Cold crazy swept to almost instantaneous is in front of her huge than blue ice shield that three magic gas horse practice collision and strength is not yet bursting, and the bullying to the extreme cold is already diffuse.
Click three magic gas horses to practice. At this time, the magic gas ice layer solidifies and spreads at an alarming speed. In a short time, three terrible magic gas horses practice, that is, three icicles flashing with cold mountain.
Seven Wang Dian three people see magic gas was frozen by cold complexion is all some ugly, but this time don’t wait for them to hold the jade hand again to see the three icicles violently shot and severely impact on the seven Wang Dian three people.
The three men greeted each other quickly and covered with a thick magic gas. The fist slammed into the icicle, and two terrible forces collided together and suddenly the icicle was shaken into ice chips all over the sky.
However, although icicles burst, the ten halls of Wang Dian were all stuffy hum, and they were hit hard by Lin Dong. The seven halls of Wang Dian were even more white and one mouthful black blood, but they could not help but gush out.
Island that several eyes looked at the enemy three unexpectedly still can account for chalk, according to the wind, ice, blue and beautiful image is not stunned by the shock. The previous performance of Lin has already shocked them. However, who would have thought that this girl who has always followed Lin’s departure should also be this hidden hill.
Ying Mei’s eyes were cold, and she looked at the seven kings’ halls and three people, moving gently with the cold all over the sky, and slowly moving towards them, in which it seemed as if they were rushing to kill.
collaborate with
The Seven Kings Temple saw that it should come step by step, and my heart couldn’t help shivering. In that ancient time, they used to compete with each other, but they were almost killed. At this time, if they don’t join hands, I’m afraid they will really be planted here.
Wang Dian ten Wang Dian smell speech is also grind nodded.
Three people’s handprints changed instantly and then slammed together. Seeing that the three people’s bodies were crawling at this time, one by one, and the magic thorns slowly stretched out from their bodies. At this time, they were still crawling in the depths of hell, and the demons were generally chilling.
Black blood suddenly three human chalk suddenly shot, and sticky blood condensed quickly and finally turned into a very strange black seal.
The black magic seal is expanding at an amazing speed, and it is huge in just a few minutes, and there are actually a number of magic arms around the magic seal. From a distance, it is still an evil monty from outside.
We should look up and look at the cold in the depths of the magic eyes with several magic arms growing.
All the demons gathered together, and the seven kings and palaces screamed and screamed across the sky.
The magic mark of the huge arm suddenly trembled and then suddenly the sky suddenly swept away, and the arm waved as if even the sky and the earth were torn at this time
Fang Dahai was set off at this time by huge waves and huge rings.
Lin looked at such a terrorist offensive, and his eyes were full of dignity. These magic prison halls were really quite severe. I’m afraid this offensive was strong enough to kill twice and rob the peak.
I don’t know if I can get it.
Lin moved some worry and looked at the slender ice blue beautiful image. The palm of your hand clutched the body chalk, and Yuan Li was going to rescue it if it was not right.
Should a cicada’s head gently lift her beautiful eyes and stare at the roaring nose magic mark, but her cheeks did not fluctuate at all. She was blown by that horrible strong wind, and her dress was hunting, and her blue hair was dancing with the wind.
The beautiful eyes of ice blue reflect the magic mark of terror, and then the magic mark is rapidly enlarged. After a few short breaths, the huge shadow is already in those horrified eyes and should be shrouded in it.
In that amount of light, it should also slowly stretch the slender jade arm, and the blue sleeve will slide down, showing the slender jade finger on the wrist like suet jade, and then lift it up, and finally the magic seal of ten thousand arms will gently touch together.
Eternal freezing
With some cold but delightful light in the sky, the magic mark that came with terrorist forces suddenly solidified at this time.
In an instant, people’s pupils shrank sharply because they saw a thick layer of ice suddenly spreading at the jade hand, and then wrapped a magic mark in it at an amazing speed and turned it into huge ice.
Ying Meimu gently lifted the slender jade finger and gently played it on the magic seal.
With this finger flick, it can be seen that the magic seal, which embodies the joint efforts of seven kings and palaces, turns out to be fragile. The glass of Judah generally explodes completely at this time. Chapter 1269 Lord
Ice chips are falling down in an overwhelming way, which is more beautiful than an ice storm, but there is a terrible power that makes people tremble
Who would have thought that the seven kings and palaces joined forces to attack, but this was easily broken by her?
Is this the main force of ice?
Looking at this scene, Lin couldn’t help but hold her hands together slowly. This kind of power is really incomparable. No wonder she can become the first person in Fuzu.
On that day, the seven Wang Dian three people were also stunned and looked at this scene. Immediately, they couldn’t help but squirt a mouthful of black blood to the body and tremble. The magic gas around them was rapidly flagging, which was obviously not light.
Looking at the seven palaces with beautiful eyes and fine emotions, the charming body of the three people moves as fast as ghosts, and now the jade hand in front of the three people is as cold as the sky.

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