"Those aliens didn’t come up with the fifth level event before you can put no reason for them to develop on their own …"

In the face of life from the layer fleet commander nature is readily accepted at once.
Chapter 119 Found and arrested
Start with nine figures when you are alive [immortal species]
A short period of three years and five years is in three or five hundred years.
For each [cosmic patriarch], it won’t be much longer than three or five minutes. To put it bluntly, it’s just a little fleeting.
This kind of "short-lived species" is a little out of touch with the concept.
They are actually a little surprised that the reconnaissance troops sent by themselves can find the target in such a short time.
What makes them understand more is the attitude of the other party.
Those guys behind the scenes, that kind of attitude …
That kind of feeling is just like putting the results in front of them directly …
It makes them want to drag away the players from the world of the wild and put them directly into the laboratory for observation.
But after thinking for a while, just like Nick Moreton didn’t twist his head to blow up Blue Star.
Due to the particularity of the location
Members of the Senate of the Universe discussed it for a while.
In ord to prevent some extremely bad and irreparable problems from occur afterwards
It is also a decision to be cautious and subtle.
Don’t do anything rash to [Blue Star] and [Player] until you are absolutely sure.
After ordering the commander to govern the surrounding areas, some special forces were transferred to monitor the more peripheral areas.
Even a meteorite in and out of the surrounding area, they didn’t miss the slightest carelessness. The monitoring intensity can be called a frenzied level.
Let the number of people feel ashamed, and let the number of information be collected in the dark.
It is also inevitable that the communication between different individuals will be revealed upside down 2.
this situation
A little while
They will have a harvest.
From some communication, some key words that look very interesting are explored through information screening.
Such as "crossing", "rebirth", "future" …
Faced with this suspicious situation
After eliminating the most likely result that the target has hysteria,
The person in charge of monitoring the testing situation was immediately rewarded!
Directly reported the problem to his top leaders-those [cosmic elders] as quickly as possible.
And watch each other report things.
In addition to the initial stage of doubt whether there is something wrong with the reporter’s brain, I guess there is some basic education that escapes from the net
[Cosmic patriarch] faced with various proofs of detailed intelligence records, they quickly confirmed the truth after a little hesitation.
And through a list of verification.
Finally, it was determined that there were more than 20,000 guys from different [world lines] and [time lines].
And that’s not before fleeing [Blue Star Player]
If you count those guys who were taken away by [peers] because of the defeat in the Holy Grail War, the number may have to be multiplied several times.
that’s it
Call the incredible line!
Immediately, the [cosmic patriarch] ordered the secret deployment of troops to arrest several [walkers] or [rebirth] to extract their memories and test a soul to finally confirm their identity.
Soon after
Everything is going well.
Looking at the distant experiment
At that time, the picture was relayed in real time.
Some [cosmologists] directly chose to link their senses to mechanical bodies without hesitation.
I will remotely manipulate those scientific research machines to look at the experiment that is in a coma.
At the moment, although their bodies have not yet arrived here.
But they decided to personally dissect the souls of these subjects.
Trying to find something more interesting …
After a while.
Or in that lab
All the unfriendly experiments have ended smoothly.
Although the captured subjects still look intact.
As if nothing had happened.
All kinds of horrible experiments have not been carried out yet.
But actually,
Their bodies have been dissected tens of millions of times in this period.
Skin, muscles, bones …
Even the information chain in each cell
Have been recreated by the [cosmic elders].
As they are still in a deep sleep, they have no intention of waking up.
But also because their brains have been hypnotized.
It is in that dreamy spiritual world that I keep looking back on all my past experiences in my past life.
Of course, what happens in those illusory dreams is naturally impossible to hide from the [cosmic elders]
Also recorded in great detail …
"The ten guys secretly captured really come from different languages, different races, different [time lines] and [world lines] …"
"But the information they know is still a little too messy."
"There are more than a few pieces of information that are not suitable for the immediate stage, and some of them are extremely backward because they have obvious differences. It is the same thing, but they have completely different results in their memory …"
"And what’s more important is that some of them come from [blue star] [sample] where we find a special individual who directly recognizes that we are all living in a certain place …"
Chapter 1199 【 Double NPC Identity 】

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