At first glance, the edge looks like fine lines reflected by light, but not on the other side; If you look carefully, what is it? The powder is stuck on the rim of the cup.

All the meals in the palace banquet are cooked by the chef, from cooking to loading to everyone. Several cases are executed by the palace maids and everyone is staring at the poison. It is almost impossible, but the cups and cups are not put away before.
So the powder is … "Local governance depends on the clan’s dedication to mourning for the family and drinking this cup to respect you …" Zong Jin’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the words of the Queen Mother. I don’t know when the palace maids had entered the temple with a small handleless wine cup. A palace maid stopped in front of He Lianheng and squatted respectfully to pour the wine into the silver cup.
The edge sparkles and disappears as soon as it touches the wine.
It’s poison Someone poisoned the cup before! Want to kill He Lianheng at the palace banquet!
-no, no, no, no, calm down and think about poisoning the princes at the palace banquet. Even if the luck of the thousand generations of the royal family is close, it will be clear that the bad guys will soon be exposed.
-Is it Chiyo? Chiyoyo? Empress dowager? What did you do? Began to want to eradicate the vassal power? In that case, other families are afraid of themselves, which is tantamount to forcing rebellion.
-who would want to die?
All kinds of possible moments were crowded in Zongjin’s head in a mess, and he watched He Lianheng prepare to serve a cup imperceptibly. His heart beat so fast that he seemed to be able to hear clearly.
There are too many people who want to leave because they are tied to each other.
Since you can arrange poison in the wine glass, it must be the first few people who arrived.
However, the development of things can’t be rooted in Zong Jin’s smoothing everything out. Just when he was thinking about this, there was a lot of waves, and the edge of the silver cup had already touched the lips of He Lianheng.
At that moment, Zong Jin was so fast that he stretched out his hand and hit He Lianheng’s hand to knock off the glass of wine.
But that is, when he suddenly flashed out of the door, He Lianheng’s sentence "Be cautious"-he smashed the glass in front of the little emperor and Taitai, and he also proved that the glass was poisonous; From small to large, it is said that you don’t know the rules, but it is contempt for you.
So Zong Jin stretched out his hand and suddenly changed his posture, and suddenly took the glass from He Lianheng’s hand.
He closed his eyes and looked up and poured the glass of wine into his mouth.
Chapter 59 Big deal life report
Although I came here after my death, I didn’t believe Machamp’s chaotic god said that this stormy country was either fighting or fighting for decades, sacrificing soldiers in the war, sacrificing civilians and untouchables because of the war, and countless Wei Chilan himself didn’t know how many lives he had taken and how many people died because of him. If these people were really alive in heaven, I’m afraid they would have come to him for revenge.
Therefore, he didn’t feel that he couldn’t be reborn again after drinking this poisoned wine, nor could he become a ghost after death.
Dead is dead, dead is nothing.
Zong Jin certainly doesn’t want to die. It is a miracle that he can get a second life. Of course he wants to cherish it.
But-he can’t watch HeLianHeng being poisoned.
Not to mention that he has not really blamed him for the three transgressions and four times; Just when he was in Jiulong, he almost died "again" in the hands of Luo Chen Huan … It was He Lianheng who saved him, not only saved him, but also searched for doctors to heal him.
There is also He Lianheng who fell into the water when he went back to the boat in Yizhou to save him.
His mouth said "even", but in fact he always owed HeLianHeng a life-saving.
When the mellow wine slipped through his throat, the scenes that could barely be regarded as "fighting and dying" flashed through his mind.
-the big deal is to die. The big deal is to take this life and report it to He Lianheng for saving his life.
-even if he wants to ride the sky again, he must first be a man who is affectionate and righteous and worthy of himself!
Zongjin looked up and drank his chest violently and let go. The silver glass was still hanging at his fingertips.
Wine maid-in-waiting looked blindsided, suspection.i and West Deer also noticed the movement, singing and dancing on their side. There were three people looking at their place in Yanhe Temple, and then more people noticed that something was wrong with Helianheng. The little emperor and the queen mother also looked at it, and the singing and dancing still didn’t stop, but the atmosphere was still awkward and dignified.
"What’s wrong with HeLianJun?" Huangfuchun said with a smile. "The attendants are so presumptuous, but do you want to drink this glass of wine for HeLianHengJing?"
Huangfuchun not the kui is a Huangfuchun, so he picked things up as if he were even arrogant, as if the toast made by the royal family was not enough for him to drink enough for the attendants to do it for him.
The queen mother frowned and looked at He Lianheng’s words with faint anger. "What does He Lianjun mean?"
If you don’t answer well, you will have a joint crusade against Hector even.
At this critical moment, Zong Jin’s arrogance can’t take care of those who are full of doubts about "why don’t you send it?" He consciously wants to kneel down and plan to blame himself for this behavior. Anyway, it makes no difference between being killed and being beheaded by a thousand generations of royal family. Who knows that he is only in front of the man who was sitting suddenly got up and suddenly protected him behind him.
In others’ eyes, it’s just that Hector even stopped the attendants; However, Zong Jincai knew that the man lifted his wrist and abruptly interrupted him by kneeling.
He Lianheng unhurriedly raised his hand to the little emperor. "I don’t know much about the rules, but I didn’t set it up properly; Before, I was assassinated in Yanzhou border minister, and then I had to be careful. He was worried about whether something unclean was added to the wine … "
He said, glancing at Huangfuchun across the street, and then said, "The attendants should be punished for offending the empress dowager; I will certainly produce teaching when I go back. "
HeLianJun also not too justifying a fault’ HuangFuChun laughingly drooping eyes said very light’ even to try poison can be aboveboard; Besides, it’s a heavenly gift. Maybe Lian Jun suspects … "
"I shouldn’t doubt the Empress Dowager," He Lianheng said. "I’m worried that some villains want to do something outrageous on this day."
"I’m afraid of poison, but now the attendants are still alive. Is it true that Lian Jun’s little heart has taken care of you?"
The two of them were holding a gun and holding a stick as if they were going to fight in Yanhe Hall. The queen mother interrupted crossly and put the glass in her hand "OK-"
As soon as this statement came out, Huang Fuchun had to get up and say, "The foreign minister is bold."
"Foreign minister confesses"
Sima Taifu hastily pushed Weichichong’s hand at this moment, but I didn’t know that Weichichong was eating happily. She said, "The attendants are not sensible, so don’t break the rules; Drag it out and kill it. He Lianjun is not willing to give up. "
One Huangfuchun is not counting another Sima Taifu.
They will all feel happy if he Lianheng is beaten.
Zong Jin looked at the situation in vain, but there was nothing he could do-he was a "servant" here, and life and death were all in the minds of others.
But the poison has been delayed.
He didn’t even feel the slightest discomfort. He felt that his heart was pounding badly.
Sima Taifu’s words are to push Zongjin to the forefront-either he Lianheng protects him is disrespectful to the royal family; Either he Lianheng doesn’t protect him, he will be dragged out and killed.
Is being poisoned a death, being beaten to death, or is it just a death?
Zongjin inhaled deeply and grasped HeLianHeng’s waist clothes sadly, trying to signal him to stop saying anything by himself.
The man didn’t seem to notice Sima Taifu, but he said to the little emperor in an indifferent tone, "It’s not good to see blood at the beginning of the new year."
The little emperor looked at the queen mother without knowing anything. The queen mother once again raised her glass and lowered her eyes. "What Lian Jun said is also reasonable."
"If the Queen Mother thinks he is an eyesore, I will send him to wait outside."
Even the constant language before the queen mother answered hurriedly tilting the head frowned and said, "Don’t get out."
Zong Jin opened his eyes wide for a short time and then looked at the man without considering other things. He hung his head and immediately retreated a few steps. "Little people damn little people, get out of here …"
See little supposed to quickly quit to Huangfuchun abrupt tone are eager for some "the queen mother hasn’t said yet, HeLianJun, what are you …" "What’s more, I’ve been punished for three cups because of poor discipline?"
However, He Henggen refused to give him the chance to finish, and he avoided the handmaid’s small handleless wine cup. The usual etiquette was temporarily thrown aside. In front of the clan and royal family, He Henggen poured a whole pot of wine without even lifting his glass.
Delay and everyone in the temple looked at him. No one was white. He Lianheng was so generous.
He seems to be making amends, but the momentum is more provocative.
It’s like saying to all the people in the temple that anyone who wants to manage the enemy is.
Zong Jin just stepped across the door of the temple and couldn’t help looking back. He saw the dancer’s clever posture and the man’s drinking side face. The dancer was like a monster, and the princes and lords were like evil spirits. He Lianheng didn’t know Zongjin was so helpful when he was alone.
-how can this be an illusion?
But I’m afraid that people in high places are more or less lonely. When they are in Helianfu, Jiang Yi’s generals have their own needs to be busy and fragrant, and they should also preside over everything in the house. Even so, they occasionally chat and chat, and they can go out for a stroll or two.
Only Helianhengchang is either busy or watching alone.

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