Origami and Zhenna hold their heads at the same time and turn their heads to the right at the same time.
There, he was dressed in the Self-Defense Forces, often pretending to be Captain AS, and Nibu Liao held something like a rolled-up book in one hand.
"You ah, na …"
My forehead crackled with beating blood vessels and at the same time, swish! Pointed to the recovery of iron from the exercise field, which was beautifully divided into two propellers
"Not to say that mock battle! What wants to destroy valuable equipment! "
Two people staring at the meteor fingertips said
"The semi-hanging method intended to sneak attack on the flaw of Chonggong Wei but failed."
"Although it’s a mock battle, what if you don’t fight seriously-you won’t be able to get the correct information-I judge it this way."
So they were hit in the head again.
"It’s really a good idea to investigate the price of the combat parts of the display device for me! Our budget is not limited! "
"It’s …"
Liao left a sentence "pay attention after" shrugged and walked away.
After her back disappeared, she really pursed her lips with discontent.
"Really, the captain’s temple is really a headache. It is because of being so stingy that it will be as annoying as an elf."
Origami nodded. Really, it’s very happy to raise your mouth.
"I feel like I hit it off with you, Kite-i, but we are the opponents of elven monsters. If people always value money so much, they can win or not."
Say exaggerated shrugged his shoulders.
Origami looked at the real face again.
Sure enough … The facial features and atmosphere are very similar to those of Shi Zhi.
But Shizhi’s sister should have one.
Although I haven’t spoken, I’ve seen Itsuka Kotori several times. He doesn’t tell the truth. That’s a different person
However, according to the origami data, the possibility that Shizhi is an adopted daughter and she is Shizhi’s real sister cannot be completely denied.
However, no matter how you think about it, it’s still amazing, and people can’t help but sigh that the world is really small.
"By the way, if not only the elves are transferred here, you also know about that person, right?"
"Ah … that man, that guy is also a very important guy, and that guy still seems to live in his sister’s adult."
Takamiya mana said to show some headaches.
"Although I don’t know what the situation is, it’s very worrying what such a dangerous guy thinks about staying with his sister’s adult."
"By the way, there are just some things I want to ask you. Do you know the specific situation of that man for such a long time?"
"What about Ye Yu?"
Takamiya mana so asked Tobiichi Origami is bowed their heads and reveal a thinking expression.
"He is very strong … as powerful as an elf. At present, his power reveals two characteristics, one is ice, and the other is unspeakable disgusting power. We don’t know what it is."
Tobiichi Origami said this and Takamiya mana nodded his head, then Tobiichi Origami thought for a while and continued to add it as if he remembered something.
"He seems to be very horny and won’t refuse to send women to the door. I think it would be very good to play a honey trick on him."
"Ah ah … what would suddenly say that? !”
"Because I tried and almost succeeded."
"ha? !”
Looking at a serious face, Tobiichi Origami Takamiya mana showed a face of disbelief.
Chapter 414 Tokisaki Kurumi
It takes 30 minutes to walk from Wuhejia to Zen University.
Although Ye Yu is also a student here, he has often been absent from school since the Ten Incense Incident. At the back, the school directly issued an ultimatum to expel him if he didn’t go to school.
It’s nothing that he was fired, but I’m afraid Ten Xiang will make a fuss about not studying. Ten Xiang thinks Ye Yu has to go to school again.
The clock hand installed on the outer wall of the school building indicates that there are still ten minutes before the early class meeting starts at 20 o’clock.
"If you don’t hurry up, you can’t."
"Well, yes."
Said into the elevator elevator and hurried to the classroom.
Of course, the classroom is full of students, and they are in a hurry with many students’ attention.
The bell rang on the radio, and soon the classroom door opened and a short woman with glasses and curly hair entered the classroom.
Although he looks like a student in any way, this is a real social studies teacher. Tamae Okamine is already a 29-year-old leftover woman.
"Good morning, everyone."
In this way, after the usual greeting, Miss Zhu was about to open the attendance book … and suddenly stopped.
"Oh, yes, I have something to inform you today."
Said the mysterious eyes looked around the noisy classroom.
"Today, but there is a transfer student coming." After a short pause, Miss Xiaozhu said with a smile.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh …" As Miss Zhu’s words fell, the students in the classroom all burst into cheers.
Fingers gently banging Ye Yu on the desktop. It’s interesting to watch the lively classroom. After all, it’s a group of children. So excited about such a trivial matter.
"Then come in …"
Ye Yu’s thinking was immediately interrupted by Miss Zhu’s long sound.
The door slowly opened and the transfer students entered the classroom.
The classroom was silent in an instant.
Appeared to be a girl wearing a winter jacket and black stockings on such a hot day.
Just like a shadow, this shape is very appropriate.

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