What are you trying to say? When I heard hundreds of Yangyuanshi, the corner of Leibao’s eye twitched slightly for a moment and then said,

During this period, the Lins’ actions must be clearly seen by everyone. The value of Tiemuzhuang now is nothing but white in our hearts. Those Tiemuzhuang resources that have been destroyed by nearly half, then Lin Zhentian may be really crazy. Lei Pi looked around in the hall and sank a track.
After listening to his words, the others nodded slightly. Lin Zhentian has developed from being alone in those years to saying that he is an old fox today, but they don’t believe that this old fox will do such meaningless stupid things.
So since it’s not a meaningful thing, it’s inevitable that the Lins will suddenly sell that batch of Yangyuanshi, and many people’s faces have changed slightly
As I expected, the Lins should have found another kind of resource besides Tiemuzhuang, and this resource is likely to be Yangyuanshi vein.
Lei Pi’s words are suspected to be the first time to make a hall instantly silent. It took a long time for the talents to believe in it. How is it possible? We have been operating Tiemuzhuang for so many years, but we have never heard of Yangyuanshi vein.
We’ve never detected it properly.
Lei Pi’s face is also sobbed, staring at the first Leibao and taking a deep breath, saying, Father, it seems that we have given a Zhuang with legal value to the Lins.
The teacup in Leibao’s hand burst into a ball, and the powder tea dripped through his fingers, and that old face seemed particularly twisted and ferocious at the moment.
The words "Yangyuanshi vein is light" make Leibao’s heart pull up at this moment. The value of this vein is clear to him, but Tiemuzhuang really holds a Yangyuanshi vein, even if its area is not large, its value will far exceed that of a Tiemuzhuang.
However, at this moment, these valuable veins were actually handed over to the Lins by them. Before that, they had a half-destroyed villa in the Lins and gloated. But it is ridiculous to think about gloating at this moment.
Looking at the ferocious face of Leibao, everyone was silent enough to dare not speak.
During this period, I sent my eyes and ears to inquire about Tiemuzhuang. I want to make sure whether there is really a Yangyuanshi vein there.
Took a deep breath, and Leopard’s face was ferocious and slowly gathered, but the sound was as cold as the cold wind in the twelfth month.
In addition, pay attention to the Lins’ every move. If they leave for Yan City again, let me know immediately.
Smell speech that Lei Pi and other core points of Lei’s family hurriedly listened to each other immediately, and there was not much left to slowly retreat in the Chamber.
With the crowd back to the hall and silence again, Leopards sat in a chair with syn cold face for a long time before yn malicious mumbling sounded.
Lin Zhentian, since you’re determined to die, don’t blame me for being ruthless.
After successfully returning from Yancheng, the Lins’ center of gravity was transferred to Timuzhuang Yangyuanshi vein, and this kind of mining and forest movement could not help. Most of the time, they were practicing alone.
Now his cultivation is mainly divided into three kinds: Yuan Li Wu has just dabbled in spirit.
Today, Lin’s strength stops at the late stage of the Yuan territory, which seems to be to strive for progress again, that is, to be able to enter the Yuan territory that day, but there is always a great gap in the realistic imagination. After Lin came back from Yan City, in January, although he practiced very hard and was assisted by a sufficient amount of Yang Yuandan, the feeling of breakthrough was still far away, and that little step was like a stream of days to stop him.
Although Lin Lin is resistant to this progress, he is not anxious. Tianyuan is not so easy to enter. It is impossible for many people to stay in this step for several years. It is a bit whimsical for him to want to achieve this in just one month.
He is also getting more and more proficient in mastering Wulin movements. Today, he is able to put the second one to good use easily, even the third one. He is also trying to gradually claim his strength in the later period of Yuan Dynasty, but he is barely enough to perfect the special seal. The third one needs yuan force.
Yuan Li’s cultivation of martial arts is progressing according to the rules. The only difference is that in just one month, Lin Dong can clearly feel that the spirit in his mind is beating more and more violently, and the first layer of the story called Shendong is also successfully completed by him, and this speed is quite natural and there is no foreign aid.
For the abnormal spirit, even Lin Dong has to believe that he does seem to have some unique talents on this side.
When Lin was practicing so quietly, it also passed quietly in a blink of an eye, and it passed in February.
And when the third month comes, Tiemuzhuang will meet again with a larger team than the second one.
When Tiemuzhuang was moving, the news was also carried by a hummingbird and fell on Lei Bao’s shoulder in Lei Jia’s house.
Take a roll of tiny white paper from the hummingbird’s foot. The eyes of Leopards swept away the corners of the mouth and slowly lifted a yn malicious S.
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The transportation on this trip will not be as easy as the same time. According to the news I got, I’m afraid that this batch of Yangyuanshi in the Lins’ will recruit some hungry wolves. Lin Zhentian, a hall in Tiemuzhuang, looks somberly and looks at Lin Xiao and others and sinks a way.
Oh, is it that Lei Jia wants to do it? Hearing this, Lin Xiao and others were also slightly changed.
Hey, LeBron, how can a wily old fox easily do it? According to my intelligence, this time I thought it should be the black dragon village Lin Zhentian sneered.
As soon as this name is heard, even Lin’s eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle. There are many bandits in Fiona Fang, Qingyang Town, and this means that the Black Dragon Village is one of the more famous bandits. It is said that the two masters of the Black Dragon Village are also holding Tianyuan’s strength. Their fierce names are quite loud in Qingyang Town.
How can the Black Dragon Village know that we are transporting a large number of Yangyuanshi? They should also be white. My Lins are not a good gnawing bone. Lin Xiaodao went to their Lins. These bandits have always ruled out this time. How can the Black Dragon Village suddenly treat them?
Hey, hey, I’m afraid it’s indispensable for Lei’s family. It seems that they are also suspicious of my Lins’ recent actions. Lin Zhentian sneers at it.
Father means that the Black Dragon Village was driven aside by the thunder family, and Lincoln’s python was also a heavy track.

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