Lin Ze just wanted to turn and run away, but the dark elves had grabbed his neck and pushed him against the wall. Well, it seems that Lin Ze’s wish came true before he passed out. Although this time he really didn’t meet the shadow beast, he met the more dangerous dark elves.

Hazy silver eyes finally saw the dark elf in front of them.
Dazzling silver hair is scattered behind her head, but it makes people feel that there is no trace of incongruity. Chocolate skin gives people the illusion that she is very healthy. What surprises Lin Ze even more is that her eyes are not the same as what she said. There is no trace of emotional fluctuation in them, which makes Lin Ze feel freezing at a glance. Take a closer look. This dark elf is still a child and doesn’t feel as old as himself.
The cold blade is tightly attached to Lin Ze’s skin. "Who are you and what will appear here?"
The dark elf girl stared at Lin Ze coldly and asked.
"Ahem …" Lin Zeli raised his right hand and pointed to the neck to tell her that she was speechless now. The dark elf girl saw him move, but she didn’t loosen it immediately. Instead, she carefully observed Lin Ze and found that he didn’t carry anything that could threaten her. This slowly made Lin Zesong.
He slowly slid to the ground, coughed and took a breath to calm himself down. He told the girl that he was like a wolf pack, such as bringing scrolls to this strange grottoes.
After listening to the history of Lin Ze, the girl didn’t finish believing that the dagger was still attached to his neck, as if Lin Ze would touch a sharp blade and cut Lin Ze’s throat.
Looking at each other for a long time, the dark elf girl sighed gently and inserted the dagger back into her waist and silently left this passage. At this moment, Lin Ze can finally relax and observe the dark elf carefully.
How to shape it? The dark elf girl is wearing a ready-made dress and short skirt woven by leaves and vines, with a slender neck and a slightly yellow straw rope, but her petite body has been able to produce a charming temptation. A green vine is densely wrapped around her right wrist, and the delicate black skin is in sharp contrast. A pair of exquisite feet are bare to the ground, and pointed ears show that she is different. This unusual temptation has stunned Lin Ze.
"Humans actually call it no matter where you come from!" The dark elf girl who walked in front suddenly turned her head and said, "It’s the first time since I was born that I have seen a stranger come to this dark elf cemetery cursed by the apostles. You are really unusual!" The dark elf girl’s face actually shows her heart expression.
"A hundred years old?" Lin Ze was shocked when she heard that she was one hundred years old, and even more surprised when she heard the dark elf cemetery. She quickly followed her away from the passage.
There is a more spacious giant cave outside the passage. The walls of the cave are covered with shining magic stones. The cave shines brighter than the bright cave. On the other side of the cave, there is a strange giant tree. There is a huge stone throne next to it. In the cave, rows of sarcophagus are surrounded by a huge stone that reveals the sense of historical vicissitudes …
Are there dark elf corpses all over the face here? Lin Ze silently thought about carefully counting nearly a thousand coffins in the whole cave. Is there nearly a thousand dark elves living here …
The dark elf girl walked slowly through the whole cemetery to the other side of the giant cave and came to the large throne carved from rocks, gently stroking the delicate handrails of the throne! It’s like worshipping a sacred object.
Although the material of this giant throne seems to be the most common rock, the whole throne reveals unusual nobility, splendor, complexity, fine patterns and mysterious atmosphere like its dark elves.
The girl crouched slowly to put her hands around her legs and her delicate face looked so weak.
The third chapter Dark Elves Maya
"Man, shall I give you a sarcophagus?" The dark elf girl continued to speak amazingly, "Anyway, I will never get out when I come here. Get ready early. Maybe I can help you with the funeral afterwards. Maybe you are the apostle’s gift to me so that I can have company for the rest of my life. Although your human life is short, it is better than talking." The dark elf girl looked up at Lin Ze and smiled, but the frost in her eyes still didn’t melt.
Lin Ze calmly shook his head, which is more strange than these things. He has encountered nature and will not be surprised by the words of these things. Looking at the girl, he said, "I don’t need a sarcophagus, and I won’t stay in this place to die. You don’t worry that I will find an exit." That indifferent expression made the original cold dark elf girl sit up and take notice.
"Ha ha ….." The girl gave a ringing smile in her mouth.
"Human, you are so funny. Maybe you don’t know! We, a dark elf, have been born here for ten thousand years and haven’t found a way out. This is the curse of the Apostle. You little human being are too much. This may be the biggest joke I have ever heard since I was born! " The beautiful eyes reveal a mockery of Lin Ze.
Although it’s a little uncomfortable to laugh at the dark elf girl, good cultivation didn’t make him angry. After all, his body has the soul of an adult earth person. When he thinks of this body, he knows about the dark elf knowledge. Lin Ze quietly retorted, "Never be a small human. Although you are one hundred years old now, for your dark elf, you are equivalent to a child of about ten years old! And I am an adult. You have to believe that many miracles in the whole continent are created by human beings! "
The dark elf girl didn’t seem to know how to refute this, but she wasn’t angry either. It might be in our nature.
"Hum human, I’ve heard from other people that you humans are greedy and cunning, but I don’t mind now. You are my toy now, do you hear me, human?" There is a little naughty in the girl’s cold face.
Are humans greedy and cunning? Lin Ze mused these words in her heart. It may be that she has been living in this cave since she was born and has not experienced the process of human rise and other races giving way. She doesn’t know the cruelty of natural competition. It is human greed that makes the vulnerable terran stand on the top of Arad continent …
"Please don’t always call me human. I have my own name, Lin Ze. Thank you!" Lin Ze said supercilious like doing a normal identity introduction.
Dark elf girl listened to Lin Ze tone of voice leng for two seconds and laughed again "Lin Ze is very good! I will give you this name in this dark elf cemetery, and I will tell you my name out of courtesy. My name is Maya, and you can also call me Maya Hall. "
"Maya?" Lin Ze mused the name of the dark elf girl.
"Maya Hall?" Lin Ze respectfully paid a special stroke to the owner of this dark elf cemetery-Maya. He didn’t know what he would do. This etiquette seemed to be that although his body memory was very ordinary, Allard Lin Ze’s memory made Lin Ze’s every move full of elegance at this time.
Maya never thought that Lin Ze should know the ancient dark elf etiquette. Looking at him and caressing his forehead, Maya seemed to think of the past, lost in thought, and two people fell into silence …
"goo goo"
Belly suddenly issued a hunger warning. Mei Ya recovered from a daze. Her eyes glanced at Lin Ze and Lin Ze’s indifferent face also showed an embarrassed look. Nai looked at Mei Ya’s dry food, which had already been lost in the pursuit of wolves. Now she doesn’t know how to solve the food problem.
Maya lightly jumped from the throne and came to the huge strange and lush tree next to her. She picked some black fruits from the surface and threw them to Lin Ze.
"This is the unique moon fruit of the dark elves. It turns out that the physique of the dark elves is the sacred fruit of the dark elves. It’s a pity that this giant tree of war hasn’t been bathed in moonlight for a long time, so the moon fruit can now fill the stomach and has no other effect." Meiya also picked a few and ate quietly.
Lin Ze took the fruit thrown by Maya and took a bite, but it was not sweet as Maya said, but a rough and bitter feeling. He hurriedly spit it out.
"Delicious? Ha ha, but you humans never eat this. Now you are blessed. "Maya looked at Lin Ze’s awkward eyes and smiled into a crescent moon.
Lin Ze when Maya is playing tricks on himself calmly said, "Maya, you lied. The fruit tastes bitter but contains a historical taste."
Maya listened to Lin Ze’s words, and her mood was low, and the giant tree seemed to understand Lin Ze’s words, and the wind shook the branches.
Gently stroking the rough skin of the giant tree, Maya said sadly, "The giant tree of war has been sealed here with us for thousands of years. At the beginning of the seal, our dark elf was planted by our queen, and now his energy is getting less and less. Without the moon shining, he can grow sweet fruit! Maybe death is a better destination for him? "
"War giant tree? This is that name of this tree? " Lin Ze murmured that he knew that his words had aroused the sadness in Maya’s heart and he didn’t know how to comfort her. Her bewildered expression first appeared in Lin Ze’s face.
We should find a topic to dispel a sadness!
Lin Ze suddenly said at the thought of this
"I’ll show you where I come from and see if there’s an exit!" He said, take the lead and walk towards the original channel! And Maya followed by two people through a long quiet stone road and finally came to Lin Ze to cross and come to the starting point.
There is still no export. Sure enough, the wisdom of the dark elves for so many years is not comparable to that of Lin Ze, but since things have developed to this point, there is no way to be delusional
Just then, two people heard the "tick-tock" water drops.
If you don’t look up at Lin Ze, you will know that Fang’s stalactite king is still dripping with unknown liquid, but Mei Ya’s surprise is called "Ah, it’s Wannian Stalactite!"
The fourth chapter is the assassin’s mind.
"Ten thousand stone milk? The name sounds very precious … "
Lin Ze thought, looking at a face of surprise, Mei Ya humbly asked, "Mei Ya Dian, this liquid is a stone emulsion in ten thousand? What is it? "
Meiya stare big eyes looking at Lin Ze seems to be surprised that he doesn’t know this thing.
Lin Ze is also very nai. Although Lin Ze is also a traveler, he doesn’t know much about mainland knowledge, but the original memory of this body is extremely rich. Even though this body is very knowledgeable, people are not prophets, like the stone milk in ten thousand years, which is white in his memory.
Hesitated for a while, Maya stared at the ever-decreasing liquid and said to Lin Ze, "It is said that the eternal stone emulsion is the tears of rock formations, and only after ten thousand years will there be tears one day. It is said that it is a sacred object that can help people wash their marrow and refine their bones to increase their potential. It can also treat injuries. It is an extremely rare healing medicine in the world. I didn’t expect that we could see this sacred object today! It’s a pity that it has been dripping for a long time. What a wave! "
Just finished, I turned around and saw Lin Ze holding a bottle facing this huge stalactite, and the 10,000-year-old stalactite also dropped into the bottle.
Looking at a face of surprise, Mei Yalinze said faintly, "Since Wannian Stone Milk is so precious, let’s collect more such sacred objects. The more the better, the more waves are shameful."
Maya was shocked by Lin Zexing. "Where did you and your bottle come from?"
"This?" Lin Ze waved the bottle in his hand and said, "I have a normal life in my ring."
Looking at the ring in Lin Ze’s hand in surprise, he asked, "What is a ring?"
The ring has a dry Kun! You can hide things freely. According to the quality, rings are also large and small. They are extremely precious things in the mainland … Lin Ze Meyer explained that she thinks that every character in the game has something.
After listening to Lin Ze Copmeyer, she looked at Lin Ze with envy, but she didn’t know what she should do.
Ten minutes later …
"It’s not the way to hold it all the time." The insipid sound will wake Maya in a daze. Lin Ze held out his left hand and rubbed his right hand holding the bottle. "Anyway, this huge cave has two bottles of us, so let it slowly follow the stone milk. At this rate, it will take almost a day to fill this bottle. We can wait for another day to see it." Then Lin Ze put the bottle on the ground and walked back to the dark elf cemetery.
Meiya was reluctant to take a look at Wannian Stone Milk and then silently followed Lin Ze to the dark elf cemetery …
After ten thousand years of stone milk stimulation, Maya also recovered from her sadness, and it was a little hard for Lin Ze to pick up the rough and bitter fruit.

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