Beating Lazio and winning the Champions League is the best revenge for him.

While the players from both sides were waiting to play in the tunnel, the names of the players from both sides were being introduced on the radio at Old Trafford Stadium, and applause and boos rang out from the stands of the stadium.
Applause is for Manchester United players, and boos are naturally for Lazio players.
Chang Sheng, who sits on the coach’s bench, thinks that he will lose. Old Trafford introduced the players from both sides separately. If this is staggered, Manchester United fans will not be schizophrenic.
In fact, it’s really unnecessary to boo Lazio … Lazio players have been trained for a long time, and this boo won’t disturb them.
On the contrary, it will make Manchester United fans hiss and hurt their voices, and they will be speechless the next day.
I can’t get my voice well for a week to watch a game … as for it?
Changsheng skimmed the pie mouth.
In the magnificent music of the Champions League theme song, players from both sides of Lazio and Manchester United filed into the stadium.
At this moment, the stadium was full of applause and cheers, which were given to their home team by Manchester United fans.
As for the visiting team, there is no need to deliberately boo. Manchester United fans firmly believe that thunderous applause and cheers are enough to put enough pressure on the visiting Lazio players.
Then the captains of the two sides shook hands, exchanged team flags and picked sides …
After this series of ceremonies, the game began.
When the referee whistled, Rooney, the starting striker of Manchester United, gently rubbed the football forward, and the football rolled into Lazio’s half, and the game officially began!
"Hello, audience friends, welcome to watch the live broadcast of the’ Earth Defence War’!" The commentator began the broadcast of the game in a joking tone.
"This game is called" the Defence of the Earth "by the media, and there is a reason. The powerful Lazio has maintained a record of total victory this season, whether in the domestic league, the Champions League and the domestic cup, including the two super cups before the season and the World Club Cup in the season … all official competitions! This performance has never been done by a team before! Generally speaking, it is not easy to remain unbeaten in a season. Lazio kept winning! Such amazing results make Lazio look like an alien planet, and their achievements are beyond the reach of teams on earth … "
"Manchester United lost 0-1 away to Lazio in the first leg. They are the most promising team to end Lazio’s victory at present, so this game is also known as the’ Defence of the Earth’. So can Manchester United really successfully defend the earth? Let’s wait and see! "
In this game, Manchester United’s tactics are attack, but it is not the kind of crazy attack regardless of each other.
Still have to fear Lazio’s attack …
Lazio’s offensive power is the first in the whole European football.
If Manchester United really don’t care about anything, and take advantage of their home court advantage, they will fight lazio crazily at their own home court, then they will definitely die crazy in the end …
Ferguson still has a clear understanding of this.
Manchester United’s strategy is actually a defensive counterattack in another sense.
The first is active defense to ensure that you don’t lose the ball first.
This is similar to the tactical thinking adopted by Juventus against Lazio.
Not losing the ball first is a prerequisite for defeating Lazio.
Once Lazio score first, everything will be over.
As for the way of defense, it is naturally a high position to force.
This is also the way Juventus chose.
In fact, the best defensive way to deal with this Lazio ball control team is definitely not contraction defense, but high defense.
For example, now in Europe, more teams have adopted high defense against Barcelona, and the effect is quite good. Although it may not be possible to beat Barcelona, Barcelona’s advantage in the competition is not as great as before.
Defensively, Manchester United definitely refers to the tactics of many European teams.
Without conceding the goal first, then considering the match between Lazio and Juventus, it will affect Lazio’s physical fitness more or less. Manchester United should deal with Lazio patiently and consume Lazio’s physical strength as much as possible. Finally, when their physical strength drops, Manchester United will suddenly exert its strength and score goals!
Get a goal and you can drag the game into overtime.
The 30-minute overtime is a severe test for both sides’ physical fitness, but last weekend’s league match, Manchester United’s main lineup didn’t play, so he has a slight advantage in physical strength.
Lazio rotated in the last round of the league, but not all of them rotated.
If the game goes into overtime, Manchester United will copy the way they played away from home in the first leg, drag the score to the penalty shoot-out, and then fight Lazio on penalty kicks. To this end, Manchester United has focused on penalties in the past six days.
Manchester United’s coaching staff also watched countless videos of Lazio kicking penalty kicks, from which they studied and analyzed everyone’s technical characteristics and habits when Lazio players kicked penalty kicks, as well as Handanovic’s habit of throwing penalty kicks.
Then write it into the video analysis report and give it to the coaching staff, who will conduct targeted training. If it comes to the penalty kick, then van der Sar will receive a note detailing the habit of every Lazio player to kick the penalty kick.
According to this note, the Manchester United coaching staff is confident that the success rate of Van der Sar’s penalty kick will be increased by 20%.
This is a very scary success rate …
Playing a penalty against Lazio was inspired by Naples. Napoli had planned to do this in the Coppa Italia against Lazio. However, they finally failed because of inadequate physical preparation.
It can be seen that when preparing for Lazio, this Manchester United team was really influenced by the experience of many other teams and Lazio. They referred to these examples and then summarized the strategies suitable for Manchester United.
It’s really a battle to defend the earth …
Manchester United, which combines the strengths of many families, will have a peak confrontation with Lazio!
At the beginning of the game, Manchester United took advantage of their kick-off to launch a fierce rush to Lazio’s position.
However, this kind of high-level grabbing has also created some troubles for Lazio.
Lazio players have to speed up the passing in the backcourt.
But the game has just begun, and it is not so easy to enter the rhythm of the game.
So when Manchester United forced it, it seemed a little hectic.

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