed to brush their interest.
"Well, I’ll go there after I send her back to her room." After all, organizing the meeting involves a lot. I can’t let laughter sit in and leave her alone on the deck. After all, she’s not what she used to be. What if she meets a bad guy? So I’m going to send her back to her room first and then go to the meeting.
"The meeting place is in Room 31, Qian You, so I’ll go first." Yang Le naturally doesn’t want to disturb me. In his view, I sent such a beautiful woman back to her room. The purpose is like’ everyone knows Si Mazhao’. I want to know the beauty’s house and then continue to stick to her later.
It’s a pity that Yang Le would never have thought of the beauty talking and laughing in front of her. If I don’t take her in, I’m afraid she will sleep on the deck tonight. In that case, I will naturally be merciful and take her in my room.
I brought her back to my room and looked at her with a slightly haggard look. I comforted her, "Now you have a good sleep. When you wake up, you will find that the world will be full of sunshine and vitality. Everything is different." I’ll take you to a candlelight dinner after the meeting. "
"good! Do you remember you said, "Oh, you’re going to take me to a candlelight dinner tonight?" Laughing and lying in bed, she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep. You know, today she went into the room by mistake and I went crazy in bed once, then makeup and plastic surgery, and then a gamble. She was already exhausted physically and mentally, and now she is lying with her eyelids naturally unable to support and fell asleep.
Looking at sleeping and laughing, I gently kissed her on the forehead and said to myself, "I really don’t know if it’s good or bad to meet you." Then I turned on the bedside lamp and left the room.
"Boss, you’re finally here. I still want to be with that beautiful woman for a long time." I just came to Room 31 and Yang Le immediately made fun of me.
"Boss, it’s true that you got a beautiful woman as soon as you got a boat." Bing also got annoyed at this time. "I heard Yang Le say that the girl was super punctual and wore a silver scale tube top dress, which showed her advantages and made Yang Le so admired. It’s definitely a perfect woman that makes all men drool. When will we meet her?"
I smiled awkwardly. If Laughter and Laughter met you vagrants, wouldn’t she make a fool of herself? "Actually, she and I are ordinary friends, not as exaggerated as Yang Le said."
"Well, don’t be so noisy. If I didn’t know that one of you is the heir of the magical spirit group and the other is the heir of the shiny group, I can’t believe that the chairman of the two famous enterprises in China turned out to be you." At this time, Qian said.
His words are directed at Yang Le and Bing. Although there are some dissatisfaction in their hearts, they still stop asking questions. Whether I love gold coins in the game or in real life has a considerable momentum. In fact, I don’t know if it is just that money has a tone with some of its own spirit.
You know, money has a body with seven powers. In the real world, it is already a very powerful master. His spirit is dispatched to Yang Le and Bing. Naturally, he can feel the pressure. How dare he talk casually? Fortunately, if the spirit alone is concerned, I won’t lose to him. Now, "Proud Dragon Tactics" has broken through the first layer. If you don’t display your power roots, you won’t let me be intimidated.
(You may think that these chapters are a bit chatty, but I can’t help it because the real world is the foreshadowing of future events in the game. Since everyone is ready to watch the game, I will cut back on the real world and try to return to the game in these two days!
Chapters 16 and 161 Organize the First Parliament ()
"Well, now that everyone is here, it’s time for us to talk about the late development of the Dragon Soul Organization." Now it’s time for us to talk about the real thing about this ship. When the parliament is over, everyone will have to relax on the ship, so I took the lead in breaking the deadlock.
This time, Yang Le was the first to speak. "There is no problem in the early development of our organization. Now the name of Dragon Soul Organization is on par with the other six gangs. There are many masters of our organization, such as Boss, Me, Li Bingla, who are all powerful masters of the famous earthquake" Shuo ".The only problem now is probably the lack of external members. If we can’t expand the external members of Dragon Soul Organization, our prestige will be greatly reduced by the middle of the game development."
"I have also done corresponding research on this problem." The Yang Le problem hit the nail on the head, but it’s not that I don’t have a solution. "Now that we have formed an organization, it’s impossible to create a gang again, but we can seek a deputy position in the gang like a flying dragon gang leader, and the leader is our deputy, so we can successfully control the shortage of gang staff."
"Well, what the boss said is very reasonable," Bing echoed. "If ordinary second-rate gangs can become the deputy gangs of our Dragon Soul Organization, their fame will also start, and with the blessing of our Dragon Soul Organization, if there is a little friction with other gangs, then the other party will be more or less humble by our name."
Qian You also nodded and said, "Well, now Four Holy Beasts and the God-eater gangs have successfully established gang bases in the world. Although they have also established bases, they have not kept the monster siege, so it is all in vain to build a gang token. If those second-rate gangs are willing to submit to our Dragon Soul organization, it should be no problem for members of the organization to defend the monster siege."
"The manpower problem has now been solved, so let the money manage it." When I saw that the money was dissatisfied, I laughed in my heart without waiting for him to object. "Anyway, you are very idle in the game and don’t need to blame and upgrade. In the future, I will leave those gangs and diplomatic issues to you."
It’s not good for money to refute what I said so plainly, but I still have to complain a little in my heart. "How can this be! Young master, you have some personal vendettas. It seems that I have to discuss with the old master and ask him to send some more people to me. Otherwise, the dragon soul organization will rot and stand me alone. "
I naturally don’t understand the idea of money. In fact, I don’t say anything about personal vendetta. After all, we, the main force of Dragon Soul Organization, have to rush to fight monsters and upgrade, but we don’t have much time to manage organizational politics. While money has a body, a member of Dragon Soul Organization needs to manage auction houses and cinemas every day. How much do you want when you are free?
"In addition to the understaffed problem, what’s the problem with our dragon soul organization? Now it’s best to get rid of everyone’s evening fun at one time. "Although we have taken corresponding measures to solve the problem of manpower in Yang Le, this does not mean that our organization will solve such a problem as soon as possible, so we can rest early."
"In addition to the manpower problem, I personally think that there are still some other professional experts in our organization, such as priests who can add blood and status, or assassins who hide their bodies and assassinate thieves. There is no serious shortage of talents in our organization now."
Li Bing said seriously, "I think you should also know that a priest with resurrection skills is no less important in the battlefield than a strong mage, because thieves and assassins can hide their bodies. They are remote professional guest stars and are also dominated in the battle."
Indeed, although our Dragon Soul Organization looks very strong, it also has many weaknesses. Without the clergy, the chances of survival and durability of troops are seriously weakened, and thieves and assassins are killed, then the other party’s long-range career can be brought into full play without concern.
"Leave this to me." Just when all of us didn’t have a headache from priests and thieves and assassins, Qian suddenly smiled mysteriously and said, "I happen to have friends who are training for priests and assassins. If I come forward and ask for it, there should be no problem. It’s this army. If the Ministry asks for it, I’m afraid it’s not cheap."
"Let’s talk about the number and strength of this army first." For the sake of safety, Bing still asks whether it is a priest, an assassin or a thief. These early careers are very difficult to practice. This is also what the ranking list is. Up to now, they are rarely seen.
"There are 500 priests in the combination of assassins and thieves, but there are 100 in total, 1300 people." Qian bowed his head and thought about it slightly before saying, "I had an exchange with that friend three days ago. At that time, I remembered that the rank of 500 priests was around 12; The assassins and thieves seem to be around 222. "

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