Listen to the words of Emperor Knox, Mu Feng looks ashamed. Is the place where Emperor Tian Dao’s staff was born the eye of heaven? Where this map is is a huge problem for Mu Feng, and there are reincarnation stones. Although Mu Feng has seen many, he has never heard of reincarnation stones.

"Are you really incapable of repairing this heavenly scepter?" Mu Feng said at the same time, his face was full of despair.
Knox shook his head. "I can repair artifacts, but such weapons are really capable …"
Looking at Knox’s loss, Mu Feng finally came out of the end. Now, what else can he do to find Knox and say these two ways? He doesn’t want to let Emperor little sally disappear forever. After that, Mu Feng said goodbye to Knox and left Shuimang Mountain.
After meeting Knox for more than ten minutes, although I didn’t see him, I learned about the celestial eye and the reincarnation of the stone. For Mu Feng, it is in my heart to help Peter. Mu Feng is still very grateful to Knox
Back to the Imperial City Square, this time Mu Feng didn’t send a message from a silly forum saying that he was looking for the reincarnation stone, but went to the Nightingale auction house in Guiyu City. This time, Mu Feng found out that Hanyue told Hanyue that he needed the reincarnation stone or the news from this stone, and the sooner the better, Hanyue agreed and didn’t say what conditions he wanted.
When Mu Feng took the initiative to ask her what conditions she wanted, Hanyue said with a smile, "When I find what you want, people are telling you, but you can’t refuse them if they make conditions."
Mu Feng nodded silently and agreed. After Mu Feng said something happened, he broke up with the cold moon. At this time, Mu Feng found that the mad cow was still online, so he anonymously sent his own mount bar demon wolf cub and a skill to the mad cow. The skill is that the warrior player can cooperate with the mount to release Mu Feng.
After Mu Feng, regardless of the excitement of the mad cow after receiving the demon wolf cub and skills, he walked into the Nightingale auction again. When he entered this time, Mu Feng made his id anonymous, and then bought more than 700 bottles of growth medicine for the mount cub in the auction. Each bottle increased the growth value of the mount by 1, and the magic life demon wolf cub was instantly increased by 70,000.
Since Mu Feng got the demon wolf, he realized that every player can buy one bottle of growth medicine in the store every day, and it is not tradable. The growth medicine can only be traded if it is cracked in the wild, but the explosion rate is extremely low. This is why Mu Feng came to buy it in the auction house, and there are only more than 700 bottles in such a big nightingale auction house.
What should Yu Mufeng buy anonymously? That is, Mu Feng is afraid of being cold and knowing that she will definitely buy it for herself when the time comes. Mu Feng is not afraid of anything, but she is afraid of human feelings. This kind of thing owes them human feelings. Mu Feng is miserable, and Mu Feng is not short of money. More than 700 bottles of potions are more than 200,000 gold coins.
Add this online and brush monster to get the growth value. The growth value of the demon wolf has reached 120,000, which is close to three-quarters of the growth value. The demon wolf will be an adult, and Mu Feng, the emperor spirit master, will also be able to ride the mount.
Later, Mu Feng bought some potions at the Nightingale auction. At this time, Mu Feng found that the melting of his skills had passed the cooling time.
Just want to fuse new equipment, Mu Feng suddenly found Su Xinxin line.
Chapter 225 It’s a nice night villa.
After Su Xinxin’s line, Mu Feng received a message from her. After reading it, he didn’t know that it was Su Xinxin who wanted to chat with himself and asked if Mu Feng had Mu Feng. Sometimes, he was happy to say and walked to Su Xinxin’s place. After they met in Ghost Town, Su Xinxin clung to Mu Feng and sheepishly spoiled in front of Mu Feng. They haven’t seen each other for two or three days. Su Xinxin really missed Mu Feng.
And Mu Feng is also very cooperative with Su Xinxin frolicking at Su Xinxin’s sweet greasy smile. Mu Feng is happy on the surface, but her heart is full of gloom. She doesn’t know about herself and Ji Yue, but should she tell her? Is it possible to meet her if I tell myself?
"Xinxin …"
"Huh?" Her head in Mu Feng arms Ceng Ceng eyes looked at Mu Feng sweet asked.
"Well, it’s okay. I mean, it’s a nice night in the game." Mu Feng spoiled and touched her head with a wry smile.
"I think it’s also funny."
With the update and improvement of the game, Ling Soul has gradually introduced the night mode. At night, the moon will appear in the sky. Just tonight, the moon will come out. At this time, Mu Feng and Su Xinxin are sitting by a stream and watching the bright moon. They are happy to communicate with each other and don’t know how long it will take to rest.
It was already 11 o’clock at night. Mu Feng was getting up and hitting the light with his game helmet when he saw the little fox running out of the room. Mu Feng and the little fox didn’t know each other for a long time, but Mu Feng found that the little thing seemed to like running into his room very much, which made Mu Feng feel strange.
After a brief bath, Mu Feng changed his pajamas and went back to his room to sleep. The next morning, Mu Feng was awakened by a word. He had helped Mu Feng find villas. There were four optional villas, all of which were occupied by some presidents or rich second generation figures. He sent the general structure pictures of these villas to Mu Feng’s mobile phone, followed by the price.
I recommend four villas for myself. The lowest price of each villa is 10 million rmb. They are all newly built villas in the prime location of Shalang City. Mu Feng secretly despised this small villa and then chose a villa of 20 million rmb. The decoration of this villa made Mu Feng like it very much. It is closer to Bauhinia Garden. If mother doesn’t want to move to Mu Feng, she will often come back to see it.
When he checked the 20 million rmb luxury villa, he was working at the headquarters of G Store, and he was suddenly shocked that he could not even hold his glasses. He received news that Mu Feng had recently won a lot of money through games, but he didn’t know the specific amount of money, but he never thought that the money would exceed more than 20 million.
I didn’t believe it, but when he received more than 20 million rmb from Mu Feng, he had to believe it. It was cheaper to choose a villa for him himself. After Mu Feng sent the money, he sent a message on his mobile phone. "What can I get a house?"
G store rules Mu Feng knows how to pay all the money in three days for any transaction. Of course, there is also a rule that after receiving the money, it will be completed in one day or at the appointed time. Mu Feng certainly can’t wait. He hopes that the sooner the better.
Small-second reaction gave Mu Feng a reply that it would only take ten minutes, and then contacted the villa seller to let him go to Mu Feng to go through the remaining procedures. Efficient is the tenet of G Store.
More than nine minutes later, a silver Mercedes-Benz stopped at the Mu Feng building, and Mu Feng’s mobile phone rang. First, a small message was sent saying that the transaction villa had been sent to others in Mu Feng and went downstairs after dropping the message. At this time, my mother was cooking breakfast and saw Mu Feng go out. She suddenly asked, "Who is coming to Mu Feng? Just cough a little and say that it’s a friend. I’ll go out to meet him."
Coming out of the Mercedes-Benz is a big fat man wearing a gold necklace and ring and an international brand. It looks very dazzling. It seems that this is the owner of the villa. Shop G is also amazing. It can even call the boss to buy the villa for himself. If you buy it, it is estimated that no one will see it.
Next to him was a man dressed in black, presumably a driver or attendant. After a short communication, Mu Feng officially learned that he had come to trade villas with himself, but Mu Feng did not invite him in, but directly asked him to bring the title deed and contract of the villa. After the two sides signed their names to buy them, Mu Feng received a bunch of keys and a card. At this moment, Mu Feng finally got the villa.
After Mu Feng waved and said no, he ran home and ignored the fat boss looking at Mu Feng. This attitude is also a ash. He will be the president of Shalang City Enterprise or the rich second generation. I didn’t expect it to be an ordinary guy. He worked so hard in person and didn’t even have a drink of water.
Back home, Mu Feng hid the villa contract and spent more than 20 million yuan to buy a house. Mu Feng didn’t dare her mother to say otherwise. Mu Feng must find a suitable time to explain slowly. Mu Feng can’t say that he earned 200 million yuan by selling help orders, can he?
After the sex was settled, Mu Feng went upstairs to have breakfast with his mother. After breakfast, Mu Feng went out. First, he went to see a man who bought a house by himself. When he went in, an old man in his fifties stopped Mu Feng. It was not until Mu Feng took out the fat boss’s card that his attitude changed too much. He not only let Mu Feng in, but also respectfully called boss Mu Feng.
Mu Feng later learned that he was the housekeeper of this villa. In addition to him, there were more than 100 employees in the whole villa, such as guarding the door, sweeping the floor, trimming flowers, cooking, cleaning sundries, washing toilets and strolling around everywhere. The old housekeeper said that he would work here all his life as long as he had food, while others would work here for three years after receiving three years’ annual salary.
As soon as I stayed in this luxury villa, there were so many employees who ordered Mu Feng to feel uncomfortable. I was an ordinary guy, but I didn’t expect that because of the game, I became a billionaire. Now he can have whatever he wants.
There is also a new red convertible Ferrari worth more than 3 million in the villa, which was also shown to Mu Feng Mu Feng with the villa. After smiling, he asked the housekeeper to take the car keys and it started to boom. After Ferrari sprinted out of the street, Mu Feng thought about one thing. It seems that when he learned his driver’s license the year before last, he didn’t get a driver’s license now.
Chapter 226 Pick up the beauty and go home, genius Xiao Nuo
Although he doesn’t have a driver’s license, Mu Feng will dash all the way to the hospital where Ji Yue is located. Mu Feng was not stopped by the traffic police, and it was thrilling that he didn’t have a driver’s license and was not discovered.
I went to the hospital to look for Ji Yue. Today, she has recovered, and she is wearing a beautiful new dress. An arrow through the heart is also here, and Ji Yue’s dress is sent by an arrow through the heart. In a chat with Ji Yue last night, Mu Feng learned that Ji Yue has been sticking with an arrow through the heart for years. Although two beautiful women are not related, they are more cordial than sisters. An arrow through the heart is like a big sister. If anyone bullies Ji Yue, she will go to find someone to help Ji Yue vent her anger.
An arrow through the heart is called Li Yijian. The name comes from an arrow when her father chased her mother. Li Fu and Li Mu blocked an arrow, and then they gave birth to an arrow together later. Ji Yue didn’t tell Mu Feng. First, she was afraid of an arrow. After all, her parents died. Second, Ji Yue didn’t know much about Fa and Mu Feng.
Ji Yue and Yi Jian’s experience made Mu Feng feel sorry for him. He bought a villa to let Ji Yue stay. However, Ji Yue and Yi Jian’s feelings were so good that Mu Feng left an arrow and definitely couldn’t. After telling them that he bought a villa, Mu Feng also said that he hoped Yi Jian would move in.
An arrow didn’t agree to Mu Feng’s invitation in a hurry, but slowly got the rhetoric from Mu Feng and Ji Yue. First, Mu Feng and Ji Yue killed the demon wolf elder Gnella, and then an arrow also knew that the demon wolf cub was put to auction by Mu Feng. In the end, even Mu Feng couldn’t hide the help order from her. The main thing was that an arrow said, "Someone bought a help order yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t know it was an explosion order." Then Ji Yue opened her mouth and cried, "Isn’t there a help order in the wind?" Is it the wind? "
At this moment, Mu Feng seems to have 10,000 mud horses flying by in his heart, and then he confessed to the two beautiful women. After Ji Yue learned that Mu Feng helped the order to sell 200 million rmb, he immediately held Mu Feng for a kiss and an arrow looked at being occupied by Ji Yue in Mu Feng. She also wanted to hold Mu Feng for a kiss. There was no chance.
In this way, there is no problem for Ji Yue to go to Mu Feng to sell villas and live there, and one arrow agrees to move in. After all, Mu Fengneng can’t get help orders without Ji Yue to help her and share happiness with her sister. Besides, Ji Yue won’t be happy without an arrow to accompany her to live in a villa.
Out of the hospital, two beautiful women took a Mu Feng convertible Ferrari. When she heard that this car was Mu Feng’s shot through the heart, she immediately took the car key and achieved the driving position. Mu Feng and Ji Yue took another position. Ferrari had two seats, soaking in wind energy and holding Ji Yue together to take an arrow through the heart. Mu Feng didn’t know that she had a driver’s license, and Mu Feng also heard her say that her dream was to be a female racing driver because she had to take care of Ji Yue.
After telling the villa address to an arrow through the heart, she started the Ferrari, and then an arrow through the heart pulled the engine and drove the Ferrari home.
After returning to the villa and placing the two beautiful women, Mu Feng went to another place. It was a school. In a classroom in the sixth grade of this school, Mu Feng saw a little girl who was a little older than the other sixth-grade students. The little girl was watching her carefully under the guidance of the teacher. She seemed to like Chinese characters very much. She was the first to raise her hand every time the teacher asked, but when she couldn’t answer, the little girl would still grab a head and her classmates would laugh at her.
"The teacher has a big brother peeking at you at the door." Mu Feng watched it quietly for a few minutes, and then a student found him and told the teacher that the teacher was a beautiful girl in her twenties and a simple pupil. Mu Feng was peeking at their teacher.
"Brother!" Just when the beauty teacher noticed Mu Feng, the little girl rang in the classroom and called the little girl to leave her seat and come to Mu Feng urgently.
"Xiao Nuo can’t know this after he can’t leave his seat?" Looking at the little girl coming, Mu Feng gently reprimanded her. This little girl is her sister Liao Xiaonuo. A week ago, when he was still in Qiushui Mansion, Mu Feng’s mother took Xiaonuo out after the treatment and arranged to go to school for education. Mu Feng only heard from her mother yesterday.
Xiaonuo now looks much better than before. His face is full of ruddy and lovely. Xiaonuo is even more charming when he smiles. Mu Feng can remember the strength of smiling when Xiaonuo was ill.
"I know, brother, you haven’t come to disturb others’ classes." Xiaonuo poked his naughty fingers and Mu Feng nose directly, in turn, taught Mu Feng a lesson
Mu Feng suffered from amnesia and dementia before he wanted to cry. Xiao Nuo Ke never said such a thing to himself. Now it seems that he will see a new Xiao Nuo soon.

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