This is not the first time Feng Zhi has helped him, but Ye Zhang is still curious.

"You wanted to see me?"
This time, both of them smiled, while Xu Yin and Feng Siyi also smiled. They haven’t seen the two men smile for a long time.
After four people sit down, when Feng Zhi puts the information in front of Ye Zhang, Ye Zhang turns over these black and white papers, each of which is shocking.
It seems that the two main warring States countries participated in the war passively, and they didn’t lose much in the first battle, but with the fierce fighting in some places, the tilted balance finally broke out.
"Who started this war?"
Ye Zhang asked a key question, in fact, he already had the answer in his heart, and it was because he guessed his heart and Feng Zhi said that Feng Zhi followed this direction and got a lot of important information.
"It’s Lin Youxuan"
When Ye Zhang heard this name again, although he was ready, he was still stiff for a long time. He looked at the photo of Lin Youxuan when he was young with a wry smile, and there was a trace of anger in his eyes.
"Why would he do that?"
However, Ye Zhang’s question made Feng Zhi shrug his shoulders. It was not easy for him to get these things. The reasons for starting a war were actually very simple. When a war broke out in history, it was a madman who made a decision in an instant.
Ye Zhang didn’t dwell on this question because he had got all the answers he wanted, so now there is only one last question left.
"What should I do?"
Ye Zhang dialect is also the most fascinating thing for Feng Zhi recently. The problem is that the war has passed and it is no longer important to trace the source. What is important is that the living should walk in the future.
Lin Youxuan values him. Ye Zhang obviously has a purpose. This world has no reason to love, and if Zhiruo’s father talks to him, he must have a purpose.
There are countless stories of two brothers and sisters turning against each other, and Ye Zhang happens to be in the whirlpool of great hatred between these two people. One careless thing is that it is beyond redemption
"You need a helper."
Feng Zhi’s words made Ye Zhang’s eyes light up. At this time, he can believe that people also have Feng Zhi, and Feng Zhi’s references can make Ye Zhang feel confident.
But Feng Zhi’s eyes glanced at the little beauty, and this Ye Zhang froze. He was surprised to see the cute expression of the other side waving his fist when he looked at the little beauty.
"I’m fine with it."
Ye Zhang is one leng, because this sentence is Xu Yin’s saying that he can’t respond immediately, but Ye Zhang doesn’t object at this time. Hehe, little beauty is really a long time ago with him.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Dialogue
Ye Zhang’s last destination before entering the glitz is today’s trip. Although Feng Zhi’s brothers and sisters Xu Yin have done a lot of work with him, Ye Zhang is obviously still a little guilty and afraid that the play will be ruined today.
Because the person he wants to see today is Lin Youxuan’s flashy number one BOSS, and he is the boss of Ye Zhang.
"Zhang Wei, let’s see how this equipment is?"
Lin Youxuan spent his whole life equipping his playmate with attribute data, simulating the scene of the game, and talking about the plot. These things are all in his brain.
Ye Zhang walked by and saw the appearance of gorgeous equipment displayed by a three-dimensional simulation technology.
"Is this a purple suit with rear equipment?"
Ye Zhang is very jealous and his heart is gradually released. Although he knows that Lin Youxuan is a schemer, Ye Zhang is obviously not qualified to be with such a monster.
Lin Youxuan nodded smilingly to design these equipments, just like sewing clothes for his children. There was a kind of fatherly love in his eyes, which almost made Ye Zhang have an illusion.
"Ye Zhang, come and sit here."
After Lin Youxuan sat down, Ye Zhang sat opposite him. Two people looked at Lin Youxuan for a moment and laughed.
"I still want you to leave without saying goodbye."
Lin Youxuan made Ye Zhang’s heart move in a random sentence. Lin Youxuan will definitely do some purposeful testing to test him. Zhang Yexin will test him if he has found anything.
"I came to want to leave, but my parents are used to living in this city and I can’t move them."
Ye Zhang’s words are slack, but it’s just that "human feelings" are not enough to impress Lin Youxuan, so Ye Zhang added
"Actually … I’m afraid to go. It’s not a day and a half since the Fu family tried to deal with me. Now this Fu Yuesheng must hate my guts. I want to be a celebrity before I go."
Ye Zhang words let Lin Youxuan finally smiled.
This is the real Ye Zhang or Ye Zhang’s only understanding of the problem, and it is not suitable for Ye Zhang to make too many enemies.
"Fu family dare not touch you"
Lin Youxuan’s words made Ye Zhang almost break out in a cold sweat. He knew that he had passed first, but it was also the most troublesome second.
Ye Zhang went to meet Zhi Re’s father. This kind of news must be from Lin Youxuan’s eyes and ears, and Ye Zhang has also disappeared since that day. What exactly did Zhi Re’s father say to him? Lin Youxuan doesn’t know.
"You’ve met my brother, haven’t you? How does it feel?"
Ye Zhang was silent for a while and then let Lin Youxuan pass me a curious expression with a sigh.
"I don’t want to take care of these things. I just want to make money and play games with peace of mind."
Ye Zhang’s words revealed something. Lin Youxuan naturally heard it, but this is a retreat. If Zhi’s father invited Ye Zhang and then Ye Zhang left here, something must have happened, otherwise Ye Zhang would never be so abnormal.
Therefore, if you don’t reveal something and deliberately hide it, he will not be able to pass this one.
"Oh what did he say to you?"
Lin Youxuan further explored, but Ye Zhang already had a countermeasure. In fact, he has practiced it many times.
"He said you tried to control me."

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