But I heard Feng Zhang say, "Wait a minute!"

Section 12 Huang Zhong
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When the man saw that he was actually speaking for himself, some people dared to interrupt. Suddenly, a pair of angry eyes looked at Feng Zhang and he was going to vent his anger on him. Although it can be seen that Feng Zhang should have some connections and is still young, he is used to it in Nanyang County. How can he casually put people in his eyes?
When I beat the table and shouted, "Where did the little beast dare to talk?"
When the bartender next door saw something bad, the horse "thumped" and ran downstairs to take shelter.
Feng Zhang also don’t angry is smile happily say "little beast talkative? The most talked about here is whether people want to go with you or not, whether they listen to music or not, and you should also watch that Ge is also a martial artist. I also said that it’s a shame that he turned out to be a beast or a small errand boy. "
Say frowning brows carrying hands with the long sigh appearance let Wen Xu two people can’t help laughing, even Huang Zhong can’t help but his sharp words smiled, but then worried about this presumptuous teenager.
Feng Zhang is not afraid to say that there are masters like Huang Zhong and Xu Huang, and there are a bunch of domestic servants with guys. Even if they are not skilled, they will not suffer.
The two men brought by Han also got up. It should be the "little beast" who followed the class. The little beast also got up and stared at Feng Zhang together at the moment, asking Han to say a word and start work.
Huang Zhong was afraid that Feng Zhang would not be sensible and get into trouble. "Adults must be as knowledgeable as children!" Then he filled the table wine for both sides and raised a bottle, saying, "On the theory of thanking adults, satrap adults and patronizing Huang Zhongjing, everyone, drink a cup." Then he gulped it down and pointed the bottle at each other
It’s not good for Han to think about it. Huang Zhong gave a step and sat down again.
I didn’t expect that Feng Zhang seemed to want to make a name for himself in this small restaurant, but he waved the Qing Dynasty man up and said, "You continue to sing Brother Wen and Brother Xu, and we will continue to drink!"
Xu Huang is not afraid of the big deal. If he stalls and closes it and sells pork in another place, then Wen Pin knows Feng Zhang’s identity and thinks that if he starts, he really doesn’t know which side is suffering.
That Han’s face is so cloudy that his right eyebrow can’t stop jumping and jumping. Who doesn’t know that he is the third person in Nanyang County except the prefect and the prefect’s wife? Today, a child who has not grown a hair dares to challenge himself!
Huang zhong’s face and heart are worse when he looks at this man, but if he moves his hand here, he will be very fond of himself. The mistress is sure to suffer, and it is better to reach out and give a hand secretly.
Han Hehe sneered, "I’m going to cut you some slack. I didn’t expect you to pick on the old one after another. If you can stand upright today, I’ll take your last name!" Said the step by step into Feng Zhang this table.
As soon as Feng Zhang sounded, his hands shook wildly. "I can’t make it!"
He was afraid of that Zhang Bei. "Hum, do you want to beg for mercy?" Stretch out a fist to show off in front of Feng Zhang and make it creak.
Feng Zhang smiled and said, "It’s not that I’m afraid, but my name is Zhang, and I’m waiting for a good living to go out. You didn’t lose anything. How about this? You think I’m a michel platini, and I’ll barely eat a little loss to recognize you … Er, no, you’re a little animal. I don’t want to be an old animal!"
Zhang Bei was furious and punched Feng Zhang straight in the face. He couldn’t wait to beat his face uglier than his own. Although Xu Huang had been laughing at Yu Guang, he had already stopped at Zhang Bei’s body. When he saw him start work, the wine poured into his face, and then he took a huge axe and opened his eyes to look at Zhang Bei. "Do you want to die?"
Zhang Bei has been so angry that Zhang Feng can’t find Beigen. I didn’t pay attention to one of these three people, such a strong man. Look at his hand. The axe blade seems to be thicker than his waist. His face is like a steel needle, and even his nostrils seem to be so big that he can put his fist in his heart. I am afraid that I can’t help but retreat two steps.
It seems that Feng Zhang’s root is to say "sing and continue to have something to tell your Lord" to the people with a fork in the waist.
It’s hard for the Qing people to look around, but they don’t want to sing again. They will go upstairs to eat wine, and the servants will hear the noise of the building. They will dial the knife and run downstairs, and then they will cut people down when they say something.
Zhang Bei is finally white now. Why is Zhang Feng afraid of this step? It’s good to take it out on Huang Zhongshen and glare at him. I dare not say anything. Don’t leave with two little animals.
Feng Zhang just put away the hanging son. "Everyone continues to eat and drink. It’s okay. It’s okay." She sat down and threw a fist at Huang Zhongyi. "This old brother made you eat nothing. Why don’t you make it worse than the younger brother?"
Huang Zhongzheng is surprised that this young man speaks and behaves in an old-fashioned way. Which business has just learned about himself? So he also replied, "Little brother, you are in trouble. That man just now, but this Nanyang satrap Zhang Zi’s brother-in-law is very overbearing. Just now, you brushed his face, which is really gratifying, but this man will surely lead troops to capture you. It is better to leave as soon as possible."
What Nanyang satrap Zhang Fengcai is not afraid of that Zhang Zi seems to have been cut down by Sun Jian later, but this is, after all, somebody else’s territory plus Zhang An’s side, saying, "Young Master told me not to make trouble outside …"
Feng Zhang is not a good brave and ruthless person. When he nods, "Let’s just give the food and let’s go."
A group of people had to come upstairs to add a table of food for Huang Zhong, and Zhang Feng gave Huang Zhong a hand and said, "Is this brother Huang hearing that your son is seriously ill?"
Huang Zhongzheng is ready to leave now. He is ten years old after hearing this. "To tell you the truth, the little brother dog coughs repeatedly and sometimes even coughs up blood. Huang has searched all the famous doctors in Nanyang City, saying that the rule of law is based on this disease, but Huang has been here for half his life. His family has almost seen the walls."
Feng Zhang a listen to "oh? Now there is a friend whose medical skill is rare in Gao Shi, who is about to visit him. It is better for Huang Lao to take your son with him to heal. I dare not say that it must be less than 99%. "
When Huang Zhong heard this, he bent down and bowed his arch and said, "If you can cure the child’s illness, Huang Zhong can be sold to the public as a princess!"
When Feng Zhang heard that it was Huang Zhong’s face, he smiled at the rose and said modestly, "Don’t worry, don’t worry, cure your son first."
Huang Zhong loves her son, so she sips Feng Zhang’s breakfast. Nai Feng Zhang has to go back to the inn. She will drool like a stream in her sleep. I don’t know if I dream. Wang Yue shouted and a group of people took a break for half a day.
Wang Yue cursed in the horse’s dizzy heart, and a village man made my back ache and I didn’t have a good rest and had to go.
A group of people went out to the south gate, Huang Zhong was sick, but they sold all their possessions and moved to build house outside Wancheng. The living environment was not to borrow a lush forest to build a thatched cottage next to a winding path. A towering tree wall, reeds, green trees and gloomy birds, long grass, was somewhat secluded, and even the summer heat seemed to be shunned. Feng Zhang and his party shouted that it was refreshing, and several household servants opened their skirts and blew their chest muscles cool.
Huang zhong stood in shame at the door and said; "My house is humble, but I’m afraid it’s not as good as the public door. Later, my wife will pack up and go." Feng Zhang repeatedly said that she might as well think of finally having a word that didn’t say "expensive"
Someone at the door heard a voice outside, "But" xianggong "has returned?" Huang Zhong should be answered by a woman in her thirties. Huang Zhong pointed to Feng Zhang and said, "This public friend is a wonderful hand to cure Syria’s disease, and he is afraid that it will change over time, so he will take Syria away."
The woman also rejoiced and said, "Thank you so much, Mr. Gong", which caused Feng Zhang to take several pictures of an old futon, splashing a layer of gray, and said, "A humble abode does not enter the public eye."
Feng Zhang is repeatedly "might as well" think of this ancient people is also easy to cheat. No wonder he always heard that saying a few words casually with a certain celebrity attracted the other party to swear to join the party. Huang Zhonglian didn’t ask who this doctor was.
A gray and black sheet covered with some straw lay a pale child. Although it was summer, he was still covered with a thin quilt with a few spots of blood. It is estimated that he vomited blood.
Huang Zhong picked up a sword, and the woman didn’t pick up some clothes. He made a burden, that is, Huang Zhong was a family member who picked up Huang Xu and took two steps back and said, "You must look after your family after you leave, and you will return after you have cured Syria’s illness."
Feng Zhang took out a handful of copper coins from his pocket and said, "Please treat your sister-in-law to live with these broken money, for fear that Brother Huang will be late."
That sister-in-law pushed hard but didn’t dare to accept Huang Zhong’s surprise. "Does this mean that Huang has won public medical treatment and still hopes to receive public funds?"
Feng Zhang said with a smile, "Isn’t it true that Brother Huang wants to save his life but doesn’t care whether his sister-in-law lives or dies?"
When Huang Zhong’s face was hot, he said, "Let’s be grateful to Huang." He turned back and said, "In this case, you will accept a return."

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