The current level of treatment skills lv4 is used to treat all non-mental injuries, and the higher the level of physical fitness, the more obvious the effect (the ultimate treatment skill level lv1 cannot be upgraded, and the host consumes its own life to cure the injury, and the injury is 100% cured)

After these skills, a skill that was not enhanced before Longyou appeared. The special skills derived from the variation in the evolution process of lv1 magic hand system have unknown powerful effects. Most of these enhanced skills are gray icons, which obviously have not been activated.
"What is this enhanced skill?" Longyou asked, pointing to this skill that he had never seen before
"Strengthening, as the name implies, is to enhance the effect of a certain ability. A small master can add strengthening skills to himself, gain physical fitness and other aspects of strengthening, or attach strengthening skills to other things to strengthen them, so that efficiency can be attached to other skills to increase the skill effect and increase the success rate!" Email winked at Longyou and said wittily $wwwianhuaangla]
"Nani? So against the sky? " Longyou was hit in the head by this pie that fell from the sky.
"But the young master should pay attention to it. Strengthening skills makes it possible to consume a lot of experience value continuously and will not get the experience value return. Not only that, but the experience value consumed by strengthening skills to upgrade is also huge. The young master should properly allocate the experience value!" Email charming smile together.
"Holy shit!" Hearing the email, Longyou also turned his eyes to the small words behind the enhancement skill. The small words are written to make the enhancement skill last for ten minutes at a time and consume 3 points of experience value to upgrade to 3 points of experience value required by lv2.
I don’t blame Longyou for making such a fuss. You know, it’s only a few tens of thousands of points to gain experience from the rebirth of Longyou. This strengthening skill is not only effective, but also extremely bad! This is simply a local tyrant’s exclusive skill. How can you afford this kind of silk?
Moreover, these words are very small. If Longyou is not very careful, he would have ignored them directly.
"Pit dad? This is called reinforcement? Just call it a pothole skill! " Longyou couldn’t help but vomit a way
However, Longyou doesn’t know that it is precisely because of his inexplicable derivative strengthening skills that his magic hand system is more earth, and it is precisely because of this that he vomited thousands of times to strengthen skills and saved Longyou’s life several times.
"That email to send me out, ok?" I decided to go out and have a look at what was going on.
"No problem, but the little master email wants to tell you that although the little master doesn’t lose his life because of the evolution of email, the little master you owe a lot of experience now! Although the current experience value will not require you to pay off in three days and become a month, the young master must pay off the experience value as soon as possible! " Mei-er smiled charmingly at Longyou. "Young master, wait a minute. Mei-er will see you out!"
Longyou opened his mouth, and before Longyou could ask words, he felt dizzy. Longyou felt as if he had experienced the rebirth process again, and his soul returned to the body.
It seems that after his rebirth, he got attached to heaven, that is, God didn’t want to die so easily! Longyou thought in his heart
Longyou Li kept his eyes closed, and the sunshine came in from outside the window. Longyou couldn’t help but squint and looked around at a white wall and a narrow bed. There was an infusion bottle hanging next to the bed. Longyou took off his mouth and oxygen mask. The situation was very obvious in his hospital ward.
The door of the ward was pushed, and a charming girl crept in with a thermos bottle. Although she had tried her best to tread lightly, the old wooden door was still unbearable, which made her teeth creak.
Seeing the thermos bottle in the hand of a girl sitting in a hospital bed in front of her eyes crashed to the ground, her beautiful bright eyes were haunted by fog for an instant, and the cherry mouth descended slightly at Longyou.
"Brother Woo Woo Lung, you finally woke up!" The girl’s tearful eyes swam in the dragon’s arms and cried. A pretty face was drowned by tears in an instant.
"Good good my little Chu Er dragon elder brother this is not ok? Don’t cry or cry! " Longyou gently caressed the bosom darling back soft comfort way
"Brother Woo Woo Lung, you scared me to death. You have been in a coma for four days!" Chu Er crying pear flower with rain little face slightly raised his eyes from Longyou arms and looked at Longyou with a face of bitterness.
Four days? I feel that I have been in a coma for four days in less than a few hours. Longyou frown for four days is enough for many things to happen, and I don’t know what happened in Nanjiang Steel Plant.
"Chu Er told Brother Long what happened to Brother Long’s coma these two days?" Longyou stretched out his hand and gently wiped Chu Er face tears Chu Er forehead kissed a asked.
Chu Er sobbed intermittently and explained these two days to Longyou. It turned out that Longyou was in a coma that day and then he entered the magic hand system. But Chu Er woke up quickly. Not only that, but he was all healed, which surprised the doctors and nurses who rushed in.
Later, I came to Yue Jianxin and kept saying that this was the magic of Longyou Qigong. Then the doctor checked Longyou and found that there was no abnormal condition in Longyou’s body, which could explain that it was a coma.
Longyou was sent to the ward for care. Yue Qingshan, Yue Jianxin, his father and Tang Lao all came to visit Tang Lao. It seems that there are some things I want to tell Longyou. If Longyou wakes up, tell Longyou to look for him. In the past few days, Zhang Chuer and Longyou’s mother have been guarding here. It was only after Zhang Chuer finally persuaded the Dragon Mother to go home and rest and stay here to care for Longyou.
Although there are just a few words, Longyou can already feel that this charming girl is sleepless these days and guarding her bedside. Longyou will hold Chu Er tightly in her arms.
After the treatment of Chu Er in the operating room, there was always a throb in Longyou’s heart, that is, he and Chu Er’s heart had been closely connected. Looking at the darling in his arms, Longyou could not help but bow his head and gently kiss Chu Er’s lip and suck.
Chu Er’s eyes closed and her eyelashes quivered slightly, showing her uneasiness, but she didn’t resist at all. Just like a gentleman picking roses, Longyou had a desire to push Chu Er to this ward, which was stronger than ever.
Chapter 3 Tang Lao’s Secret Talk
The enthusiasm of Longyou made Chu Er feel utterly confused at this time. She didn’t know if she wanted to push Longyou. Mom said that her body can’t be touched by other men casually, let alone seen by other men. But is Brother Long a different man? Brother Long is his fiance and his future husband! If it’s Brother Long, what should it be called?
At the thought of this, Chu Er couldn’t help but feel ashamed of her thoughts. She was afraid and excited, and her heart was tangled into a mess. In the face of Longyou’s attack on Chu Er, she seemed to be at a loss. Not only did she not resist, but she also had a little expectation.
I feel that Chu Er didn’t resist, but there are still some things that I want to refuse and shame you to pick. Even if Longyou is strong, I can’t help it at the moment.
However, for a moment, because of his overreaction, Chu Er met someone who shouldn’t have touched her instantly. She lowered her head as if she were blushing and burning.
Longyou was embarrassed and scratched his head. In this life, he hasn’t felt that the meat reaction is too strong. It’s normal for Chu Er to retreat for a moment. Longyou still has some disappointment. The new fast web page is refreshing, and there are fewer advertisements. I like this kind of network best. I must praise it]
"Well, it’s a nice day today!" Longyou looked up at the window and found the topic awkwardly.
"Well," replied Chu Er, with his head deeply hung thin and weak.
"That’s right, Tang Lao said to find me. I’ll go to Tang Lao first! Chu Er, you go home first, pay attention to yourself, "said Longyou, wearing a sick bed and making a dash for the door.
Soon, however, Longyou turned back and grabbed his clothes. Chu Er secretly kissed his face and fled as if he had left.
Ward Chu Er jade hand clutching his cheek has just been longyou feel blush some very hot face mouth gently muttered "this stay run what! Chu Er will be you sooner or later anyway. "
If Longyouchang heard these words, it is estimated that he would regret beating his chest. If he had known that the goddess intended to pretend that he was a gentleman, he would surely push Chu Er down! Chu Er but he has in mind the default future wife!
However, Longyou was doomed not to be heard. At this time, Longyou had already run to the street, and pedestrians looked askance at the reason. His Longyou modeling was really too individual.
The patient was wearing a light blue coat and a pair of white sneakers, which he regarded as slippers. Tara had a pair of jeans on her feet, and others said that he had run out of a mental hospital. The mental patient was really drunk.
Longyou at this time is the slightest surprise. Passers-by’s eyes are still going their own way. I still reminisce about the beautiful scenery when I was alone with Chu Er just now. I can’t help but have a faint smile on my mouth. Oh, no, it’s a smile
"Little master, why not tear down the little girl? That little girl looks really a beauty embryo! And email thinks that the little girl has no resistance to the little master! " Mei Er’s enchanting voice sounded in her mind, and it was hard to calm her mood. Long You almost made a fool of yourself in the street again.
"Email, can I discuss with you after we don’t make the sound so charming? I can’t live with hld! " Longyou avenue
"Blare little master is abandon email? Don’t blame email for this! Email can’t change it! Meowed little master, don’t blame email! " Email immediately pear flower take rain.
"Good good I don’t blame you but email less times also let me some psychological preparation! Otherwise, your master, I will make a fool of myself in this street! " Longyou bitter face way
"Mei Erji must pay attention!"
Running away from the ward, Longyou finally settled the hand-in-the-hand system, and Mei Er’s complexion was also slightly positive. He didn’t want to find himself. It must be because of Nanjiang Steel Works. After all, his father is here and Nanjiang Steel Works’ development depends on his future decision. If he wants to start his own business in the future, he needs Nanjiang Steel Works’ own backing, but now it seems that everything is far from simple.
Longyou vaguely feels that things in Nanjiang Steel Plant are not as simple as they seem. On the contrary, there will be a pool of deep water waiting for you here. Although Wei Dong, the factory director, has always been facing, Longyou feels that there must be a hand behind Wei Dong to control the whole Nanjiang Steel Plant, which is a vested interest of some people.
If they don’t move, it’s fine, but if they move their interests, it is estimated that these people behind them will immediately jump out and solve themselves to safeguard their own interests.
Municipal Party Committee Hostel This is the place where all leaders will arrange to live when they come. In this era, hotels are far less popular than municipal party committees’ hostels.
"Grandpa Tang, I’m coming!" Longyou knocked at 21 doorways.
"Xiaolong, you are here!" Tang Lao personally beat the door and let Longyou into the house.
"When to wake up? Recover? " Tang Laoqie asked
Longyou felt that the deep feelings in Tang Lao’s words were not false.

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