A big war finally ended abruptly, and Manhexingye fell into a short silence. When a personal world in the Amitabha world worshipped Yuan Ye, there was another accident. The defeated army in the Maya world turned out to be back, and the two armies confronted each other in Manhexingye, but no one explored the reason. The Amitabha side hardly hesitated to put the army together again.

They will know that although the Armageddon won a battle, the war was not over until the Maya people were driven back to the Maya world. No one expected the war to be so fast.
Yuan Ye adult bad Du Shifeng two people have rushed to Maya world camp Yuan Yeju statue of Wei Xiao ran into the room. Today, these statues obviously look at Yuan Ye’s face. Chapter DiYiqisanqi War continues.
Depend on my boss, didn’t he say to find out what they dare to come back immediately before making a decision? Why didn’t the two of them listen to Wei’s jokes and Li Yuxiao suddenly became angry? When the wind came, Yuan Ye was not good and didn’t want to listen to Yuan Ye. That Du, that is, the one-eyed statue, respected Yuan Ye and didn’t want to be obedient.
Forget it, Yuan Ye waved his hand and said, in fact, people dare to come back immediately. No matter what we rely on, we are going to fight. We can’t hand over Manhe Xingyu at most. We are just prepared in our hearts. Now Du Shifeng has rushed to Wei Xiao. You immediately call an army to kill the past. This battle may be the last one.
Is Wei smile a devoting to immediately retreat.
Yuan Ye boss Li Yuxiao also got up at this time.
Yuan Ye looked at Li Yuxiao and laughed. The killing was low-key. Some Maya world powers died almost. The only thing left is a Xiong Zhangen, who is not our opponent. The only thing they should rely on is that those masters fight against those people. Here you come. You are high-profile. They may be the first to kill people. You have no resistance.
Are you saying that we really lost the decisive battle in heaven? Li Yuxiao suddenly looks ugly. Even if there is only one person left in Maya, it will definitely change the situation before Yuan Ye. Facing people, Yuan Ye’s strength can resist one but also one. It is almost impossible for dzogchen to defeat people.
I’m also guessing that we can’t retreat from this battle. Keep a low profile, and I’ll hide in the army. Yuan Ye will leave directly after he finishes speaking.
Manhexing domain Maya boundary camp rushed in front of Du Shifeng and other strength peaks. This strength is already the strongest in Maya boundary today. In Maya boundary, all of them have been killed. Few of them dare to be so reckless. The army of Maya boundary can’t stop two people, so they just rushed in.
A bear’s strength is too slow to catch up with others. Without the peak level, the master sits in the Mituo world. Those Taoist deities have a lot of resistance in front of the current wind. When the blood clouds drift by, the figure of the wind is lower than the level of the statue. The force is uniform, and the level of blood and blood is nine turns, which is just to resist for a while
Scream, scream and shout
And the one-eyed statue of Du is good at fighting the most in melee. At this moment, Du is holding a black axe and rampaging like a fortress. Whether it is a man or a mountain peak, Du is on the rampage, and there are countless dead people in his hands.
The rocks collapsed, the flowers and plants were charred and the limbs were all over the ground, and the blood was like water all over the river. In a short time, the dead reached a horrible number, and the Maya army fell into great chaos
Du Shifeng, you have gone too far.
Killing excited two people looked up to talk is a bear battle, which can make them taboo. This bear battle strength is absolutely strong. Ling Tong Du Yi is a level Wei Xiao Li Yuxiao, and the wind is weak. The bear battle is too slow, and the root can’t catch up with a master of the peak.
Du Shifeng didn’t bother to continue the crazy killing in this bear war.
Xiong Zhan, who has always been simple and honest, just found out that Fang Mituo’s army was in a terrible situation and suddenly became furious. He rushed directly to the middle region and went to kill Du.
Haha, bear fight, you want to kill me, too. Did you touch a finger on me? If you dare to come back today, it will be your own death, and your second time, Lord Yuan Ye spared you. It’s too long for you to dare to come this time. Du’s figure flashed and he didn’t want to bear fight.
We’re going to kill the wind. Du Shifeng flies directly to the other side. Whenever they used to be convenient, it was a bloody affair.
Mom, everyone is yelling at me for killing angry bears.
Soon Wei Xiaoxiao, Li Yuxiao and other masters led the army and killed the two universes. The second large-scale killing finally broke out again, and Yuan Ye was mixed in the crowd and didn’t have a hand to watch. He was always worried that Maya would dare to kill back because he heard the order of respecting others and being able to be one million careful when facing others.
Even if there is no Yuan Yeshen, millions of people will fight against each other. This is such a scene that many people have never seen in a generation.
Haha, there are few masters left in the Maya world, and they still have the courage to resist the wind. The more they kill, the more excited they are.
Don’t delay, kill the one-eyed statue in the shortest time, and be the first to rush to the front.
Suddenly, from the Maya camp, there was a dazzling black light. This black light was composed of tens of thousands of great deities led by more than a dozen deities. Almost at the same time, the Mituo side was led by Li Yuxiao, Weixiao and other deities and also sent a dazzling white light.
Two rays of light are melted, and two extremely thin rays collide with each other.
There was no sound, bright click, and the position was instantly broken. Seven people were exposed to high cracks, and the cracks were extremely attractive. The range of hundreds of meters around them was that soil or snowflake sand were directly swallowed up by cracks, and nearly ten thousand people were weak and weak, and the cracks were strangled and then restored.
Fight with them and yell.
No matter what you kill, everyone will kill the other side as much as they can. Du is also crazy. He immediately rushed to the Maya camp, and at the same time, one by one, the masters of the Amitabha world sneered and howled and killed the Maya camp.
The Amitabha camp is fragmented, and there is no standard command. That’s how you fight and kill whoever you see.
Pissing match fire lotus flower killed to the ground to kill a pretty river star field in the sky, not fighting or still oscillating. Although dzogchen didn’t make the cracks at will, this oscillation is also directly swallowed up by the surrounding troops who don’t avoid melee.
More than a million Taoist deities practice for as little as 10,000 years, or as many as a million years. This crazy killing is not too tragic. The blood is a little red, the mountains are red, and the forest explosion is almost constantly ringing, as if it were thundered by thousands of days.
A burst of explosions and roaring reflected the weather, and it was red, purple and black. The whole day was like a melting pot. The corpses of the river star field were everywhere, and the blood slowly dripped into a stream, but it was instantly burned and blackened by some hot energy.
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Qiang Dong Guo Li Jin Ge attacked Yuan Ye’s body and collided with each other, and the fierce fighting light suddenly spread.

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