Uncle Mu made a rebound on the offensive end and hit Scola. Soon, Amir Johnson made two defensive fouls. The Clippers’ backup line met Scola, which was a technical flow. In the fifth game, the Rockets’ backup almost beat the Clippers’ backup every game. If the Clippers’ main force had gained enough advantages, they would not have been able to beat the Rockets.

Crawford felt good today. Billups had a very good offensive rhythm after the game. Mr. Key didn’t stick the ball at all. He made the team participate in the offense. Crawford was the only one who could give two balls to his teammates and throw them without catching them.
Ji Guoqiu’s assists are the first in the team, but the key moment is to replace Billups because he occupies the ball too much.
To be honest, if Ji Guoqiu didn’t rely on telepathy to help him play like this, he would belong to the category of ball hegemony and be highly toxic!
The point guard in nba history is still the core team of the No.2 and No.3 ball tyrants. But Ji Guoqiu has telepathy. Although Billups thinks that this way of playing will make his teammates less motivated to play team basketball to really mobilize the team, this panda’s blocking ability is really abnormal, which makes him equal to the top point guard’s ability to control the ball and make up for his shortcomings of controlling the ball too much.
Plus the fox’s younger brother’s finishing ability, the clippers don’t win the championship.
Some experts explained that it was because the Clippers had two ball tyrants, and the two ball tyrants were not at odds, which made other teams accept Billups’ unreasonable way of playing, and it was reasonable to win and win anyway.
Billups’s own jump shot won the Rockets’ breakthrough, but it was not too much for them to let the two brothers go. After that, the Rockets’ guard made a continuous breakthrough to the line and made a killing.
Brooks’ breakthrough ability is stronger than Mr. Key’s at the moment. Don’t look at a small confrontation ability, but Brooks’ breakthrough depends on speed and skill. The little black bean once again passed Billups and even scored a difficult basket for two people.
"This kid seemed to be sitting next to me in the draft." Ji Guo was ashamed to recall the experience of Brooks sitting next to him in the draft, hoping that which team would choose him?
"Brooks’ peak period is to play purely by speed in recent years. Once he has suffered a few injuries and his athletic ability has been slightly reduced, it will be much worse." Ji Guoqiu felt that Brooks had better refer to barea as a substitute, but it was really difficult for him to make a voluntary substitute after two seasons.
Brooks was in excellent form today, and the defensive end stole Dragic’s one-stop quick and easy basket.
The score was 41:31. Brooks’ goal narrowed the score gap to a very old age. Deng Liwei couldn’t sit still. When he looked at it, it was only 14 seconds in the second quarter. The Rockets recovered 11 points behind in more than four minutes, and scored 17 points in four minutes. This attack was terrible!
The Clippers quickly switched the animal brothers back to the scene, and the defensive ability of the two-man line prevented the Rockets from continuing to wreak havoc in the Clippers basket.
Yao and Marbury also returned to the court. They changed Weaver and Mutombo, and the Rockets still kept Brooks on the scene to play their double point guard tactics in the playoffs.
Ji Guo’s shame easily grabbed the rebound in the frontcourt and made up the basket to get two points. Brother Panda and Yao were intertwined, but Scola couldn’t grab Ji Guo’s shame himself. Although he occupied a favorable position, he was first touched by the fox’s long arm.
Scola said that I couldn’t snatch the rebound, but you couldn’t shake the low position, so you made the offensive end low and strong, creating a national humiliation and defensive foul. His dazzling and dreamy steps really tricked Fox’s younger brother into flying easily and getting two free throws.
Argentina’s best actor caught a glimpse of Ji’s humiliation and made two free throws.
Ji Guo’s shame in defending Scola is really painful. His telepathy doesn’t have much effect on this guy who is full of fake moves, and all players who can jump are easily faked. Although he is much better than Jordan Jr., he often can’t help flying when he meets Scola, and then he can watch the winner snicker in the face.
"Idiot said how many times you don’t jump not finished? His height and wingspan are not good, and you can interfere with his basket without jumping. "
"I know, but you can’t block shots without jumping. This guy’s shooting too high in the basket, so come out and be safe."
Ji Guo smiled angrily. "So how many Scola did you take in this round of the series?"
Ji Guo recalled a shame and then became angry from embarrassment and scolded "Fuck you, Mabi"
Brooks and Scola played well these days, so the Rockets handed the ball to them continuously. Although the Rockets always had superstars, their superstars were often absent due to injuries, but in recent years, the Rockets have always won by relying on the remnants. This is the great place of sports basketball, not to mention that Van Gundy and Adelman are not good at it. These two coaches often lead Yao Mai or one of the rockets to get the top four results in the west. Can this be regarded as poor coaching ability?
You know, in recent years, apart from Yao Mai, the Rockets really have no players. From these guys’ rapid decline from most of the data of the Rockets, it can be seen that it is not how strong their personal ability is, but that the Rockets pay attention to physical play and give full play to their ability.
Moreover, the Rockets’ ability to cultivate low-draft rookies is also at the forefront of the league. At the same time, Landry, Brooks, Lori, Weaver, Hayes, Badinger, Drazic, Parsons and Ariza all played their peak in the Rockets and left.
Ji Guoshame’s defensive end suffered a loss, and the offensive end resolutely returned to Scola to defend him. He was even more painful. In all physical fitness options, the Argentine did not have an advantage. Ji Guoshame rarely turned his back and forced him to squeeze in. Now his weight of 235 pounds has fallen behind Scola’s weight of 24 pounds.
Clippers fans in Staples Arena shouted the slogan of "mvp" in unison, and now the two brothers are going to catch the ball and attack Staples Arena, which will definitely sound such cheers!
Ji Guo’s shame suddenly turned around and didn’t break through. Instead, he came to an emergency stop and dribbled the hip. Scola immediately fell to the ground and easily scored the ball with a backward shot.
"Haha, is this comfortable?" Ji Guo was ashamed to see how cool it was to be swayed by him to Scola. He didn’t provoke Scola. He was talking to himself or the Chinese speaker couldn’t understand him.
The Clippers quickly stabilized the situation after the two brothers returned to the court, and then broke through Yao and dunked.
Scola once again showed his dream steps, but this time when Brother Panda made a mistake in the double-team, the Clippers launched a counterattack and Billups hit the basket.
In the last three minutes of the second quarter, the Clippers led 524 to lead the Rockets by 12 points in the main array.
Billups’ storm caused the Marbury assault line to foul Yao, which was the third foul of the little giant, but Adelman didn’t exchange Yao. Now the Rockets line can’t stay without Yao’s three offenses.
Mr. Jian made two free throws and one hit, and Ji Guo was ashamed to grab the rebound in the frontcourt again, but this time the confrontation with him has become David Lee, but the result is still the same. David Lee still can’t grab the fox.
Ji Guo was shamed by Yao’s interference, but the rebound was grabbed by Brother Panda, who quickly hit the board to make up the ball.
The two brothers grabbed the rebounds in the frontcourt in succession, or when the Rockets had Yao present. Adelman didn’t dare to change Yao, which was one of the reasons, except for altruistic offensive ability and protecting rebounds, but it didn’t seem to be much.
Yao doesn’t look very good. Today, he has expected to be eliminated, but he still has to fight hard for so many years and finally broke through the first round curse. It happened that he was eliminated by his compatriots in the second round. Yao was very unhappy. He knew that he was old and his peak period would soon pass. This season was his peak year, and he wanted to go further this season.
But the talented people in this Jianghu are better than James and Kobe. If you want to win a championship, you have to go through several failures. He doesn’t think he is better than these people, but he still has to try his best to fight for it in the face of failure.
At the end of the second quarter, Yao made a jump shot in the Clippers’ offensive, then turned his back and hit Ji Guoqiu with a half-turn hook, and then got a foul. After two free throws, he scored six points in a row, which made Yao feel that it was Billups and Afraro’s two three-pointers that made him try his best to make up for nothing, and the score gap was still narrowed.
Ji Guoqiu hit the whistle three points before the end, and the score was 64:5. The Rockets were 14 points behind the Clippers and entered the halftime.
At halftime, Ji Guoqiu scored 13 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 15 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot. Billups scored 11 points, 4 assists and Crawford scored 1 point.
Yao scored 14 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, Marbury scored 5 assists, Scola scored 7 points, 3 rebounds, Brooks scored 1 point, Battier scored 3 points, Weaver scored 4 points and Ariza scored 3 points.
Chapter five hundred and four Shrinking first is not a shame
Ps’s new "I am a God-level doppelganger" has a similar style. It is a relaxed and humorous route with some blood. There is not so much chance of hitting the face and hitting the face.
However, after signing the contract, there will be no eunuch in still life, which still has the reputation of the first two, even when I am sick, I am not worried about entering the palace
This is the first time that a still life has tried to classify the inadequacies outside the competition. Please continue to update the history until the end of July or June. The new through train can’t be found at the bottom. Maybe it came out before it was displayed.
Yao step by step from a young rookie to the core of the nba team, from an ordinary player to the world’s attention. China’s business card has grown from a child to a club owner and a child’s father … He is not willing to stay in the first round and a generation can’t touch the floor of the Western Conference …
State-owned fans joked that Yao had touched the championship floor at Staples.
These people don’t know that Yao doesn’t have any talent except his height, and this unique talent may bring him much more than fans can imagine. Many people criticize him for rarely playing a whole season without being injured in the fourth quarter, but they don’t know how much sweat he needs to pay to achieve his current achievements in an nba-level stadium
Tall, hard training requires far more physical fitness than ordinary players. Yao has to work harder than talented players like animal brothers. Unfortunately, due to his talent, he can run faster and react faster, and he can get rid of injuries.
In the third quarter, Ji Guo’s shame in catching the ball at the basket and turning the basket to score also caused Scola to foul and complete the 2+1 offensive score difference to 17 points.
Yao was unwilling to fail like this, but Ji Guo’s hatred made it difficult for him to receive basketball. Yao was in a hurry and pushed the panda brother to receive Marbury’s ball.
"Shit!" Ji Guoqiu, this is not very happy. Isn’t it that the harmonious competition of good writing and playing games actually pushes people?
Yao caught the basketball at the basket and couldn’t stop turning around to send the basketball to the basket.
Ji Guoqiu’s anger actually doesn’t make sense. In the first game, he helped the dead fox to get four pairs, and he also got a dirty hand in the back. A little giant was not qualified to spit Yao and push people. Besides, the referee didn’t blow a foul, which was a good shot.
Speaking of referees, it’s not necessarily true that Yao didn’t push people, but the Clippers lead so much now that it doesn’t make sense to help them. The league really hopes that the two teams will play more rockets. The two home referees are very partial to the home team, but the rockets themselves fail to live up to expectations or the Clippers’ performance is too bad. Houston people still win a victory at the referee’s help field
At that time, the Lakers ok team lost a game in the playoffs and finally won the championship that season. At that time, the league certainly didn’t want the Lakers to win the championship after playing 19 games, but it was really difficult for the referee to let the Zijin Army lose unless he blew the Lakers to death. It was a team that even the referee could beat.
Now that’s what the Clippers mean, the other six teams in the East and West are locked in a fight except for the Cavaliers and the Hawks, but the Rockets are not the strong team in the West. The Rockets are much stronger than the Hawks, but the gap between them and the Clippers is still wide and almost swept away.
Yao became bolder after he found the referee’s penalty scale, and then he took the second place again and again and scored two points easily after receiving the ball.
Ji Guoqiu’s competitive strength is by no means Yao’s opponent. This is the only place where the little giant can make a fuss. However, in the first two games, the referee kept an eye on Yao like a prisoner. If a guy like Vallejo performs a little, Yao will return to the bench. Fortunately, the two brothers are embarrassed to use this method, otherwise Yao will be even more tragic.
Today, the referee was instructed by the league to change the normal penalty scale to treat Yao Ji’s national hatred. At half time, he immediately found that he couldn’t prevent Yao from being caught by the little giant for three transgressions and five times and easily scored points in the basket.
"I can’t double-team him by playing like this." Ji Guoqiu watched the score being eaten away bit by bit and knew that he couldn’t stand Yao alone. He hoped that Ji Guoshame would double-team him even if David Lee and Scola leaked out.

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